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C8 Any problem?

"The plants are getting infected at a rapid rate, I think we are cursed!" Thomas said in a loud voice that irritated my ears.

"The plants shouldn't be our focus right now, the southern tribe has been complaining of rogue attacks!" The army commander hissed, glaring at Thomas.

"Oh, that isn't even important! The humans are starting to rebel! Something needs to be done about them as well!" David, who was in charge of the human-werewolf relationship said.

We were having a council meeting and I sat there glaring at each of them as they placed their problems forward.

Usually, I would listen to each point and we will discuss it before moving to the next point but today, they forgot their manners in their houses as everyone wanted to be louder than the last person that spoke.

Every one of them wanted the problem in their jurisdiction to be treated more urgently than the last person's issues.

My eyes narrowed into slits as their voices only grew with each passing meeting. They all spoke at the same time, raising their fingers and veins like they were being tortured from the inside out.

"And our king still doesn't have an heir! Something needs to be done!" Sully said from the corner and my eyes flashed in his direction. He had just touched a very fatal point.

I hit my fist on the desk and the blast that followed shook the room as the desk shattered beneath my fist.

The room went silent and they all turned to look at me with fear in their eyes, which was much better than the fake smiles and glares they were given earlier. I knew that more than half of them didn't like me, and I didn't give a care in the world about that.

I was their king and they either bowed to me or dug their graves.

"Sully, what did you say?" I growled, glaring at him.

The man started trembling in his seat like a lone tree in the middle of the storm —this only increased my anger. If he couldn't even speak to me with confidence, why did he dare bring up the topic of my heir?

"Get on your feet when I am speaking to you!" I roared and he jumped to his feet like a cat caught under the rain.

I got down from my seat and approached him. "Now, what did you say?" I repeated as I got two feet in front of him.

"My king... I —I only wondered..." He swallowed and started again. "I was only concerned... That we don't have an heir yet..."

I corked my head to the side and watched as his eyes became glassy as his fears brought tears to his orbs.

I closed the distance between us, intimidating him with my towering height. "And how do you propose this matter can be handled? Do you think I am not aware of this? Or are you questioning my ability to produce an heir?!"

My voice echoed within the room and I watched as they all turned pale. They were all the same.

They all thought the same thing. But Sully was the only fool brave enough to say it.

"No, no! My king! Never will I question your ability... We were only —I was only concerned about the Luna..." The fool spat thinking he made the right choice of words.

I could have let him leave but the moment he dared point his filthy fingers at my love, he earned his death.

"Do you dare question my Luna?!" I growled.

My claws burst out my skin and before he could get a hold of what was happening, I grabbed his throat in a tight clutch shattering his windpipes in one snap.

Blood spluttered from his eyes and his lifeless body went limb in my hand. I dropped him without a single flinch and marched back to my seat.

I sat down and stretched out my hand to the maids who quickly rushed to bring in a wet cloth for me to wipe my hands.

"Now, who else has a problem with my Luna, before we move on?" I growled staring into the eyes of every man in the room.

They turned their eyes away at once, none wanting to be the next victim.

"Good. Now, about the plants, Thomas, discuss them with David. Those humans have materials that can come in handy. Grab a few of them and fix your problem!" I ordered.

"Yes —yes my King!" Thomas replied at once with a fake smile on his face.

"As for David, humans are too pesky to be a topic of discussion in this meeting. If they are giving you problems, kill them, you have my blessings... Or are you incapable of handling this?"

He quickly got to his feet and bowed. "I am strongly capable my king. The matter shall be resolved," He replied.

Next, my eyes fell on the army commander, Walter. Now his problem was something that did bring some concern to me.

"Walter, how is the investigation on the rogues going?" I asked him.

"We still haven't gotten a major lead yet. I am awaiting the Beta's return from the human town, so I can present what I have to him before bringing it to you... The only concern as of now is that the towns on the east side need more protecting and we are running out of soldiers."

I frowned at his complaint. As far as I knew, my army was the largest in the entire territory.

"How is that possible?" I snapped out.

His eyes briefly went to Thomas before returning to meet mine. "My king, some of the council members are refusing to send backup when we need them..."

Killing another council member would be a thrilling prospect but for some reason, I decided against it but only for today.

"Thomas, are my soldiers now yours?" I asked him.

The man went pale in the face at once and I couldn't care less if he soiled his pants. The next words he uttered would determine if he was going to die or not.

"My king..." He started then went on to fall on his knees. "I sincerely apologize my king... They will be deployed where they are needed at once!"

I couldn't tell if I was disappointed that he was smart enough to beg before I killed him or if my rage just needed to feed on something.

"Fine. That is sorted," I said dismissively. "Is there anything else left?"

The room fell into a little murmur before the leader of all internal affairs, Patrick got up and bowed before saying, "There is nothing else to sort for now my king."

With that, I got on my feet and started for the exit. "Good. Until the next meeting," I said. "And for the love of the goddess, someone should clean up this place!" I yelled referring to Sully's body on the ground.

My feet directed me to my chambers. I was pissed off and I needed to be calmed. The only place my brain knew to get this calm was with my Luna, my mate —Willow.

I burst in through the doors and her beautiful blue eyes fell upon me from her position at the window. She got up at once and walked to me.

"My love, I can feel your anger from across the room. What happened?" She asked as her hand went to my cheeks.

I held her waist and pulled her closer.

"Suck me, baby..." I ordered in a husky voice.

She nodded once and went down on her knees while maintaining eye contact with me.

She loosened my pants and let them drop at my feet. She grabbed my cock and pumped it once with her hands before bringing her soft lips to the head.

She sucked once and massaged from beneath working her way from the head to the shaft.

My eyes closed and I threw my head back.

"That's it... Fuck!" I moaned as her tongue darted around like she was having a lollypop. She lubricated me with her saliva and took me as deep as she could. She started bobbing as fast as she could and I held the back of her head.

I started ramming into her mouth enjoying the sounds of her gags as I went in harder and faster.

She grabbed my naked ass for balance and massaged the base of my thick cock with her free hand as I kept going into her mouth.

The soft palate and the heat within pushed me closer to the edge and I shook in her mouth as my release got to the surface.

"Fuck!" I cussed as I knotted into her mouth.

She swallowed as much as she could and I watched with lust as the extra juice dripped down her jawline.

I pulled her up to her feet and tore the dress she was clothed in.

"You look so beautiful with my juice dripping out of you like this..." I whispered as my strong hands lifted her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her to the bed. I placed her on the bed and kissed her beautiful lips. I could still taste myself in her mouth and nothing in the world could be sexier.

My fingers went to her core and I tore her undies away with one sharp claw exposing her bundle of sensitivity to my assaults.

I massaged her first before thrusting inside her.

"Hmm, Talon..." She cried out and I silenced her with another passionate kiss.

Her wetness dripped down my fingers and I kept pumping her, till I got enough lubrication. I positioned my thick cock and went in smoothly.

"Ahh!" She hissed as the fullness of my cock hit her.

Willow was just perfect. Every moment with her felt different and beautiful. I could never get enough of her pussy.

I started moving my waist, rolling and ramming into her till her claws pierced into my back as she tried to hold back her moans. But as I pumped harder, tilt her thighs at an angle that allowed all of my length to go inside of her.

"Talon! Fuck!" She moaned out and I smirked.

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