The Lycan King's Breeder/C3 I had to do this
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The Lycan King's Breeder/C3 I had to do this
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C3 I had to do this

Willow let out a quiet sigh as I collapsed on top of her. Our sweaty chests pressed together tightly. She let out a breathy laugh, almost sounding dazed, as her body began to climb down from its post-orgasmic high.

My body was still buzzing but exhausted. A satisfied smile crept onto my face as I pressed my lips to her collarbone. She responded by carding her fingers through my hair. I felt her lips press against my forehead, the action so tender and gentle that I shivered.

We lay there for a moment, just basking in the afterglow until I was sure willow was probably struggling to breathe with the weight of my body on top of hers. Pulling my body up, I chuckled when Willow's face twisted into a discontented pout, her bruised lips pressing together tightly.

"We should get you cleaned up," I said slowly, glancing down at where my lower half was still joined with hers, I couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight, so incredibly erotic that I felt blood begin to traverse downwards, but I was already spent. I pulled out, earning a small whimper from my mate.

When I tried to pull myself further off, Willow shook her head and grumbled something unintelligible, her arms tugging me back down on top of her. I laughed, enjoying her neediness and pressing a few pecks to her chest and hickey-covered neck.

"Well okay, not yet then."

We lay there in silence, giving me time to think about what had happened just moments before we had sex, regret sobering me up completely.

"I'm sorry I ruined the wall, I was just really frustrated," I said glancing at the now very obvious hole in the wall beside the king-sized bed.

"I won't say it’s fine because I never want you to hurt yourself that way again but I understand you getting frustrated," Willow said, looking at me with a gentle expression on her face.

It wasn't right of me to worry her like that.

"I wouldn't want you to worry about me too, I'm really sorry. Will you forgive me, my moon?" I smiled at how her cheeks flushed at the pet name.

My Willow was perfect.

"You're forgiven... but we still need to talk about it, Talon. You know I wouldn't suggest it if there was any other option, it's not like I'm thrilled with the idea of you breeding with someone else... but we're running out of time my love," Willow said, turning her naked body towards me to cup my face.

"Look, I know we don't have another option, and I'll agree that that's what we have to do, but that doesn't mean I have to like it... you have to understand that." I groaned, leaning close into her warm hands.

"I know baby," Willow said offering a sympathetic smile. "But we have to do this. She just has to bear us a child and that's all."

I groaned loudly, knowing there really was no other way. I had to defile my bonding with my mate. Was it still considered defiling when your mate suggests and supports it? I had to speak to someone about this.

"Fine... but I have to speak to Greg about this. He's my beta after all. His opinion matters." I huffed out, running my hands through Willow's naked backside.

"That's an all right baby." She grinned, suddenly moving her body to sit on top of mine, straddling me. "So my king..." She drawled, "...Ready for round two?"

Oh, I was. I didn't need to be asked twice.

After we were done with our moment, I left our room in search of Greg, my assistant.

The leaves crunched underneath my feet as I walked toward my beta's home. Children filled the area, running and playing around, some even running toward me to try to get me to participate in their games. I indulged, chasing the little children who squirreled around happily and ran to their parents.

My people were the only ones privileged to see this side of me. Other wolves and humans, only considered me a monster. This was why they needed me to give them an heir so they would be assured of continuity in the peace I gave them.

"Greetings my King!" Someone called out in greeting from across the road. I waved back at the man whose mate was scolding a couple of children with mud-covered clothes.

I turned the corner and ran straight into a young wolf whom I recognized as one of the members of the patrol guards.

"Oh, my King... I am so sorry. I was just coming to see you. We have a problem." The young girl bowed her head in respect.

I nodded and gestured a sign for her to speak.

"We've had a few sightings of rogue wolves getting pretty close to our border. The patrol team thinks it’s bad news," She said quietly, being cautious of the pack members passing by.

"It is bad news." I sighed, rubbing my palm against my face. "I'll call a meeting with the leader of your team to talk about this later. Right now I have somewhere else to be."

We couldn't talk about this here, not with the possibility of someone else hearing us. It would create a tidal wave of panic to wash over the pack. Rogues weren't supposed to get close to our borders. The last rogue attack we had hadn't ended well, we had lost a lot of good people but the enemy learned never to mess with me.

"Yes, my king." The young soldier bowed and dismissed herself. She walked in the opposite direction and I took the other.

It didn't take long for me to get to Greg's home after that. He must have felt my presence because he opened the door before I even had the chance of knocking.

"Glad to see you were expecting me," I teased, smiling broadly.

"Oh fuck off." Greg groaned, rolling his eyes.

Apart from being my beta and right hand, Greg was also my best friend. We'd been best friends since we were born. We were just two little pups who did everything together growing up. It was honestly no surprise to the kingdom when I chose Greg as my beta on my ascension ceremony. It was a choice both our parents knew I'd make right from the beginning.

"Where's Cassie and the pups?" I asked, referring to his mate and children.

"They're out training."

"Aren't they too young to be training?" I asked with an amused huff.

"Don't let Cassie hear you say that. Last night, Nathan completed his transformation, and can you believe the pup took after his mother's brown fur?" My beta scoffed, causing me to laugh at his childish antics.

"I'm not even joking Talon, he's a brown wolf. And now Ethan is stressing us out because he can't seem to get the hang of transforming as quickly as his brother did."

"They're pups, they'll grow out of it." I tried to console my stressed-out friend.

Everyone in the pack knew how stressful pups could be, especially Greg's twin pups, Ethan and Nathan. Those boys were little devils.

"I hope they do. And I hope when Ethan does transform, he'll have red fur like his amazing father," Greg said smugly.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes at his antics.

A few seconds of silence passed and I let out why I had come.

"We have to talk," I said releasing a deep breath. Greg could tell it was serious because right after I said that, he opened the door to his home and lead me in. Once we were seated I buried my face into my palms.

"It's about Willow, isn't it?" He asked, concern lacing his voice.

"She wants us to get a breeder, she thinks it's the only way to get what we want." I groaned into my palms.

"That's messed up... but honestly Talon, I don’t think she's wrong," Greg said with a sigh. "You have to have noticed that people are starting to talk. The elders are getting worried."

"What the hell are they getting worried for? I'm twenty-five!" I yelled out in frustration. "I still have time. Willow and I can still try... I know we'll make this work, we'll figure something out."

"Talon... time is running out. There's nothing else you can do." Greg said, "I know this must be hard on you, hell, I'm pretty sure it's way worse for Willow, but I don't see an option much better than this."

Hearing Greg says that made me realize how selfish I had been. I hadn't even considered my mate's feelings in all this, proposing this must be killing her inside knowing she had to live with the idea of me having some other women share our bed with me.

"I didn't even think of that. Willow must be going through hell." I moaned bitterly. "Gods I'm so horrible." I chastised myself.

"That's no news," Greg joked.

"But hey, I can't say I understand what you're going through, because I really don't. But what I'll say is this. Think of your kingdom, think of what will happen to your people when you're not here anymore to lead them."

Greg was right. I had to do this. I had to produce an heir that'd ascend to take my place and lead my pack when I leave this earth. Because everyone knew that a pack without an alpha is no different from a flock of sheep waiting to be slaughtered. A kingdom without a Lycan was much worst…

I had to do this for Willow and my people.

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