The Luna's Mate: The Alpha King/C6 It's Now Or Never
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The Luna's Mate: The Alpha King/C6 It's Now Or Never
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C6 It's Now Or Never

After leaving her room, I pace the halls for what seems like hours until my stomach starts grumbling. Realizing that she might be hungry too, I decide to bring her up a plate in the shape of a peace offering when I am done eating. Of course, I know damn well that the minute the door opens, she will try to rush out the door.

Shaking my head, I think back to when things were a little less complicated. Perhaps I should have just left it alone and let The Wind Walkers massacre them, but then what kind of king would I be? I have never been the one to sit back and watch as someone else takes over. Unfortunately, now I have a bigger problem.

As I walk down to the dining room, I think about my next move with Arabella. I know that this is all coming at the wrong time because The Wind Walkers are purposely trying to cause problems for me. Is there Alpha thinking of trying to take over? It is a good possibility, because there is always someone who thinks they would be a better ruler.

Remembering when my dad was King, I realize that there were so many times that another Alpha would cause problems in hopes of a takeover. With this in mind, I arrive in the dining room and scan the room before nodding at several of the others and taking a seat at the head of the table. I raise my glass before looking at each and every one of them and then take a sip of red wine before settling in and starting to eat the Beef Wellington that Omega Dante so graciously made for us.

The first bite is scrumptious, the minute it hits my taste buds, I close my eyes and revel in the extreme flavors. Sometimes I am more than happy to be the Alpha King, this just happens to be one of them. However, it is very short lived when suddenly I hear raised voices at the end of the table.

“How can you be so civil? You act like nothing has happened?” Beta Alfred stands up and yells before leaving the room.

Everyone stares down at them when Beta Tolov decides to get up quickly and follow him without saying anything except for “Oh, just stop it!”

Watching the drama unfold in front of me, I frown and try to figure out exactly why this sort of thing always happens when I already have so much on my plate. Shaking my head, I lower my eyes back to my meal and continue to enjoy it before it gets cold. Everyone else stays quiet and tries to ignore what just happened.

After I clean my plate, I look over to my right and watch Beta Vanessa as she stares at me. I know she is trying her best to flirt with me by making sure her plunging neck shows her ample cleavage. Because the minute I turn to her, she thrusts her chest out even further and then seductively reaches over and runs her hand up my leg before she reaches my bulge.

Not stopping there, she runs her fingers over my zipper and then takes a firm hold before starting to stroke my hard member. I feel my eyes roll back in my head as she continues her assault on me and brings me to the edge before she stops and then smirks before saying, “There is more where that came from and if you want it, you know where to find me anytime.” The curve in her lips would be perfect to fit my aching erection but all I can really think about is how Arabella would feel if I didn’t bring her some dinner.

When she realizes that I am not thinking of her, she promptly stands up and walks off with a sway in her hips before disappearing out of the room. After a few minutes when my ache has subsided, I walk to the kitchen and ask for a plate to take up to Arabella. Omega Dante quickly puts a plate together and then hands it to me before asking, “Are you sure you don’t want me to take it to her?”

Shaking my head, I say, “No. It’s quite alright. She is my guest. I did this and now I will deal with it my way. Besides, I am not entirely too sure that she wouldn’t try to hurt you. Earlier she was throwing all kinds of things at me.” As I start to laugh, he looks at me funny before turning around and continuing what he was doing.

As I get ready to leave and go upstairs, he says whole heartedly over his shoulder, “That one sounds like a handful.” And then he chuckles.

I smile before turning to leave and then I walk up the stairs while I ponder exactly what I am going to say. Do I apologize for kidnapping her? Or do I simply try to become her friend and not even mention what has happened earlier?

With all these things running through my mind, I cautiously open her door to find her sitting on the edge of the bed and reading one of my favorite novels about a boy and his dog. The smile that spreads across my face must make her feel a little more at ease with me because when she looks up, she smiles and states, “This was in the bookcase over there and it looked interesting. I hope you don’t mind. I was bored and I love to read.”

At least we have one thing in common, reading. I have always loved it since I was a little boy. My dad introduced me to my first book and since then I have acquired so many that I could fill a whole house with them. My library consists of Sherlock Holmes, Stephen King, and so much more. Even the true classics intrigue me and so when she says she loves books, it simply sends thrills through me.

As I close the door behind me, I know that for once everything might turn out alright, because the first chapter of our life has come to a close and the new one has just opened.

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