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C5 Calm Down



Hearing a loud noise, I walk to her room quickly before taking in a deep breath and cautiously unlocking Arabella’s door with the key. As I open the door, I take stock of everything around me and am painfully obvious of how destructive of a woman she is. The pillows are shredded, the curtains are in piles all along the walls, and the minute I stare into her eyes, she comes running at me full force.

“Damn you! You are so” She exclaims before she meets with my chest and is forced to stop in mid-sentence.

I glance down at her eyes, before her heated gaze stares up at mine. Raising her closed fists to my chest, she starts to beat on me. Not caring if she hurts me, I let her pound away for a few minutes, till she seems to be all out of anger and then stops and closes her eyes before stating, “You are so cruel, you have to let me go. My parents will be worried, and they will call the cops. My friends will be out looking because they all know who I was with when they last heard from me, so you had better let me go.” Her face twists up like a child who is about to pout.

Seeing this, I start to laugh and then she really gets mad because then she tries to back up while I grab ahold of her wrists and hold onto her. “How dare you! You are such a brute. I hate you!”

Her hands struggle with mine until I finally let her go and she looks up at me with that twisted face again, but this time she scrunches it up and I see a twinkle in her eye of mischievousness. Knowing full well what that means, I block the door and watch as she tries to get by me, while the whole time I am laughing. I raise my voice to her before she gets a chance to move past me, “Watch what you do little one. I am the Alpha King and that means everyone who is under me listens or faces the consequences.”

Still staring down at her, I watch as her head spins around with vengeance on her small face and she says, “I don’t care what the hell you are. You are no better than I am, and you will be sorry the second the cops get here, and I bring kidnapping charges against you.”

With a serious look on her face, she begins to fight me again but then she stops in a heartbeat and her face suddenly changes. The fire in her eyes subsides and then she asks me quietly, “Will you please let me go? No one ever has to know. Matter of fact, I am sure this has all been a wild dream. I didn’t see some weird things fighting in your huge castle. Instead, it was just a fantastic dream I had after reading a werewolf novel.”

Looking down, she grows quiet and still before I answer her question and then let her go. “No. I cannot. Because the minute you tell anyone about our existence, they will hunt us down like animals till the very last one of us is either captured or dead. Our pups will become circus attractions or experiments for the government. I know because I have seen movies where they did such a thing.”

Shaking her head back and forth, she starts to say something, but then grows quiet when she begins to dart her eyes around the room. Sensing a change, I turn around and see the guards standing behind me, ready to subdue her before she gets a chance to leave. I glare at them before stating, “She is fine. She won’t go anywhere unless she is told to. Now go back to the front entrance and if I need you, you will hear it. Trust me.”

They glance at each other before nodding towards me and then I watch as they leave the room and the door shuts. With the room so quiet, it seems empty making me feel a bit odd. However, when I turn back around to face her, she is sitting on the edge of the bed and is very quietly staring down at her feet neatly crossed in front of her.

Taking a few steps towards her, she immediately looks up with fright in her eyes. I wonder to myself, “How do I approach her without making her want to hide?”

I raise my hand to my hair and run my fingers through my mane while thinking of a way to calm her, so I may talk with her. Coming to something that might work, I step backwards and watch her reaction. She instantly relaxes a little and then she looks up into my eyes with less alarm.

“Alright, I guess I will stay back then. Does that make you more comfortable for the moment?” I ask in a quieter, gentler tone as I try to make her more at ease with the current situation.

At first, she refuses to look back up, but then after a few minutes, she holds my gaze with her own and then says, “Please let me go.” In the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my life. Her voice almost sounds like it is singing.

I smile and then say slowly, “I can’t. It would mean the end for all my species. You are too scared right now to be trusted enough to go back to your people. Besides, I need to know you. There is a rare quality within you that makes me want to get to know you more intimately.”

After that last statement, she can no longer hold my gaze because there is a reddish tint spreading across her beautiful face. She is blushing from what I said, and I can sense that she feels it like I do. Something is bringing us together like an invisible string and it is a bit scary because it feels like destiny.

The room becomes quiet afterwards and then I decide it might be wise to leave her alone for a short time to think about what I just said. Perhaps this is a painful beginning to a beautiful end, or it could be that I am reading too much into this and there is absolutely no meaning behind it. Maybe, just maybe Goddess Luna has decided to play a joke on me.

So, with this all weighing heavily on my mind, I step backwards while watching her and then turn around quickly before leaving the room and locking the door behind me.

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