The Lost World/C8 He is a Monster!
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The Lost World/C8 He is a Monster!
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C8 He is a Monster!

As soon as the notification ended informing every player in the game about the first Dungeon that was found leaving everyone wondering who were the people who found the Dungeon this early in the game.

Most of the people started running in the wild hoping they would run into a Dungeon. Leo decided to ask everyone in the group "Does anyone mind if i take the lead for this one?". Rose and Wish both agreed on Leo being the leader and as for Dard he knew Leo's leadership according to other games they used to play together so Dard agreed without thinking.

Seeing everyone agreed Leo informed Rose to sprint ahead of them and to find a way and inform in the team chat if she finds anything ahead. Rose agreed and was running ahead of everyone in order to find any monsters they could fight. Rose informed in the team chat that she can see Bears and Lions ahead, and also suggested to take the other route to avoid the horde of the monsters. Leo informed them they will stay on the route and fight the monsters, Leo had a thought about fighting the monsters that could bring out the boss early and could finish the Dungeon early to claim the first dungeon clear rewards.

As Leo heard about the notification and the one thing about the Dungeon he hid from all of them was this dungeon was a high level Dungeon and anything happened to the team inside could affect him as the team was strong he decided to attempt the Dungeon as there were high opportunities they could clear the Dungeon with ease. As now all the other dungeons were open the thing worried Leo were the first clear rewards as the low level dungeons started appearing which could decrease their chances in getting the first clear rewards of the Dungeon.

So all they could do is kill all the low level monsters and to bring out the boss so it would be quick to clear the Dungeon. Leo spoke in the team chat "Rose how far are we from the monsters?", Rose replied "just a few hundred meters away". Leo asked Rose to come back to them and as Rose came back they continued towards the monster area as they were few meters away Leo told DT to rush in and pull the aggro towards him so DT rushed and use a long group attack to pull all the enemies aggro towards him as DT was attacking he informed Wish to keep healing DT as he would require more healing then both Rose and Leo, as DT was attracting the enemies and DT's hp was still intact as before it was not falling despite the continuous attacks from the 11 monsters and to think he can easily attract attention from the monsters and could hold the aggro of the monsters and also Wish using her skills keeping DT'S hp intact was impressive so after some time Leo looked at Rose and nodded as Rose started advancing towards the group of the monsters holding the black flamed daggers in her hands she started using her skills and was damaging all the bears and lions not heavy damage as was just giving all of them light cuts with her daggers as Leo informed her, she was confused as to why Leo informed him and looking at the result she could confirm about her thoughts, Leo informed her just to put a light cut on the monsters body as to not distract their attention from the DT.

Once Rose finished the light cuts attack, suddenly all the healing effects done to DT stopped as small breeze of wind was felt in the area as Leo advance into the area the wind was forming as he was with the wind he calls out Erza as the purple lighted sword with red ruins marked came into his hand and as the lighting in the cave was minimum and there were dark patches in the area they were fighting, as there is darkness Leo is considered to be the strongest as he could use the darkness as he wants, the wind was guided from one dark patch to other and as DT was using his skills to keep the aggro on him, rose on the other hand was doing light cuts to not attract the attention of the bear and lion to her and in any case she did attract the attention she was informed by Leo to bring the monster to a Dark patch, and Wish was guiding the wind helping Leo.

As the constant attack from Rose and DT the hp of the monsters were going down quickly and as the hp of all the monster reached 30% of their original power Leo decided to take action as it was darkness, Leo’s hidden class would allow him to increase his powers and all the equipment’s raised his power suddenly there was a voice heard in the team chat "GET BACK". DT rushed back so did Rose and as the wind stopped Leo rushed out of the darkness and there was no noise, it was silent and there was noise heard from a dark patch, the noise were of Sword Slashes and all DT and others could hear was the slashes and all they could see was a person in swift postion like he is one with the sword and the movement of the sword that were used by Leo were just like some dance moves done with the sword and his feet movement were nimble and precise as Erza slashes were connected one after other to the monsters it was not soon before all the 11 monsters could be seen dead on the floor.

As there were few areas of light in the fighting spot and all DT and the others could see was a guy standing in the sunlight with his face looking at the sword while the sword was dripping blood from the edges and all the corpses of the monsters laying around him.

There was only one thought going in everyone's mind "He is a monster."

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