The Mafia's Angel/C1 CHAPTER 1
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The Mafia's Angel/C1 CHAPTER 1
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Crystal Campbell's POV -

I slammed the alarm shut when it started ringing.

I opened my eyes and got up abruptly. I saw the time, 5:50 AM.

Hmm, I needed to get ready by 7, I had all the time in the world but the problem was that I was too lazy so it would have taken that much time.

I did my morning business and went to my closet after taking a bath. I was in my robe.

So, what should I wear… um...yeah…

My eyes fell on a red top and blue jeans.

I got ready and went downstairs. I glanced at the clock, 6:29 AM, guess I was on time.

I saw my mom and wished, "Good Morning mom."

"Good morning sweetie, your breakfast is ready, have a seat," Mom replied. I took my seat and served myself breakfast. Bacon. My favourite!

After finishing the breakfast, I took my things and kissed my mom's cheeks and said, "The breakfast was amazing mom, love you. Gotta go, bye." And hurried towards the door, not before my mom pecking my forehead.

"Love you too sweetie. Take care, bye." I smiled to myself and continued walking.

I saw the taxi waiting for me from a distance before getting in it. It was my regular taxi. The driver came every day excluding Sunday at this time and brought me home from the hospital when I was done. I just had to text him. He was a really sweet person, an old man, in his 50s. If I was done till 9 then okay or else I would have to book another taxi but that was rare.

So, I was an intern in a hospital. I was not the only child of my mother, I used to have a sibling. Yeah, "used to". One year older named Jack. My dad...well he was also dead. When I was just 3 years old, he got in an accident. I don't remember him much cause I was too small at that time. But I still miss my brother, he was the best brother anyone could ask for. But now, I was living a good life. A house. My mom. A hopefully stable job.

And about my love life? Well, I didn't have a boyfriend. I had never been in any relationship. I just didn't feel any strong feelings towards anyone. But I hoped that I could find someone, someday.

I had a crazy but most supportive best friend, also my cousin, Ava, short for Avelyn. She knew everything about me and supported me in everything. I loved her so much. She was also an intern in the same hospital, luckily. She wanted to be a neurosurgeon.

So, I was finally here.

I got out of the taxi after thanking Mr. Jack, the driver.

I saw the building in front of me. Which read -



I went inside and saw Ava talking to a familiar boy. Yeah, this was her friend, Max.

"Hey, Ava," I said.

"Hey Crystal, I was just waiting for you," she said before turning to Max, "I will talk to you later Max, bye."

"Do you have to help Dr. James in any operations today?" I asked after Max left. Dr. James was the doctor Ava was interning under.

"Yeah actually, I do have one. I wonder how I will be able to do it all by myself some day. It seems so tiring. Physically and mentally, both."

"That's right but after remembering that we can right now save the person lying in front of us or make some mistake just because we are tired and let the guilt consume us, just makes every nerve of mine attentive again."

"Right Crizie," She continued after a pause, "Now I think I should go or Dr. James will kill me." She joked.

"Don't call me that and yeah, I'll head to Dr. Nicholas' cabin too."

"Yup Crizieee." This girl. She will never listen to me.

After parting our ways, I proceeded to head towards Dr. Nicholas' cabin. I knocked on his cabin and heard a small "come in".

I went inside and wished him good morning. He wished me back and started briefing me about the surgery he will be operating today and what role I will play in it.

---- Time Lapse ---

Yuppie!! My work was done! I texted Mr. Jack immediately.


You know, the hospital I was interning from was one of the topmost hospitals in LA. And I wanted to be a successful heart surgeon. I had been working there under Dr. Nicholas for 6 months and I had 1 year and 6 months left.

I heard a short 'tringgg', which meant I had received a text. Mr. Jack had already arrived.

I hurried out of the building and got in the taxi.

He started driving but applied brakes abruptly after some 7-10 mins. Then, when I looked forward, I saw a signboard of 'Under Construction'. Oh.

We had to take the long route then. Suddenly, I heard loud noises and the car came to a sharp pause. My eyes widened as they sounded like gunshots. I was very scared and I wanted to look out and find out what was going on, but I was so damn scared. The gunshots kept coming and I lowered down in my seat, extremely terrified. I didn't want to die so soon!

As soon as the voices died down, I quickly glanced out of the window and then gasped as I saw a man lying on the footpath in pain, he was shot!

"Mr. Jack, please stop. We need to take him to the hospital," I said or more like, panicked.

"Are you sure ma'am? I don't know if it's safe to help him or not," he replied in fear.

"But I am a doctor, Mr. Jack, it's my duty. Please stop the taxi along the footpath," I pressed the matter. He stopped it. I got out in a hurry.

I ran to him and saw the most handsome man I had ever seen. His hair was brown, darker than coffee colour. He looked like a freaking Greek God. Then he opened his eyes when I touched his hair. He had grey eyes. So beautiful. Anyone could get lost in them. He was lying in pain still anyone could swoon on him.


Oh shit! How could I forget that he was shot!

'Well sweetie, first you should stop ogling then.' My subconscious scolded me.

Oh right! Oh no no no, I wasn't... ogling...I was…. describing him...I-

'Yeah yeah, right," My subconscious mockingly said. "Now focus on saving him."

I saw him again. I called the driver and made him get in the car with his help.

When I got in, I said, "Are you okay?"

He replied in a husky voice, "Absolutely, angel"

Oh God, his hot voice!!!

Shut up, Crystal.

I said in a worried yet calming tone, "Hold on, we will just reach in 5 mins. Don't worry."

He smiled.

Oh my! He freaking smiled! His smile was so mesmerizing!!!

Get a grip of yourself, Crystal.

We reached.

I called the nurses and we got to the hospital hurriedly.

The doctor came running when he saw the person. He told us that it was so important to save him because he was the owner of this hospital.

I didn't know!!

There were two bullets. One on his backside and the other one way too close to his heart so Dr. Nicholas was needed in the surgery and he needed my help too so I went in with him.

We got in the operation room and started the surgery.

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