The Lost World/C9 Let's see you Survive!!
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The Lost World/C9 Let's see you Survive!!
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C9 Let's see you Survive!!

Standing there with the bloody sword in his hand, Leo looked around at all the dead bodies of the monsters scattered and could see them vanishing and leaving nothing but the killing rewards. Leo asked the teammates to check the rewards and they could take whatever they wanted.

All of them nodded and started looking at the rewards they could get, as the important thing that Leo wanted were the coins and the coins were automatically given to the the person who dealt the last damage on the monsters, the higher the level of the enemies, the more coins they will drop, Leo decided to look at the coins he saved up till now, the coins totalled till this last fight were 145 gold and 650 silvers. 1000 silvers equal to 1 gold and 1000 copper coins equalled to 1 silver coin.

Once all the teammates took the stuff they needed, all there were left were a few low level equipment left, Leo asked if everyone was done, all of them nodded and Leo slowly said "Devour". All the equipment started floating and rushed towards the sword that was in Leo’s hand. Notification popped up indicating the sword had leveled up.

Leo swiped and ignored the notification for the time being as he could hear someone rushing towards them, the person rushing was very swift and quiet as to hear the person rushing towards them was very hard. Suddenly the person was close when Leo screamed "Move aside". Leo jumped and swung the sword towards the person rushing towards them. The noise of the swinging sword was met with the sword of someone else leaving a *clang* noise in the area.

It was a guy wearing knight armour and he had a sturdy build with a shining sharp sword. The knight screamed "This place is forbidden for people like you, You dare enter here and kill our kings people, i will bring hell on you, i will see how any of u stay alive and leave this place in a single body or with your life intact".

Leo informed in the team chat that "No one is supposed to interfere in this fight, I will fight him alone." To which wish replied "He is strong, i will help you with the healing". Leo looked at them smiled and replied, "I wont be needing any healing". To which Rose and Wish were surprised and DT just sat down and told the girls to sit down and enjoy the show. Rose asked DT "Will he be okay fighting alone?, that knight looks strong". To which DT smiled and replied "the only thing sad about this is, we don't have popcorn, this will be a one sided massacre".

Leo looked at them sitting and then turned his head with that smile turning into a smirk and Leo spoke "Lets see you survive!".

After hearing what Leo said the knight was furious as he rushed towards Leo with full speed and swung his sword but all that sword met was air, Leo vanished and suddenly Leo appeared behind the knight and slashed Erza towards his back, the knight screamed and turned and swung his sword but once again the sword was met with nothing but just air, that one slash from Leo took 1%hp of the knight, The knight's hp was amounted to 100000 hp and one attack from Leo removed 1%hp, Leo was furious as to that attack only dealt damage upto 1%. Leo repeated the same attack until the hp of the knight was down by 50%. Leo finally used his first skill instead of just normal attack, he used bind as the bind hold the knight down on his knees Leo appeared in front of him and with the smirk still intact on his face he used multiple slashes one slashes after another the knight struggled to be free from the bind and with all the multiple slashes the hp of the knight fell down to 10% and Leo could finish the knight in the next few hits but he stopped his sword right next to the knight's neck. Everyone was confused as to why Leo stopped the attack.

Leo moved away from the Knight as everyone had their sight on Leo, Suddenly the bind on the knight was broken and knight threw away the Sword he was holding, he started screaming and the knight armour broke and flew everywhere and the clothes and the face of the knights everything started to change as the clothes were torn and suddenly there was a change in knight which shocked everyone a human looking guy could change to his original state that was that he is a Bear.

Leo said "Finally, You decided to show your true power, it's gonna be a tough time now to kill you, it took you long enough to show your true form."

Bear started bellowing and roaring and started running towards Leo, Leo vanished and started the same attack pattern as before but now that the bear was in his true form he was faster than before and stronger and faster than before. Keeping up the same attack will be bad for Leo. After some attack the ruins on Leo’s blade were red in color not because of the blood and Erza suddenly started shaking like before, it was the moment Leo got a notification if he wanted to use the ruins power, Leo pressed yes the sword in his hand started stopped the shaking and the purple light emitting from the sword dimmed and it was when the red color on the ruin started getting brighter, the combination of the purple and red lights from the sword and once the red lights stopped and couldn't get any brighter purple smoke came from the sword surrounding it and when the smoke disappeared, Leo could see the changes in the sword the lights were still emitting from the sword and the length of the sword was increased and the sword was incredibly lighter then before as he saw the bear who stopped because of the changes in the sword started rushing at Leo, Leo swung with a vertical slash followed by an horizontal and diagonal slash and ending it with a stab right through the heart of the bear.

Leo looked at the Dead body and said "Didn't i tell you, Let's see you survive!".

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