The Mafia's Angel/C2 CHAPTER 2
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The Mafia's Angel/C2 CHAPTER 2
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Crystal's POV-

Finally! The operation was successful!

I glanced at the clock. The operation took 6 hours. Ugh, I was hungry and tired. But I was so relieved that the operation was successful. It seemed so weird but I was really happy and relieved. Yes of course I was always happy when I got to save a person but it was different with him.

I don't know why I was feeling that way so I simply ignored it.

I booked a taxi which took 8 minutes to reach here. I got in.

As, Mr. Jack is only available till 9 and it's like 2 AM right now.

Um...wait! When I asked that man if he was fine or not then he said "Absolutely, angel".

What did he mean by absolutely? And he freaking smiled after I told him to hold on, it felt like that he was too used to getting shot.

Oh no, that wasn't good. He should remain safe.

And the nickname?

Oh hell! This never happened. I never did overthink about any man like that.

Oh Crystal, you have gone mad. Just stop thinking. I mentally facepalmed myself. I couldn't do it physically or the driver would think of me as mental! Talking to yourself giggling and facepalming. Nice.

I reached home and got out after thanking the driver. I searched for the keys and tiptoed in the house.

Well, mom would be asleep. I didn't wanna wake her up.

I took a shower and opened the fridge to find my dinner. I heated and ate it.

Then, I went into my room and drifted to my dreamland.

Daniel Knight's POV - (the same day)

I woke up to the sound of the alarm. I got up and went to freshen up. Then, I went to my gym to work out.

I came back and checked the time.

6:00 AM. Hm, I was in the gym for almost two hours. I took a shower and went downstairs.

My cook, Alice, was setting the table for breakfast. She was almost the age of my mom and was so caring. She was like my second mother.

After breakfast, I went to my personal office. It wasn't always necessary to go to the office. I could work from home too as I was the CEO.

So, I was working in my office when I heard an impatient knock on the door. I said a cold 'come in' and resumed my work.

One of my men came in. I looked at him with a 'what' look and he hurried to say, "We've got new information on Liam's new hiding place."

I smirked and then quickly got up, "I'll be right there."

Then I hurried over to my room, opened my closet, entered the password, took out a gun and rushed downstairs.

I would not leave him today. Enough is enough. He had to die before he killed my men.

I got in one of my cars and started driving. I didn't even have the time to think about which car I should drive right now. I just had to end him. I didn't have any plan and it was so dangerous for me to go like this, I knew. But I couldn't control my anger.

That place was 20 minutes away from my mansion.

I was the CEO of the D.K. group of companies. It was one of the biggest companies in the country. I owned a big chain of hotels, clubs, restaurants and hospitals. I was also the biggest mafia boss of the American Mafia. I sold guns mainly but yeah, drugs too. Not too harmful one. And not the ones which are for children.

You see, I was really rich. So, to cover my illegal properties, I started a business and now it was successful too.

In my family, it was just me.

Dad? Well, he died long ago. He never deserved the title 'dad', he was just a sperm donor to me.

Mom? She.. I don't have many memories of her because she died when I was 6. But I remember that she was the one who took care of me and loved me.

I had an irritating best friend, Noah. He was the only one who knew everything about me. I never showed him my true emotions, still, he could tell. He was like a brother to me and he was my second in command in the mafia.

And, well, the person I was going to kill right now was my enemy. The worst enemy. Liam. He was also in the mafia. There was a reason why I hated him so much even thoughI was in the mafia too. Well, he was a human trafficker. And I was totally against it. Not only that, he though the is the best. Most powerful. No one was important except him. He should have know his place. He had the second biggest mafia business. The first was mine. And he had no conscience. He could have the first place only for being the most egoistic and dumb man!

And he had crossed all the limits. I had to end him now.

I reached.

I got out of my car with my gun and went inside the apartment he was hiding. I tiptoed there but there was no one here. It looked like they were here a minute ago but were now gone.

I searched more but there was no luck.

Uh, my hands were itching to kill him but-


I heard the sound from behind and turned around to see, one of his most trusted men was standing there. Then I realised that he shot me on my back and as soon as I looked up, he shot me again. Really near the heart. I was so angry that before shooting, I started beating him to the pulp. He was so vulnerable. I saw fear in his eyes when I raised my gun at him. Then, I shot him.

Good. He should know who is the boss. I was trained really well. I knew how to fight even after getting shot.

Ah, it was painful. But I knew better than whining or being helpless.

I started going towards my car. But then suddenly the pain got worse. I blacked out on the footpath.

I gained my consciousness when someone touched me. I saw an angel. Oh my god, she was so beautiful.

By looking at her frown, I could tell that she was worried for me and she was biting her lips. So deadly gorgeous.

God, are you trying to kill me? Oh yeah, I was already dying… I forgot.

Her blue eyes were like an ocean. I was ready to drown in them. She was a brunette. And when she touched me, helping me get up, that was so magical. Her soft skin. I was ready to die if it meant being in her arms.

She helped me to her taxi, I presume and she put my head on her lap. Then, she asked me if I was okay, while frowning.

Holy shit! Her voice was so sexy. Like her.

Angel. My angel. Absolutely beautiful.

When she told me to hold on and not to worry, I was already mesmerised by her beauty. And on top of that, she was worried for me. I smiled at the thought.

I wanted to kiss her lips. But my condition wasn't helping. I could still do that but I didn't want her to think of me as some pervert.

I drifted to sleep then and I could hear the nurses, doctors and the rush.

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