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Along distant horizons, melodious laughter, and soft whispers proclaimed a new day began.

The suns warmth, hidden beneath thick fog, could be felt through the early morning chills. While along the skyline, tall buildings of various shapes and sizes rose and spread. The atmosphere here, white with pollution, cleared slowly enough that she could make out the orangish hue of dawn.

Whispers of yesterday's sweet memories filtered in, and her usually solemn face relaxed into a pleasing smile, as she stood staring through the window of her room. It was all such beautiful recollections of the previous days adventure, while exploring this vast city in a foreign land.

Bursting out in laughter, Steffie recalled moments of exploring the courtyard; and of a brief period when on her way back, thought she was lost. But, being one to love nature, and having a tenacious memory, she found her way back to civilization.

The history of the country was well preserved and stood out on key structures in the city. The people all seemed proud and in great delight in displaying their culture and tradition. As she walked the busy streets, it was full of life with souvenir shops and a variety of businesses that captivated her.

On the visit to the museum that day, Steffie marveled at the items on exhibition. Items of significant beauty found and protected as national treasures. The girls, Julianna and Ellisa along with Steffie, later discovered themselves at a local food shop where they'd indulged in fine cuisine and found it to be quite tasty.

With a contented sigh, Steffie turned and left the window, walked over to the bed, grabbed the suitcase and backpack, and left the room. Her natural curly black hair, hung behind her head in a ponytail swaying from side to side as moved. Steffie's heart-shaped face, devoid of makeup, was quite charming and drew attention.

Dressed in a Black body fit pants, thigh high boots – that made her seem tall, and white boat-neck long sleeve top, which highlighted her Caribbean heritage, she stepped out in style like a model from a magazine.

Walking away from the elevator, and into the foyer, she glanced about and found Julianna. Feeling rather contented and ecstatic, a smile lit her face. Julianna, who was sitting on one of the couches, looked up from her phone and into her direction. With a small wave, Julianna smiled and greeted her.

"Hey, Steff."

"Hey, Jules."

Taking a seat beside Jules on the couch, Steffie took in Julianna's outfit. Dressed in a gray and white jumpsuit and a black boot, hair pulled back into a ponytail with a strand dancing in her fair flushed face, and a grey leather jacket, Steffie found Jules to be star like.

Wowed by the look, Steffie said to Jules, "You look stunning."

"Thank you," Blushing at the comment, she returned "You don't look to bad yourself."

Glancing about Steffie asked, "Where's Lissa?"

Unconcerned, Jules shrugged and responded. "She was here a minute ago, but got a call. If you didn't pass her near the elevator, she probably went outside to handle it."

"Oh. I didn't." Relaxing further into the softness of the couch, Steffie sighed. "Um, did you find out about the storage of our bags?"

"Uh...yes, about that." The guide came in a while ago and asked reception. We were asked to label our bags before storing." Rifling about in her jacket pocket, Julianna pulled out a few circular shaped paper stickers and hand them over. "Here you go. Just fill out the sticker and attach it to your bag."

"Thank you." Steff took what Jules handed over, dug around in her bag for a pen, then filled it out.

"Did Lissa fill out hers already?"

"No. She was about to when her phone rang."

"Oh, Okay."


"You guys seems quite prepared today." Steff smiled gently, making conversation.

"Yeah. All we need is for our driver to be here on time and off we go."

"Well, from what I have observed, these people are ALWAYS on time." Jules nodded in agreement. "We're no longer in our country where we can be late or laid back with the time." stated Steffie looking at her wristwatch.

"Yeah, quite a change for me." Jules mumbled thoughtfully.

Steffie glanced at Jules then smiled. "For someone like you who loves wasting time, that's a bummer, right?"

Jules glanced at Steffie and playfully flipped her. Steffie's soft but melodious laughter could be heard all over the foyer. Causing some heads to turn in her direction.

"Alright you two, what did I miss?" The sound of footsteps brought Ellissa before them. And Steffie coughed and cleared her throat.

"Uh, nothing of significant importance." Steffie snickered. "So, where were you just now?"

Taking a deep breath, as if carrying the world, Lissa slouched down into the couch opposite to Steffie and Jules and responded, "Work problems with a client."

"Ouch!" both girls reacted.

"Yeah, but Lucas has it under control." she smiled softly and quickly stated.

"Okay. That sounds relieving." Jules stated and bowed her head into her phone. Steffie shook her head at Jules, then continued observing Lissa. She was dressed in jeans with boots, brown leather jacket and her wavy shoulder length hair pulled back into a bun.

Suddenly, with a blast of optimism, Ellissa perked up, distracting Steffie and with renewed energy shouted, "Who's ready for the road trip?"

Cringing from her loud tone, Steffie looked around embarrassed, "Can you not be so annoyingly loud?"

"What do you mean? Tsk! Were tourists, in a foreign country."

"Does that justify being annoyingly loud?" asked Steffie sarcastically.

"It sure does."


"Yes, it does." Elissa said, like a child going back and forth arguing her point.

"Tourists are people to travel for fun. And were here to do just that."

"I know. But can we bypass the unpleasant loudness and just be ourselves to have fun?"

Glancing around Steffie observed the people giving them looks. "You're drawing unnecessary attention here."

Giggling, Julianna looked up from her phone and got into the spirit. With a singsong voice said, "Oh, Steff. Fun is why were here. Can't you learn to loosen up and enjoy yourself? Just this one time?"

"You're in this too?"

"Yea. We came on this trip to have an adventure. So, let's have some fun while we're here."

Rolling her eyes at both girls, she watched as they enjoyed themselves. Realizing a losing battle, she complied. Standing up from the couch, she felt a bit of excitement surge through her veins to discovering the unknown. They were, afterall, here to sightsee. Glancing at Lissa, she declared "Lead the way!"

With a huge smirk, Lissa stood and walked over to Steff, enveloping her into a tight hug. "You'll definitely enjoy this trip."

"Will I?"

"Yes, you shall."

"Why do you think so?"

"Because when Elissa and I planned this, we planned it with you in mind." Responded Julianna.


"Yes, really."

"Well okay if you guys say so. I look forward to what's in store."

"We're going to lots of places that interests you, and then some. You'll like it all."

"Okay, if you all said so." Steff smiled coyly.

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