The Mafia's Angel/C4 CHAPTER 4
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The Mafia's Angel/C4 CHAPTER 4
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Daniel's POV -

I suddenly woke up and started thinking about my dream. I had a dream about her. Her. Angel. Uh.

I glanced at the alarm clock; it was 4 AM. I woke up early. I didn't bother going back to sleep and started doing my business.

Two days went by and my life was again normal.

It was evening when I heard a knock and muttered a small 'come in'. Noah came in with lunch.

We started discussing things when my mind again drifted to that girl or I must say my girl. It was funny how I didn't know anything about her and still couldn't keep my thoughts away from her. On top of that, I called her "my" girl like some creep.

Her voice. Her face. Her frown. Her worry. Her eyes. Her lips. Her-

"Are you even listening to me, Daniel!?" A familiar voice rudely interrupted my thoughts.

I replied, "Hm, what were you saying?"

Noah shook his head in disbelief and asked, "Where were you lost? You zoned out. You are doing that a lot after getting discharged from the hospital."

I cleared my throat and said, "Nothing like that. So, where were we?"

"No, you can't escape from it today. Tell me, what's the matter?" He said clearly not buying my lie.

I sighed, "Well, when we were in the hospital then, did you talk to any girl? A doctor or a nurse? I mean, who had blue eyes and brunette hair?"

"I don't remember it like that, Daniel. But wait, who is she? Why are you asking about her?"

"Nevermind. So, about the shipment-"

"No no no. No bullshit. No changing the topic. Tell me."

I sighed again knowing that he wouldn't let it go easily. So, I had to go on, "Give me her details then I will tell you about her. If only I would be satisfied."

He raised his eyebrows and said, "So what do you know about her? Just blue eyes and that she is a brunette?"

I nod, "pretty much" leaving the fact that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. But I wouldn't dare to admit it in front of him or he would never shut up about it.

"I just want to know her name, occupation and about her family. Don't make it detailed." I said, trying to not invade her privacy so much. And it was possible that she wasn't a doctor or a nurse and she was just a normal person trying to help an injured person. I hoped not or else it would have taken some time to find her.


“You can go now."

He narrowed his eyes at me but when I didn't reply he murmured something like 'rude' under his breath and left.

The day went as usual.

The next morning, I woke up and did my morning business. I had a meeting with board members today so I had to go to the main office.

Hm. I got ready and went to my office.

After the meeting, I was in the office doing my work when I heard a knock on the door. I said, "come in" and saw my P.A. , David.

He said, "Sir, Mr. Noah is here. Should I let him in?" I replied with a small yup and he left.

Then Noah came in and chirped, "Hello brother!!"

I simply threw a glance towards him. Then he continued, "I am here with your girl's information and you aren't even welcoming me. How rude!" With a fake hurt look.

That took my interest and I replied after clearing my throat, "Well okay, hi. Now don't be a dramatic ass and give me the information," ignoring the 'your girl' part.

He gave me a list and said, "Here is the picture of all the nurses and doctors in your hospital, who have brunette hair and blue eyes. We got 12 matches. Recognise her."

I took the list and started seeing the pictures.

First one, no.

Second one, no.

Third one, no.


Ninth one, yes.

My angel.

"This is her." I told him.

"Let me see. Oh, she is beautiful."

I don't know why but I didn't like the fact that he was thinking that. I was really going crazy. Maybe I should go to a doctor and get myself checked.

"Give me her details" I said in a no-nonsense tone.

He shook his head and I just noticed that he had more papers in hand. He searched for some time and then gave me a sheet.

"Here. Her information. Thank me later."

I took the paper eagerly but still kept my straight face though.

Name: Crystal Campbell

Age: 26 yrs

I was 29 years old.

Relationship: Never had one.


Family: She and her mom. Dad and brother, dead.

Occupation: Doctor

Best friend: Avelyn

I said after clearing my throat, "You can go now Noah."

He said dramatically, "What!? Is this the way to thank someone? Oh God!" While shaking his head.

As soon as I was about to reply, he cut me off and said, "Tell me about her now. I am not going anywhere if you won't."

I sighed, knowing his stubbornness.

“Well okay,” and I told him about our first and only encounter and lifted my head up to see his reaction as he hadn't said anything.

His mouth was hanging open. Then he closed his mouth and opened again to say something. He said, "Well" and after a long pause he continued, "So, you wanna say that you know nothing about this girl but you wanna know about her when you met her for less than an hour not forgetting the fact that you were dying. And you very well know that I am not overreacting because I have been with you since pre school and you have never thrown a second glance at any girl. I even thought that you were gay. What happened to you, brother?"

"I have no idea, Noah. I think I am going crazy. I don't know if I am liking it or not!" I told him, ignoring his other words.

Before he had the time to reply I said, "I am busy right now so I think I will talk to you later."

And I started doing some work to escape his other questions so he left my office after muttering a 'bye'.

Hm, now what should I do? I just knew that she was mine.

By the time my work finished it was already 7. So, I wrapped up my work at 7:15 and left for home. After taking a shower and having my dinner, I fell into a deep slumber.

I woke up the next morning and decided to see her. Afterall, that was my hospital she worked in.

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