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C7 Unusual

Her appearance was a bit unusual. It was the first time she saw him, so she took off her clothes in front of him.

What a coincidence it was to be his niece's governess. Was there really such a coincidence in the world? Had she been sent by a competitor to seduce him?

Her idiotic stupidity really didn't seem like an act.

Should he leave her behind to observe, or should he let her go? Let her go! Even if she had some ulterior motives, it would allow her to understand that this was an opportunity.

"Still not done yet?" asked impatiently.

"Wait a moment." She continued to move her lips. Originally, her ability to count was still lacking, but now, her heart was in a mess as she could not figure it out.

"Idiot!" "I'll do it." He suddenly reached out and snatched away her book, just to figure out what kind of deep account she was working on.

Is this an account book? Who told him it was an account book? Was her brain a human's?

June 15th Day of classes, $100

Ying asked me an Olympian number (probably Ying), but I didn't answer, so I deducted 9 yuan.

At the end, he even wrote down which Arcana question it was, as well as a few other solutions. It seemed to be very crowded as it was written at the bottom to save paper.

June 16 Day of classes, $100

Today, I was 20 minutes late due to the rain. Although elder sister said it didn't matter, but my parents taught me to be a real person. It's yours, and it's not yours that I shouldn't be greedy. The money should be deducted and 16 yuan should be deducted.

On June 17th, the first day of class, another Arcana question was left unanswered. This time, it should have been asked by Ying, deducting 15 yuan.

… ….

Every day there seemed to be a reason to deduct money, mostly from the Olympiad.

It was no wonder why it was hard to calculate.

Stupid woman, who didn't even know any math, had the courage to become a home tutor. Xiao Yan frowned slightly. He felt disdain in his heart. However, he had a strange feeling when faced with those densely packed accounts that were similar to diaries.

An idiot was a real idiot, but he had never seen a home tutor try to deduct money by himself.

Was it a fool, or was it too realistic?

"I'm sorry, this account is a bit messy, let me do the calculation, I won't calculate too much." Grab the book from his hands and let him look at it, as embarrassed as if he had seen her panties.

"Don't worry about it. It's 100 points a day, not to mention yours." Exactly a month? "31 days. Since my sister always told you to do it, I'll fire you early for a breach of contract. I'll pay you a total of 5000 yuan."

Originally, he would not have given too much money to such a person. Perhaps it was because he was moved by her earnest attitude that he was so generous.

After the verdict, Ouyang Qing took out his wallet from his pocket and quickly counted out fifty hundred-dollar bills.

"I won't take it." She looked up at him with a stubborn expression.

The money was really attractive, but it wasn't as important as her personality. She didn't eat free food, even though what she ate for twenty years was earned from her parents' begging. If she thought about it, she would be in pain. Fortunately, she had the ability to grow up, so she didn't need to feel any more pity.

"Wait a moment, I'm using my cell phone to calculate." Ye Zichen took out his phone from his bag. Before he turned on the calculator, Ouyang Qing grabbed her hand and directly sent 5000 yuan to her.

"Don't just throw it away, let's go!"

His tone was even more impatient. Judging from Ying's attitude towards her just now, she probably liked it.

The longer the delay, the more likely they would stop him knowing that he was going to fire Ms Bai.

"You may be rich, but I won't take an extra cent, and I won't take a single cent less for what's mine. Please wait! After calculating, I will leave after taking the money. You don't have to be so impatient, no one will insist on staying here. " Bai Chichi put the money on the counter and went back to her calculations.

Ignoring the negative emotions he gave her, she focused on her book and her cell phone.

Bai Chichi, having seen the expressions of so many people, perhaps his malice really meant nothing.

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