The Lost World/C28 The Hidden Weapon
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The Lost World/C28 The Hidden Weapon
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C28 The Hidden Weapon

Leo turned to Anne and said, "Have the best and trained guild members scattered across the city and make sure they report every 3 hours to the person in charge". "Yes, Captain understood, but who will be the person in charge?" asked Anne.

"Our Secret weapon, he is young and needs practice because of his immense talent if he stays on upper land and in the gaming world there will be so many Guilds trying to recruit him so its better if he stays here, but remember he will be the one in charge but keep someone else as a frontman so that no one knows he is the person in charge" answered Leo, both DT and Haruna were confused as being the part of the top committee they didn't know they had an hidden weapon.

"Who is he?" asked DT, "we don't know his real name but his gaming id is Miza" answered Anne, "He is already here" said Leo.

As soon as Leo finished his sentence, Baron came into the room knocking and bowed to the queen and said, "Someone named Miza is claiming to be with the heroes here and is asking for the permission to come inside, what are your orders my queen?" The queen looked at Leo, as Leo nodded in confirmation. The queen replied, "Bring him inside and with respect", Baron bowed and left the room.

"How did you meet him?", asked DT, "i met him a few years ago, in an event my cafe was catering in, thats when i met him a bit overweight dude with glasses but quite strong and smart and an exceptional leader and a very trustworthy guy, we have been in contact for sometime when i told him about the game, he insisted on playing and joining our Guild, so i let him join as he will be an amazing asset so i want to let him grow here under the queen's guidance and let him out in the world when we really need him" replied Leo.

"If that's alright with you queen, he would be the leader of the guards and the person in charge for the protection of the town and i would like to comfort you by saying he is incredibly strong, maybe stronger than Baron himself", Leo added looking at the Queen.

The Queen nodded in approval and replied, "As we discussed before, i will always be here whenever you need help and do not worry i will make sure that your friend becomes an exceptional leader, he will be under my guidance, and if you don't mind i can use him for something as well?", Leo was confused but understood the queen's intention and replied giggling, "that depends on him, if he is willing he is all yours".

After sometime Baron knocked and entered the room with a guy who was nothing like Leo described.

The guy who entered was tall, with curly hair and had a sturdy body which showed that he worked out quite often, everyone imagining if it's the same guy Leo mentioned. "Hello everyone i am Miza!" exclaimed the cheery player, he looked more excited than anyone present in the room.

"Mr. Leo, do i finally get a chance to help you?", asked Miza, "you do, but you don't have to keep calling me Mr, Just Leo is fine." replied Leo and continued pointing towards the queen, "She is the queen here, you will be working under her protecting her and learning from her under the name of XScythe and when the time is right, you will be called up to the top of the Guild and into the main missions, because the job here apart from you no one is capable of finishing as everyone is weak, so until someone capable is found, you will be working here under her."

Miza moved towards the queen as he took her hand and kissed it and said, "i am under your care, your highness i hope to learn impressive things from you". Everyone was shocked as the queen took Miza out of the room and ordered no one to follow.

"What just happened?", asked DT "Miza is getting rewards, pretty good one on top of that", replied Leo laughing.

Leo bid farewell to Baron and left the castle and onto the main road of the town.

The town was seen having a celebration, wherever one's eyes can see, would see a celebration going on knowing the dragon is not there anymore, it was like a holiday for them there was loud music everywhere and people could be seen drinking, eating and having a blast, until night fell, while on the other side of the mountain there was a body being buried by the masked man.

After sometime the masked man met someone as they exchanged something that looked like a bottle, "Is this the Dragon Blood?" asked another masked man, "It is, i defeated the dragon, he put up a pretty good fight but in the end he could only scratch my legs, it just stings a bit i will go to her and get it treated" replied the masked man who buried the Dragon. The same Dragon Leo and everyone couldn't defeat. The other masked man who came asked, "how strong was the clone?", "the Clone was indeed strong but the Dragon's real body was right behind the mountain", replied the masked man.

There was another small mountain right behind the one where the Clone was, so no one knew the celebration of the town people were going to be their last celebration ever, but because of the masked man, the Real Dragon was defeated for his blood and the celebration were not in vain.

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