The Lost World/C4 Hunting Monsters
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The Lost World/C4 Hunting Monsters
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C4 Hunting Monsters

Shadow Master that’s the first time Leo heard of a class like that exist. He used the Eagle Eye on the class name as there was no information given about the class.

As he used the Eagle Eye information regarding the hidden class came in front of him.

Hidden Class:- Shadow Master.

The user of this class can control the shadow and can also use the darkness as the user wants.

All the damage done by a sneak attack will be increased by 50%.

Once equipped with the class the player will get an instant 15 level boost.

In the whole game there will only be one player with the hidden class.

Looking at the stats Leo only had one thought going around in his mind this is amazing, he can use the shadow plus the darkness to kill not only that he will even get the 15 level boost. Leo was already on level 2 as his level increased during his training and also when he equipped other equipment’s and because of the training he was behind other players regarding the level and his gap was gradually increasing and also there could only be one player in the whole game with this class.

Leo equipped the class without a second thought. “Do you want to change your class from Swordsmen to Shadow Master?” choose “Yes or No”. Leo chose yes instantly . “Changing classes please wait for a moment“. “The class changed successfully”.

Once the last notification was heard there was a purple light surrounding Leo. The light was the indication that Leo received the 15 level boost. Leo waved in the air which showed his stats.

Character name :- X

Affiliated Region :- Eastern Region

Title :- Shadow Master

Class:- Swordsmen

Level:- 17

HP:- 9860/9860

Physical Attack Damage:- 346

Defense:- 231

Attack Speed:- 313

Movement Speed:- 479

Basic Attributes:- Strength 195, Agility 270, Endurance 250, Intelligence 329, Luck 117.

Looking at the stats Leo really wondered whether he was level 17. Once confirming all the rewards were collected Leo left the inn and went outside it was dark outside and this was a perfect chance for Leo to test out the hidden class strength. Leo decided to choose the Level 40 monster area as his strength was the same as a level 40 despite being level 17.

The level 40 area in the map was just west of the city he was in but it was deep in the forest if one wants to go to the level 40 area the player has to go through all the monsters that were before the level 40 area monsters. So reaching the area was a difficult task as even if a person could reach the area he would run out of stamina. Which would result in him getting killed in the level 40 area quickly.

As it was night time Leo decided to use the ability of his class. Leo left the city and entered the forest even tho it was night most players had to use a torch to see in the dark, whereas Leo could easily see in the dark as his class allowed him to see in the dark or more it felt like he was a part of the Dark. Leo could see the low level monsters fighting with other players. Leo decided to use his agility and dashed towards the level 40 area as he could see clearly in the dark he avoided everything that came in his way suddenly as he was dashing Leo could hear someone running right behind him as the running became more faster Leo decided to peek and he saw a level 25 panther running next to him. Leo decreased his pace and let the panther run ahead of him and once the panther was ahead Leo smirked as he accelerated and was right behind the panther and the purple shadow blade shining in his hand as he used multiple slashes. As the slashes were connecting with the panther the damage of each slash 700 was seen above the panther head before the slash count reached 30 or even the skill time was over the panther could be seen laying on the ground without moving.

The battle ended in less than 20 seconds. The experience bar of Leo reached 60% of Level 17. There could be seen rewards laying around after the death of panther all that was there were some basic armours Leo let the shadow blade devour them which increased the level of shadow blade from level 1 to level 3. Leo started dashing again till he reached the level 40 area. He reached there and still the stamina was full.

Leo now slowed down in the area as he started walking to find a monster as he was walking he heard a noise near him, he took out his sword and was ready to fight. As he was walking cautiously he heard someone jumping on him from behind he used his agility to move away from the sneak attack it was a level 40 wolf. Leo was not worried about the wolf but the thing that worried him was that wolves never travel alone they are always in a pack, so if there was one wolf there would be more and also their leader Alpha.

“Why don’t you all come out and fight with me together”. As Leo said this The other 9 wolves came out. Leo cast doppelganger skill and other Leo appeared next to him both used the quick steps and multiple slashes which helped them to take down the wolves in under a minute. As all the wolves lay dead all the rewards were on the ground laying but what Leo was focused on was the Alpha.

The alpha wolf came out and the stat showed

Alpha Wolf Level 45

Hp:- 10,000/10,000

Seeing this Leo smirked and whispered this will be fun and Leo vanished, Leo was fast enough for the Alpha he sneaked up behind the Alpha and used bind and then slash after slash until the cool down of the multiple skill slash was over, then as soon as the bind was finished alpha was angry he decided to jump on Leo but Leo used his quick steps to avoid and used multiple slashes soon after that alpha had no time to react and he dropped dead.

Leo could now collect the rewards there were bronze armours and there even was a silver armour Leo took the silver armour and the silver coins rest everything was devoured by the shadow blade.

As the shadow blade finished, it reached level 5 and the Shadow Blade could change his name. Leo decided to change it to Erza, after the anime he liked.

Leo now could summon the sword by just saying the name of the sword. And it could vanish when he says vanish, it would turn out helpful in a fight.

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