The Mafia's Angel/C3 CHAPTER 3
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The Mafia's Angel/C3 CHAPTER 3
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Crystal's POV-

The sound of the alarm again mocked me. I opened my eyes and glared at the alarm.

Well, glaring wouldn’t help, I had to get up.

Then I got ready, had my breakfast, pecked my mom's cheeks and ran to my taxi.

After 10 mins, I reached the hospital.

Then, before going towards my cabin, I don't know why but I wanted to check if he was alright. So, I went to see him.

I went to his ward and saw him lying there. He was unconscious because of the sedatives. But he would wake up soon. Estimated 2 days.

I hoped he got well soon.

I was so indulged in thinking all this that I didn't notice Ava coming. I realised I wasn't alone when she said, "Oh, I see. Someone is crushing. Hm-mh he is handsome after all."

"What? N-no no, not at all. There is nothing like that. I was just checking him," I said, denying.

"Yeah, that's what I am saying. You were checking him out," she teased me further.

" W-what n-no Ava. Uh leave it, you won't understand," I said and ran from there.

I could hear her laugh behind me. This girl.

I did my work and stood up when it was lunchtime. I went to the cafeteria and searched for Ava.

There she was.

"Hey Ava!"

"Oh hi, Crystal. I was just waiting for you."

"Let's sit."


When we were seated, she informed me, "He is the CEO of D.K group of companies."

"Who?" I asked, knitting my eyebrows.

"Well, Daniel Knights, the person you were ogling in the morning," she confirmed.

"What? I was not ogling him! And I don't care if he is some CEO or not. Why are you telling me?" I replied, trying to keep my cool but failing miserably.

"Yeah yeah, you should just know and stop denying."

I didn't say anything and continued eating. After our lunch break, I resumed my work.

Like this, the day ended.

One more day went by and everything was as usual. And yeah, he didn't wake up the next day either.

----Time lapse-----

Today morning, when I went to the hospital, I was told that he came to consciousness and was discharged. I didn't know why but I felt empty that he left. I guess I was going mad…

Days went by and my life was back to normal. But I used to think about him at some odd time and I didn't even know why. So, I just always shook my thoughts away.

Everything was normal except the time I weirdly felt empty when after four days, I met him again.

Daniel's POV-

I felt severe pain in my head as soon as I woke up. I glanced at the place and I could tell that I was in a hospital. Precisely, my hospital. Then the memories came rushing into my mind, driving to Liam's hiding place, getting shot, losing consciousness, waking up at the voice of an angel, getting into her taxi, then again losing consciousness.

Angel? Yeah, my angel.

What the hell is wrong with me? Did I hit my head so hard yesterday that I went crazy?

Wait, it all happened yesterday, right?

When I was thinking about all that, a doctor came to check. I recognised him. Dr. Nicholas.

He said, "Hey Daniel. I am happy to see you awake. Here, take some water. And how are you feeling?"

I drank the water and replied, "Hello Dr. Nicholas. I am fine, just a headache. How long was I out?"

He replied," For 2 days, Daniel. Here, take some medicines. They will help with your headache."

I took the medicines and asked him, "I can get discharged now, right?"

"You know that you need to be kept in for 24 hour in supervision," He said with a sigh.

"I don't have time to waste on this stuff. You know that."

He sighed again, "I know. Alright I won't pressurize you but you have to call me if you feel anything abnormal."

I nodded.

"Now, just the formalities are left but I will fill them so don't worry." Then he looked up and informed, "Your friend Noah is here. Let me tell him that you are awake."

Noah came in after 5 minutes in anger. Uh oh. He was angry.

"What were you thinking, going there ALONE!?" He yelled the last word.

"I had to go there, Noah. It was important." I replied in my casual tone.


"I am alive, ain't I? Stop yelling now, my head is hurting already." He calmed a bit. Nobody ever dared to raise their voice at me, except him. And he knew that.

"Don't do that next time, please. Not alone. Not in anger. Think and then do things, please. I don't wanna lose you," he said with a sigh.

I remained silent. He sighed again, "You wanna eat something? Or just wanna go home?"

Home. It was just a mansion. How could it be a home when I didn't have anyone waiting for me there?

"Hey, where are you lost? Hello!?" He said while snapping his fingers in front of me.

I replied, "Uh yeah, let's get home. I don't have so much time to waste."

"Very well then, let's go. Formalities are done, I guess," He said with a nod.

I stood up and we exited the hospital going towards his car. Soon, we reached the mansion. We went to my office and he asked Alice to bring some food to the office. God. He worried more for my health than me. Who was I kidding, I didn't give a shit about my health.

When I was about to start talking, he cut me off. "No! First, eat something. Can't you just stop worrying about work?"

I sighed and we ate the food. Then after 10 minutes, I started again.

"That was an ambush. We have a spy inside. Need to find it."

He replied, "Yeah, I guess. All our men are loyal. Who is messing with you?"

I hummed. Exactly. How dare he mess with me?

We talked about the work for about one hour and then he went to check the arrangements for tomorrow's shipment.

After settling everything, I saw the time. It was night. 11 PM.

It was not easy to balance being a CEO of the topmost company and the biggest mafia leader. And having so many enemies. But it just felt normal now, doing that much work.

I went to my room after wrapping up the work, took a shower and drifted to sleep.

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