The Mafia Boss [Erotic Romance]/C1 Beginning of Ashton's life turnover
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The Mafia Boss [Erotic Romance]/C1 Beginning of Ashton's life turnover
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C1 Beginning of Ashton's life turnover


My life is so peaceful with my lovely family but it doesn't longer coz my mom left me when I was five years older ... and my father remarried again but my stepmom love me anymore coz she's a vamp(attracting men and getting money) ...I really hate her with my bottom of heart now coz she just sell me now ...

~past wind~

'Honey why are keeping him? Let's just sell him or give him to military ... maybe he'll be useful there ', My stepmom said

But immediately she regret saying it coz my father is fuming with anger

'How could you say this Ella he's my son and he has every right to stay here ! ',my dad yelled at her

'Dad ., it's okay I don't want cause any trouble ',I said

In the middle of awkward silence we interupreted by a few men in Black

'mrs.pierce we are here so, where is he ', One of the men black spoke

But their presence gives me goosebumps

'He is the one', My stepmom pointed at me

I was frowning at her even though she treat me like trash but I didn't expect her to separate from my father and made me leave with nothing...

'Excuse me what's happening here? ' ,my dad question them with confused look

'I guess this is the time he's no use here and guess what he is pain' in the as* don't you see we are struggling from lack of money so , why not give him to them and in return take the money they offered a lot of money and in return I signed the contract' ,my stepmom said

'ELLA! ', my dad yelled at her

At that time a men in Black said,'sorry we don't have time for this' , they excused themselves and took me with them

I glanced over at my father last time and giving him a assured smile that I will be okay but his face full of regret

~End of past wind~

Now I am here in front of large mansion

'I guess we meet again' ,a guy in the dark side spoke but his voice is Deep husky

but I can't see his face due to darkness suddenly, I started to feel nauseous I decided to collapse on the floor ..I was expecting to touch cold base with loud thud but on behalf of cold I was wrapped up in a strong embrace before I close my eyes I was met with ocean-blue colour eyes which oddly has concern.


'WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?', I shouted at my men

They all gulped nervously coz I swear they won't be alive when I am angry

One of them answered ,' sir we don't know ,we only brought him with your order'

As I started to lift Ashton his body is burning ..I can't think anything straight

'Just call Aaron!' I yelled at them

(Aaron is our family doctor of Fransisco and a best friend of mine)

I carried Ashton to my room and layed him in the bed and removed his shirt ...F*ck me he's perfect especially his tattoo on the left side of his upper body...

few minutes later

'Hey , what's up, Aaron asked

Don't test my patience man! Just check him already...',I answered impatiently

'Cool man., By the way he's cute and he has awesome body especially his tattoo ', Aaron said

I glare at him if looks that could kill he will be dead right now

'HE'S MINE!',I stated scarsticly

'Uh-oh easy there., Of course he's yours ', he answered seriously

And then Aaron started to check Ashton and said 'I think he 'pointed towards Ashton and asked 'what's his name'

'Ashton', I said

Oh yeah Ashton having fever due to some drugs and chill climate', he[Aaron] said

'DRUGS!' ,I asked him again with out believing him

"hmm...",he answered

New chapter is coming soon
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