The Lost World/C7 The First Dungeon
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The Lost World/C7 The First Dungeon
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C7 The First Dungeon

Leo thought of making both of them join his guild as they were strong which would help the guild drastically increase in their firepower.

Leo asked both “Want to go for a Dungeon run?”. Both of them looked at each other and as they had nowhere else to go to they agreed for Leo’s request. Leo added them as friends and then called Dard to ask him to join them for the Dungeon. Dard agreed and Leo sent him the location and told him to meet him there in 15 minutes.

Informing Dard Leo told the girls “I will go find the exact location of the Dungeon, wait for sometime here, I will be back quick.”, The girls agreed and Leo started running around the location he saw on the beta test runs reviews. Leo kept running for around 10 minutes before he found the location of the cave he was certain this was the entrance of the Dungeon because of the intense pressure and noises of monsters leaking from inside the Dungeon entrance as the entrance was blocked by a big boulder. Leo confirmed the location details and saved them when he heard a loud noise from the area where he left the girls alone. Leo started rushing to the location.

Where on the other side the girls saw a long thin looking guy holding a shield rushing towards their place so they quickly took Action before the guy could take any action both decided to attack them, Rose vanished quickly and with the Assassins quick feet and pace appeared right next to Dard catching him off guard and the attack from Rose send Dard to smash into the boulder nearby which caused a loud noise.

Both Rose and Wish started the second attack as rose was once again buffed with the help of wish and Dard this time used his shield and Guardian knight skill “Power push” which could even push away a level 100 monster over 10 yards that’s how powerful the kill is. They both started rushing towards each other as Rose had an advantage over Dard as she was an Assassin and was nimble with the feet. As Rose and Dard were about to fight and have a swish noise was heard and both Rose and Dard were confused as they were stopped in their tracks by two masked hooded guys , one was stopping the daggers with his hands and the other used his one palm to stop the advancing raging Dard.

There was no noise after the appearance of the guys when one spoke “Keep the fighting energy and stamina for the dungeons” Rose and Wish were focused on Dard when they appeared until one spoke before they could figure out it was Leo. “X is that you?” Dard asked. “Yea its me.” Said Leo before the guy holding Dard suddenly vanished. As the Doppelganger skill ended all had one thought how strong is X, except for Dard who knew how good Leo was because of the other games he played. Leo would always lay low in games to not cause attraction but this game is different here only strong survived.

Wish and Rose thought to themselves as how could a Guardian knight power push and buffed Daggers of Rose could be stopped with just a palm and hands respectively and what impressed both Rose and Wish was that the stop used on Dard was not even Leo’s Body, it was a doppelganger and both knew doppelganger are only allowed half of the original body stats.

All three of them wondering what the Stats of Leo were at the current level. Leo could understand the gazes felt at him, he chuckled and spoke, “DT they are Black Rose and Gentle Wish” and told the girls “he is DT, one of my close friends and he will be joining us for the Dungeon”. Girls nodded so did Dard.

Leo spoke i have found the location of the Dungeon and told all of them to follow him, Both Rose and Leo had to keep the pace slow because Dard and Wish didn’t have the pace they did. All of them reached the Entrance after 5 minutes. As soon as they reached at the entrance they saw a boulder, Rose asked “is this the location?, there is a boulder and its huge how are we suppose to enter?”. Leo just had a smile seeing that Rose and Wish were confused as to how are they going to move the boulder. Leo continued smiled and it slowly turned into a smirk before he spoke one word “DT”.

Both Rose and Wish saw a figure passing by them and it was indeed Dard but the difference was DT was without the shield as he was 2 Meters away from he took a small jump and was about to punch when the fist around Dard suddenly had little lightning bolts around the fist and the punch connected with the boulder and there was nothing, Wish had a little chuckle, suddenly the boulder started having cracks the chuckle on Wish face disappeared as the boulder fell down leaving small pieces of rock and dust.

When the dust disappeared there was only small rocks plus DT standing there with a smirk on his face looking at Wish as a reply to her chuckle.

Leo and Rose ignored all of that and went inside followed by Wish and Dard. As soon as they entered a notification was popped in front of every player of The Lost World “Congratulations to the group of players, who found a Dungeon.” “The First Dungeon has been used Rewards will be sent according to the difficulty of the Dungeon and according to the player level.” “As the first Dungeon has been found, all other low level Dungeon has been marked on the map, player can discover and use the Dungeon for extra Rewards.”

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