The Magnetic Heart Stealer/C10 Do Not Pull down
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The Magnetic Heart Stealer/C10 Do Not Pull down
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C10 Do Not Pull down

Her arrogant attitude made Ouyang Qing's eyes burn. This idiot, did she want him to beg her?

He wanted to yell at her, "If I don't do it, I'll do it, but I'm not willing to just let her do it."

When she fought with him, she was simply too inexperienced. When she landed in his hands, she would cry for her mother.

Ouyang Qing, capable of yielding, would definitely take revenge.

The two little girls wouldn't let go of her no matter what. Their tears came fast and turbulent. In an instant, the tears on their little faces fell like a waterfall, making one's heart ache.

"Ms Bai, Ms Bai, please, please teach us. He's a big capitalist, so just ignore him. "

Ah, why is this girl so cowardly? The corner of his eye twitched again. He was their uncle by blood.

Bai Chichi's heart softened when she was crying. She was about to agree. She glanced at Ouyang Qing. He looked down on her too much, so she couldn't look down on her.

He hardened his heart and softly said, "Ms Bai will always be your good friend, but Ms Bai is too stupid to teach you guys …"

"Bai, did you say you would repay me?" Ouyang Qing spoke coldly again. He would never beg this woman even if he died. There were many ways to deal with her.

"Ah, yes, why?"

"Continuing to teach them is just to repay me, so stop being so noisy." Ying, get her slippers! " The tone of the order was something Bai Chichi did not want to hear, but she had said that she would repay the debt of saving her life.

"Well, don't cry, either. Ms Bai will continue to teach you guys! " Ying quickly wiped her tears away and brought her slippers.

Ouyang Qing didn't say anything else, he went back to his room with a dark expression and pursed his lips.

"Uncle is angry." Tao whispered to Ying.

"It's fine, he has a strong self-recovery ability. He will be fine in a while."

Bai Chichi followed the children into their room and began tutoring them.

The two kids especially cherished this opportunity to learn more earnestly than usual.

"Ms Bai, I don't know this Olympian question." Ying pointed to a question on the notebook.

Bai Chichi thought for a long time, but she didn't know how to do it.

"Ms Bai will answer this question tomorrow. I'm sorry." She had never learned the Arcanum, and the Arcana problems often did not follow the usual lines of thinking. Her IQ was not high, so she was unable to answer in time.

Inwardly, she felt very guilty. Fortunately, the children didn't mind, so she should still demand of herself to properly study the Arcana Method.

After class, the children held her back again.

"Ms Bai, you must not come home tonight. We feel that once you leave, you will never come back."

"That won't do, Ms Bai still has things to do tonight."

"Ms Bai, you know that we have never had a father since we were young. We do not have a sense of security. "You can go back any day. We'll have nightmares if you're not here today, and we'll wake up crying in our dreams."

"Yeah, we were worried about losing you because we liked Ms Bai too much."

The two girls looked up and spoke sincerely while pouting. They looked really pitiful.

Bai Chichi was most vulnerable to soft talk, especially from the people she liked.

"Alright, I can't do anything to you two. "Go take a bath. Ms Bai, go take a bath after you're done."

While they were in the shower, Bai Chichi called her roommate to tell her that she wasn't coming back.

Not long after, Ying and Tao finished washing, it was her turn.

The two girls discussed and went to coax their uncle. One night, he didn't say anything, so they couldn't bear to keep quiet.

"Uncle, are you still angry?" Ouyang Qing acted as if he didn't see them enter, as he continued to read the book in his hands.

"Don't be angry, we like Ms Bai, but we love you too." Ying held her uncle's hand and looked at him pitifully.

No matter how angry he was, how could he not be soft-hearted after hearing such sweet words?

He continued to keep a straight face, so that they would remember better.

"Then Bai …" Where was his obsession? He opened his mouth and shut it in front of the child, calling it an idiot was bad, but he still changed his mind when the words came to the tip of his tongue.

"Where's Ms Bai? Gone? "

"We left her at home. She's taking a bath right now."

Taking a bath... In his mind, he saw Bai Chichi's cool appearance in the afternoon. The more he thought about it, the more his throat tightened and the hotter it became.

Magic barrier, ah, magic barrier …

Should he take a bath too?

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