The Lost World/C6 XSCYTHE
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The Lost World/C6 XSCYTHE
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The notification stated “A skill can be fused with the sword; do you want to fuse the skill with the sword?”.

Leo stood there confused thinking of what skill could be fused with the sword, suddenly he realised the skill rock he received from Rose. Thinking how a fire type skill would fuse with the shadow type blade Leo accepted the fuse notification.

“Fusing process begins, will take 2 minutes to complete”. Rose stood beside Leo not knowing what’s happening and seeing the rock disappear from his hand instead of him breaking and acquiring the skill, she asks “Where is the stone, did u acquire the skill?” to which Leo replied “The skill wanted to fuse with the Sword, so it's going to take 2 minutes to complete.”

Rose was confused, but once the fusion was completed nothing drastic changed so Leo thought it might have failed so Leo went to check the status on Erza suddenly Erza flew from Leo’s hand and started hovering in front of him and the purple light surrounding the sword disappeared and some ancient ruins started appearing on the blade of the sword, the ruins were neither understandable nor touchable, Erza slowly came back to Leo’s hand as if it never left his hand. Leo used Eagle eye to determine the Ancient ruins written on the blade but even the max level eagle eye could find out any information about the ruins, all it showed was “???”.

Leo thought to himself if eagle eye couldn’t figure out what it is, all he had to do was find Elijah and ask him about the ruins, but he don’t where Elijah is or where he disappeared. The Lost city game's main aim was to find the Lost world in the game. Whether Elijah had any connections with the Lost world or was he just a passer-by Leo had lots of questions but he kept it within him. There were only two ways, The Lost world would be found by the independent players or with a guild. The independent path was the most convenient one whereas the guild path was a tricky one because handling the guild and finding the Lost World could only be possible if the individual or guild power will be the most among others.

Leo had already decided the path he would choose in the game, the only one who knows about the path is himself and Dard, not only are they going to build a guild from scratch but also they are going to make it the best and strongest one out there. Their goal was not only to find the Lost World, but also to improve their living conditions in the real world. Living in a rundown house while standing on their own feet since small both Leo and Dard could be considered the most matured people among their age.

The game had money like the real world the game money would go from Copper coins to Silver coins whereas reaching the highest value as a Gold Coins. 50 Gold coins could be converted to 1 dollar of the Real World. Whereas buying Gold Coins was not an option so that everyone gets a fair chance in the game.

Leo and Dard had decided on a name for the guild, it was XSCYTHE. Suddenly a noise brought Leo back from his thoughts, both Leo and Rose hold their weapons with back to back waiting for the monsters to appear. Suddenly a hoard of wild boars stopped in front of them before Leo or Rose could start their arrack a cool breeze of wind surrounded the boars and suddenly from the wind boars one by one started falling down dropping dead leaving rewards and nothing else those were low level boars which appeared in the high level area. Leo suddenly saw a leaf coming out of the wind at full speed aiming towards them because of the speed and spell the leaf looked sharped and was going towards Rose, Leo moved his arm and stopped the speedy sharp leaf with two fingers which made him bleed but those sharp leaf proved Leo about the boars falling through the breeze of winds.

Suddenly all that was left of the boars was the rewards and the breeze took the rewards to a certain person. The person appeared in front of Leo and Rose. Leo was ready to fight whereas Rose on the other hand looked calm as the person ran towards Rose and hugged her.

“Finally found you, why did you run away Rose?” it was a girl according to the voice he heard, Rose spoke “Wish, i am fine i was just at a quest and as it was a secret quest, i didn’t inform anyone, plus i am alright X was there with me.” “Hello i am Gentle Wish, thanks for taking care of Rose”. “It’s not a big deal, i am X btw”.

Gentle Wish healed the injury on Leo’s hand. Leo was impressed as to how a healer like her can have attacks as amazing as those. Suddenly looking at the duo’s Leo had a thought.

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