The Magnetic Heart Stealer/C2 Like a Wolf or a Tiger
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The Magnetic Heart Stealer/C2 Like a Wolf or a Tiger
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C2 Like a Wolf or a Tiger

It had just rained in the city, and the air was filled with the sultry drops of water.

Bai Chichi walked on the wet floor and asked one after another about her part-time job. At this point, she was already sweating profusely.

"Look, it looks like a girl with the surname Bai!"

"It's really her!"

"Catch her! Boss said to let us have a taste! "

A few hooligans coaxed her towards Bai Chichi.

Bai Chichi ran as soon as she heard the sound. Fortunately, she was often chased down by this group of usurers recently, even running for a long distance was not a problem for her.

The door to the hotel was opened by someone, and she rushed in without a second thought.

The little hoodlum didn't relax and continued to madly chase after her.

Hearing their voices getting closer and closer, Bai Chichi's nervous face turned pale.

In her panic, she instinctively turned the doorknobs one by one, hoping that there was an open door for her to avoid.

Even after several twists and turns, the door was still locked tight.

Just as she was about to give up all hope, a door lock was suddenly turned by her. Without any time to think, she turned the door around without any hesitation and slipped inside.

The dark-faced man who had just come out of the bathroom wearing only a white towel was obviously surprised by her intrusion.

"Who are you?" He frowned unhappily.

"Shh!" "Do me a favor!" Bai Chichi's eyes were like a frightened deer, Ouyang Qing actually couldn't bear to refuse to help her.

"Bang bang!" "Bai, come out!" In a room not far away, the delinquent knocked loudly on the door. Next was the next room …

If he was caught by them, it would be a dead end. Bai Chichi bit her lips and threw caution to the wind.

He quickly took off his skirt and threw it into the open bathroom along with the bag in his hand.

"What are you doing?" Ouyang Qing was on his guard.

"Please! "Hold me!" Bai Chichi said hastily, standing on her toes and wrapping her arms around his dark neck.

"Girl, get out here!" The delinquent opened the door and saw Ouyang Qing, bare-chested, hugging a beauty with long, sleek hair. The two of them were getting intimate.

"Courting death?" Ouyang Qing quickly turned around and blocked Bai Chichi's path. He turned around and stared at the few bullies that rushed over. His eyes were like torches and his voice was like iron.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! "There's a mistake!"

The delinquent, usually domineering, fearless hoodlum on the street was scared off by Ouyang Qing's imposing manner, so he obediently closed the door for him and rolled out.

Bai Chichi let out a long sigh of relief, realizing that she was wearing cool clothes that were pasted on the body of an unfamiliar man. His heroic spirit from when he was escaping vanished, and his face turned purple. He really wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

"Thank you!" she murmured.

"Qing … What are you doing? I've been waiting a long time for you. "

Heavens! There was someone else in the room, a man?

Bai Chichi forgot her embarrassment for a moment and turned to look at the bed.

A man with delicate skin and a pretty face was leaning on the bed with his upper body bare. A short towel covered his lower body, and he was looking in their direction with narrowed eyes.

He called him Qing Qing, a very intimate name. One of them had just finished his shower, while the other was already naked.

He also said that he had waited a long time for him.

Damn it! Bang! Bai Chichi's mind went blank and her blood started to flow in reverse.

This was her fabled friend. What did he want in the hotel? How could he let her run into him so easily?

It was no wonder that the young woman, who was almost completely naked just now, would take the initiative to press her lips against his. This dark-faced man didn't even try to take advantage of her.

"Um …" That. Sorry for disturbing you. " After she said that, she jumped out of Ouyang Qing's embrace and ran into the bathroom.

His fire had been ignited by her, but she ran off with a strange look in her eyes.

Staring at her soft white back, his throat felt even drier.

You ridiculous woman, if I help you, shouldn't you help me as well?

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