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C9 Faster

I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of her wet folds around my cock but Sully's stupid words played back into my head and for the first time since I got mated to Willow, I wondered why we were never able to make a baby.

Was I not fucking her right?

I grabbed her waist and started hitting harder than before. She grabbed the sheets and her eyes rolled as the pleasure hit her differently.

"Yesss... More... Faster!" She moaned meeting each of my thrusts with one of hers.

I shook my head trying to push the thoughts away but they refused to go away. Willow couldn't have any issues. Maybe I was the one with an issue...

"Yesss... Oh, Talon! Yes!" She screamed enjoying the hard strokes I was giving her.

I flipped her over so that her ass was in the air. She positioned herself perfectly, and my thick cock rammed into her from the back. I grabbed her breast and allow its softness to help clear my mind but it was to no avail.

It was no longer lovemaking, we were just having sex. Hard sweaty sex.

I squeezed harder on her breast and went faster, drawing my release closer. She came first in a shrilling moan before mine also came through.

We both fell on the bed and I listened to her fast breathing. Mine was normal, maybe because my mind was somewhere else entirely.

Greg had left that morning to go get the human girl my wolf had chosen. I had to try knotting into her, maybe her fragile little body would be able to give Willow and me the heir we so desperately needed. After that, Willow could do with her whatever she wanted.

"Someone mentioned something about the heir in the meeting, didn't they?" Willow said looking up at me from under her knuckle.

I pulled myself closer to her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. I hated seeing the worry on her beautiful face. Willow was made so that I could please her. I pulled the hair strands framing her face away and looked into her eyes.

"The one who dared bring it up is dead," I told her and her eyes sparkled with excitement.

"My hero and protector..." She whispered and I kissed the corners of her mouth as I brought her head to rest on my chest.

"If I don't protect you, I have failed my duties as your mate my love..." I whispered.

She placed kisses on the hand I held, and caressed her bare shoulders.

"Baby, have you considered a breeder now?" She asked in a soft voice.

I could tell she had hesitation in her voice and I couldn't blame her. A few days ago, I thought she was even crazy for bringing it up but after my conversation with Greg, I realized it was even harder for her than it was for me.

"I have gotten a girl," I said.

She sat up at once and looked into my eyes. "You have?" She asked.

Willow was very good at hiding her emotions. As she spoke, I tried to pick up her heartbeat to know if she was angry about this or happy but she kept it all inside.

"I found a tattered human girl in the town, I think she will perform the job," I replied.

"But you hate humans Talon," She said corking her head to the side.

I sat up as well and held her hands in mine. I brought them to my lips and kissed them.

"Won't it be better if I brought a dirty little creature that could never take your place?" I whispered.

This was my reasoning at the start but when my wolf saw the girl, I didn't think that was the only reason it chose her. There was an aura about her but I'd rather not think about that at this moment.

Willow pulled her hand out of my hold and placed it on my cheek. There was a bright glint in her eyes and she pulled my face closer. She placed a kiss on my lips and let our heads rest on one another.

"I love you, Talon. And I am sorry I am making you do this... All of these could be avoided if only I could—"

"Don't say such a thing!" I growled stopping the horrible words from leaving her lips. "Don't be sorry. It isn't your fault. It is the goddess's wish. I love you with or without a child and that will never change, do you understand me?"

Before she could respond, a sharp knock resonated through the room and I knew at once who would dare do that to my private chambers.

Greg was back with the girl.

"Give me a minute my love," I said and placed a quick kiss on her forehead before I got off the bed.

I grabbed a robe on my way to the door and tightened it on my body.

I pulled the door open and there he stood with a sharp glint in his eyes.

"I have brought the girl. Just like you commanded," He said with a quick bow.

My heart tightened at the news as I realized that the first step had started now all we had to do was move to the next stage.

"Have you placed her in the room, as I instructed?" I asked and he shook his head before replying.

"She is emotionally weak, I had to take her to Sara."

My fist tightened in irritation.

Humans... This was their problem. They were always weak. Emotionally and physically.

"Make sure Sara shakes if she can actually conceive. I don't want to waste my knot in her!" I hissed.

Greg's eyes narrowed by a few centimeters but I noticed. But unlike the stupid men in my council, Greg knew when to open his mouth and air his opinion and when not to.

"It shall be done, my King," He said.

My right eye twitched in irritation. Greg only called me by my title when we were in public. If he did it when we were alone, he disagreed with my orders but had no choice but to take it. At this point, he made it clear that he was acting as my Beta and not as my friend.

"Let me know when she is ready. You may leave," I said.

"Her parents were killed, just as you instructed," He added before taking a bow, a sign that he was ready to leave.

I glared at his bowed head wishing to fork out all of the thoughts he was keeping to himself but we knew each other well enough to realize that if I forced it out of him, we were going to get into a fight we would both regret.

Filled with irritation, I returned to the room and kicked the door closed. My rage was back on another level. I had to knot again.

I returned to Willow who was waiting expectantly on the bed.

"Is she here?" She asked in that voice of hers that weakened the knees of men.

"Yes," I breathed as my hands went to one of her nipples.

The pointy bundle of nerves was so soft in my fingers that my cock twitched. The hormones that flowed into my veins brought an idea to me.

"I want you to prepare her," I said as my free hand went to her wet folds. "Greg says she is weak at the moment. I want you to make her strong..."

"Hmm..." Willow moaned out.

Her lips went into her mouth and she struggled to keep her eyes open as I continued pleasuring her.

"I want you to do it Willow because I don't want to waste my time with her. I only want to share my body with you Willow... Not her!" I hissed.

Her eyes snapped open and she let out a gasp as I pinched her clit in anger.

"I'll do just that Talon... I'll do anything..." She breathed out as my tempo increased between her legs.

I turned her back to me and raised her left leg into the air. I moved closer to her so that my cock was positioned at her entrance. Without warning, I thrust deep and hard inside her.

"Hmm... Talon! Yes!" She cried out.

Her pussy didn't need time to accommodate my cock it already knew the size. I started going fast inside her, bracing my weight as I held the headrest.

The bed shook between us at my speed.

I hated the idea of having sex only because I wanted my knot to produce something. I was a Lycan none of those should matter, yet I couldn't push it out of my head.

It would have been better if she was ready. Then all of this frustration, I would have torn her open and I would pour all of my seed into her. But now, I had to wait for another couple of days for her weak body to become strong.

"Fuck!" I hissed out not because of the sex, but in frustration at my situation.

"Oh Talon, you feel so good! Yes! Fuck me..." Willow yelled as she grabbed my shoulders.

Her lips were swollen from biting into them for too long and her eyes had turned white from the waves of pleasure that coursed through her veins.

Her hormones were on a rampage and I helped sweep her to another bone-rattling orgasm.

She collapsed in my arm and I let my seeds flow to her as I fisted my hands.

She started peppering tiny kisses on my shoulders and I let my brain relax. I had to stop thinking too hard or I was going to lose focus. I had to stay focused if I wanted to get a top of things.

"There is something else on your mind my love?" Willow asked as she stared into my face.

"No, my love. It's nothing," I lied.

There were a thousand things in my mind but there was no point sharing them with her for it was only going to break her heart and I never wanted to do that to her.

"Okay," She sighed and placed another kiss on my chest. "Let me freshen up and go see our breeder," she said and I nodded at her in agreement.

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