The Magnetic Heart Stealer/C9 True Relieving of Hatred
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The Magnetic Heart Stealer/C9 True Relieving of Hatred
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C9 True Relieving of Hatred

Bai Chichi saw the capitalist coming out of the toilet with his bare butt in front of her eyes. How vindictive.

He tried a few times to hold in his laughter, but his flushed face and the twitching lips made her unable to hold it in any longer and let out an unkind chuckle.

"Don't give it to him. Haha, let him go from room to room naked looking for paper. Haha, I'm dying of laughter."

This idiot woman, she was so depressed just a moment ago. Wasn't she overjoyed to death?

What's so funny, low taste.

Ying, Tao's face still had tears hanging from it, laughed along with Bai Chichi's words.

The three women mocked him together. Ouyang Qing hated Bai Chichi so much that his face turned even darker than ash at the bottom of a pot.

Bai Chichi patted her chest as she said, "I'm dying of laughter. Bare-ass, haha."

His smile was too serious, and he didn't notice the change in Ouyang Qing's expression at all. The idiot's chest was really long, and when he smiled, it would tremble. With just a few glances, his throat had become a little hoarse.

Narrowing his eyes, he dangerously approached her. "Are you interested in a man's ass?"

"Huh?" She stared at him dumbly. She didn't have much feelings for a man's butt, so he should be more interested in her.

The adonis looked very weak, so he should be suffering. If the black-faced guy was attacking, then the one he liked the most should be that delicate buttocks.

She was an idiot again. He had to get her to leave immediately, or else he … He wanted to become a beast.

With a stern face, he used his trump card.

"You two, don't laugh! I'll give you all a choice: if she has me, if I have me, if I have her! "

"Uncle, do we have to do this?" Ying raised her face and looked at her uncle with a conflicted expression. Tao also had the same expression.

"I must!" There was no room for negotiation.

"You mean it?" Tao confirmed.

"Of course."

"Well, it looks like we can only bear with it." Ying looked at her uncle with a regretful expression.

He knew that his favorite nieces would be on his side, and he smirked to himself as he glanced at the idiot.

This time, she couldn't hold on any longer, could she?

"We choose Ms Bai!" Ying grabbed her left hand while Tao grabbed her right hand, wanting to drag her into the room.

Hehe, uncle's choice of question is really stupid. Do they not know that uncle will always be uncle? If they don't choose him, he won't run away.

If Ms Bai left, she would really leave.

"You all … You two! " This time, not only did Ouyang Qing's eyebrows twitched, even his heart was twitching. Pointing at the two little heartless noses, he was so angry that his tongue was tied.

"Thank you, Ms Bai. Since she has already received her salary, I won't teach you guys a thing." You guys are so obedient, so kind, and so much the same when others teach you. " Bai Chichi smiled.

It was because he couldn't bear to part with Ying, but he couldn't let his backbone go either. If she stayed, the capitalists would surely think her skin was thicker than the city walls.

"Look, it's not that uncle doesn't want her to …" Before Ouyang Qing could finish his words, the two girls shouted at the same time.

"It's you, it's you, we want Ms Bai to teach us. "If she doesn't teach us anymore, then we won't accept anyone you invite to teach us in the future."

"You are the one who is chasing her away, you must beg her to stay, otherwise we … We. They will hate Uncle! "

He was most afraid of these two little fellows. Something similar had happened in the past, and there was no end to their anger. They would really ignore him.

Sigh! Even if she was an idiot, she could still teach them a little. As for the matter of her being hunted, he and Ouyang Yuan were both from special forces, what was there to be afraid of about those two hoodlums?

"Hey, the children want you to teach them, so continue teaching them. The salary will be calculated again from today onwards." His tone was hard and hard. This idiot originally wasn't willing to leave, even if he were a bit more vile, she would still be grateful.

What did he take her for? She wasn't an easy target to pinch. Such an attitude made it so that she couldn't continue on.

Very proudly, she raised her head and raised her eyebrows. She indifferently said, "I'm sorry, but I don't plan on doing it anymore. Please invite someone else."

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