The Lost World/C2 The hidden Tunnel
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The Lost World/C2 The hidden Tunnel
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C2 The hidden Tunnel

After logging in and being teleported to White River City, An notification screen pops up in front of Leo’s eyes.

“Hello Adventures Welcome to the Lost World. I am the tutorial instructor Liam. I will introduce you to the four main categories and twelve main classes. Please choose the class that will fit u best.”

With a wave of Liam's hand all the four categories and twelve classes pop up in front of Leo.

The twelve classes were categorised according to the four categories.

Warrior:- Shield Warrior, Guardian knight and berserker.

Weapons specialist:- Swordsmen, Assassin and Gunner.

Healer:- Cleric, Druid, Oracle.

Mage:- Elementalist, Summoner, Cursemancer.

The warriors are specialized in defending against monsters, Weapons specialists focused on the physical damage, Healers focused on the healing and mage were specialized in the magical damage output. Each of the categories had their own style of battle which was one of the important selling points of the game The Lost World.

Leo chose the swordsmen class without hesitation, whereas Dard on the other hand went with Guardian Knight. As soon as Leo completed the selection of class, Liam spoke “Job selection complete, choose a name for your character.”

Leo chose “X” as his name.

“Naming Successful, Do you wish to change your appearance?” asked Liam. Leo replied No and kept the same appearance. “Confirmed no changes in appearance, we wish you happy gaming!” having said this Liam disappeared with a snap of his fingers leaving Leo standing in the White River City of the Eastern Region.

Leo rushed to the training ground when all other players were rushing to NPCs hoping they would receive a quest, some were even going outside the city to grind on monsters. The training ground was empty when Leo reached there. Dard also on the other hand went to find NPCs that gave quests.

Training ground was a place top right in the corner of the city so not many people know about it, even if people knew no one would wanna come to the training ground when they could finally live like the fantasy world and enjoy themselves. Leo wanted to get to know the sword he was holding.

Leo had a Bronze Armor with a bronze Sword, those were the basic equipment all players received at the start of the game. Leo pulls out the sword and starts swinging in the air without any form or any grip he was swinging in the air like a novice would suddenly Leo could hear someone laughing by the corner of the training field.

Leo ignored the laughter and continued what he was doing, suddenly behind him stood a huge man with a sword hanging from his back and a beard, he had an aura which could send a chill down the spine that is what Leo was feeling . He immediately realised that’s a NPCs.

The NPC spoke “Your form was shit and the way your hips were they were not in the correct position so you didn’t get enough power on your strike” he adjusted Leo’s form and then instructed him to swing the sword in a certain manner. “Now try swinging your sword but also move your feet along the direction you want to move so move and swing that will give you enough power and you can see your enemy move behind because of your sudden movements. Now imagine someone and swing your sword.”

Leo had only one person to imagine and try it out. Leo wouldn’t have listened to anyone instructing him he is a type of guy who wants to do it his way and he always succeed. But Leo listened here without any hesitation because of the chills he would get if he tried and ignored the person right in front of him. That’s how intimidating Aura was of the bearded guy right in front of Leo.

Leo imagined Dard holding a sword and swinging at him. Leo started blocking the imaginary attacks Dard was implying on him and Leo was patient enough to wait for a chance suddenly his imaginary Dard sword became slow and Leo found an small opening that’s when he decided to move and it was time Leo would be on the offensive. Leo imagined him on the attack and had a smirked face which showed he was enjoying being on the attack. Leo kept swinging and moving repeatedly doing it for the next five minutes and that’s when the imaginary Dard went down and Leo had a sword by the neck of his opponent.

Seeing that the bearded man smirked and spoke “ I am Elijah, A Platinum rated Swordsmen” Every category had a tier starting from bronze moving up to silver, Gold, Platinum and ending with Diamond. White River City is one of the small cities compared to the other cities of the Eastern Region, so finding a platinum ranked NPC in a small city was difficult. Leo replied “Hello sir, I am X”.

Elijah said “good now that the introduction is done I will move on to the important part I would like to train you, will you accept it?” Leo spoke “ I will be honoured to learn from you”. Elijah started teaching Leo the perfect posture for him to swing the blade and instructed him to swing 5000 times everyday if he misses the posture even once he had to start again from zero. When Leo heard this he was shocked but he started doing it anyways he was also worried how long this training session will last because he was also worried that other players who found quests and were out in the wild will be growing stronger daily while it has been six in game days.

Days in the game are the same as outside 24 hours but in game 48 hours that means two in game days is equal to one day in the outside world. Leo has been logging off after finishing two in game days and swinging 10000 times to sleep and replenish his energy before logging in again he drinks an energy drink which helps him to keep his body in shape and in energy.

Now it has been 15 days in games Leo has been doing nothing besides swinging his sword. Leo has been doing great There have been no mistakes in his posture for the last couple of days. Suddenly Elijah appears right before him and tells him to stop and take a break.

Leo was so focused that he forgot to open up his attributes panel with a wave of his hand his attribute panel opened up.

Character name :- X

Affiliated Region :- Eastern Region

Title :- None

Class:- Swordsmen

Level:- 1

HP:- 100/100

Physical Attack Damage:- 124

Defense:- 45

Attack Speed:- 87

Movement Speed:- 102

Basic Attributes:- Strength 25, Agility 17, Endurance 19, Intelligence 22, Luck 10.

Weapon Mastery:-

One handed sword Mastery +10 (attributes will rise once the player reaches silver by 5%)

Two handed sword Mastery +5 (attributes will rise once the player reaches silver by 5%)

Swordsmen Talent:- Every sword related skills proficiency increases by 45%.

Skills:- Slice Requirements Sword. Additional 15 damage, cool down time 4 seconds. Skill Level 1.

All the swordsmen starts with basic attributes but Leo’s attributes didn’t seem normal, he was astonished and confused. Elijah saw his confused face and explained to him it's because of his swinging which increased his speed which helped him in increase of agility and also build up muscle helps him in increase of his strength and damage output, his intelligence increased because of how fast he learned the swinging technique.

Once Leo was done resting, Elijah came up to him and said “X are you ready for your training reward?” Leo replied “YESS”. “It's in that house by the river.” Elijah said pointing to a house just outside of the training field. Leo came up to the house and knocked on the door. Before he was leaving for the house Elijah also said the reward is inside but if u cant find it and u come out of the house empty handed u cannot again go in the house again.

Leo waited for few minutes if someone would open the door but seeing as no one was opening Leo decided to go in as soon as he entered he could understand why no one opened the door because the house was empty from the inside except for the broken furniture’s Leo searched the whole house he couldn’t find a reward chest or anything like that.

It had been over five hours since Leo came in the house all he could find was dust. It was nighttime in the game the house was broken so there was no electricity inside the house, it was pitch dark, so Leo decided to open up the window as he was about to open up the window he could see a small light coming from under the couch. He moved the couch away and could see a small trap door it was small but could fit Leo easily, Leo used all his strength to open up the trap door.

As he opened up the door he could see there was a tunnel under the house, Leo wanted to see where this tunnel would lead him to so he jumped in the tunnel through the trap door.

As soon as he jumped there was a notification sound only he could hear “Congratulations, Adventurer you have discovered a secret tunnel, Follow the secret tunnel to receive the reward!”.

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