The Luna's Mate: The Alpha King/C4 You Have No Choice Now That You Know
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The Luna's Mate: The Alpha King/C4 You Have No Choice Now That You Know
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C4 You Have No Choice Now That You Know

After I pick her up and she fights me the whole way kicking and screaming, I take her to a room at the end of my hall and lock the door behind me so she can’t get out. This is the hard part. I must decide what to do with her now that she knows what we are. Can I trust her? Or will she go to the other humans and have us all hunted down?

I was originally hoping that I could ease her into my confidence and then trust her with our secrets, but this may be all too sudden for her to ever be able to understand. So, as I shake my head in frustration, I sit in my chair and start yelling at Omega Tom because he just may have caused me the one thing, I have ever really desired in all my life. He started the fight between the two others and if he hadn’t, I would be sitting right now at the table eating dinner with her and watching as her eyes roll back in her head from delight.

Slamming my fist down suddenly, everyone around me jumps and stares at Omega Tom because with the span of a second, I am up and at his throat. If I choose, I could kill him in a heartbeat, but I don’t. Instead, I declare to everyone staring at us, “I am sparing his life this time, but if I ever see another one of you fighting over something so trivial as this, I will snap everyone’s necks that are involved. You all know very well that I don’t tolerate fighting inside these castle walls.”

Dropping Omega Tom to the ground, I continue staring at everyone in the room as I turn my head slowly so they will understand that I mean business and that I am the ruler here not one of them. For if I don’t, things could easily change quickly and then I would have more problems on my hands then a little girl who fears what she doesn’t understand. As I think of Arabella again, my thoughts turn dark, and I shut my eyes for a second.

When I open them again, the room is quiet, and everyone has left except for Omega Tom, and he is still just standing there staring at me with guilt in his eyes. He stands up taller and then says in an apologetic tone, “Alpha King Julian, I would have never wished that I caused you harm. I didn’t realize that you had a guest and that my actions would lead to all of this.” He spreads his hands out as he looks around the room.

Lowering my guard, I firmly grasp his shoulder and respond, “Next time, don’t even get into it all, just stay out of trouble so you avoid these situations.”

Nodding he says, “Thank you for sparing my life.” In a quiet tone before I dismiss him, and he leaves my site.

“Now, for the girl tucked away safely for the moment. How do I handle that situation?” I murmur softly while cocking my head and watching as I see Omega Crystal enter the room with a broom.

Clearly, she is here to clean up the mess that the other two made earlier while they were fighting, but perhaps she can help me. Is she not a young woman in her teens? Maybe, just maybe she can give me insight into the inner workings of a teen girls mind so I can win Arabella over and not scare her.

With this in mind, I walk over to Omega Crystal and flat out ask her, “Do you mind? I have something important I need to ask you.”

I watch as she glances quickly up at my eyes and then back down again with her head lowered. “Yes, my king. Anything. What is it?” A blush rushes to her face as she feels me staring at her.

Realizing that she thinks I am about to ask her to mate with me, I wave my hands in the air and state. “No, no. That isn’t what I was about to ask you. I am sorry if I gave you that impression.” Then I pause for a few seconds before continuing, “I have a teenager upstairs in one of the bedrooms, I do believe you saw her. She is a human. The problem is that she didn’t know about werewolves, and I was trying to ease her into it, but when we walked in on the two earlier fighting, she saw something she shouldn’t have. Now, I have a dilemma. Do I try to explain it to her and let her go home? Or do I let her calm down and then tell her, but force her to stay here so I can make sure that she doesn’t say anything to all the other humans?”

She stares up at me with knowing eyes and states quietly, “If you plan on mating with her and making her your Luna, you will have to get her to trust you first before anything. Because if you don’t, it won’t matter how much you tell her or don’t, she will just run home and tell everyone what she saw, and we will be hunted down like animals.”

For the first time, I see Omega Crystal clearly. She is much wiser than anyone has ever gave her credit for and is worthy of being a mate for someone who has authority. I hope that she lands one who is intelligent and wise enough to see her for her rare qualities. Matter of fact, if I hadn’t set my sites on this human girl, I might have been tempted to take her for myself.

“Thank you, Omega Crystal. You are very wise indeed. How do you suggest that I proceed, since you are a teenager yourself and know how her mind works more than I ever could?”

Leaning closer, I wait for her response and notice something else about her. At first glance I thought she was only 16, but now I am questioning that and think that she is possibly in her twenties. Just before she answers the question, I sigh because this girl was right in front of my face all this time and I never even saw her.

She licks her lips before answering with half closed eyes, because she surely must realize what I am thinking. “Well, first, you must proceed with caution slowly. If she is as scared as I think, she will bolt the minute you open the door and find a way out before you can catch her. Humans can be very sneaky sometimes. I only know because my sister had a run in with one of them a year ago and almost lost her life because of it. Then when you see that she has calmed down, you must woo her and make her want to do anything for you.”

After she says that last part, I catch her staring into my eyes for just a split second and then lowering her eyes back down to where they were before this whole thing. I bet if I asked her to, Omega Crystal would bend down for me and do anything I wanted her to right now. She must sense what I am thinking again, because she takes her hand and runs her fingers from the dip in her neck and trails them down to her ample cleavage.

When she looks back up into my eyes, I see the desire in them and the need. I was right when I concluded that she would let me do anything I wanted to right now to her without hesitation. So, with my member growing hard, I quickly leave the room without speaking anymore, as I decide that this is not the best thing to do if I am ever going to win over Arabella’s affections.

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