The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C1 The emergence of desire
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C1 The emergence of desire
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C1 The emergence of desire

I was able to come to the women's prison all because of my father's promise. It was because of a promise he made at the drinking table that almost cost me my life...

My name is Li Kai, and I'm the implementing doctor for the women's prison. Here, women's sin originated from the ground, and getting women here has always been lacking in physical content. Occasionally, a man would come in, causing their eyes to light up.

Every night, it is the peak of sexual germination, thought unsatisfied and lonely, impatient can only be solved by hand, the market accompanied by groans and climax of shouts, one after the other!

And that's where I'm going to work.

When I was about to start my internship, I was in a state of high spirits. I opened my eyes and thought about the women's prison, and I felt like I was poisoned by it. No matter what I did, I always thought about the women's prison.

On the day of the news report, I intentionally dressed up. The reason for that was because I wanted to see if I could enjoy the bliss in the movies.

And the papers I got from school.

When the driver heard I was going to the women's prison, he talked to me and asked me if I was going to visit my family. Perhaps I had come from there with no one to take a taxi, and there was a long way to go, so he said he would wait for me to come out and take me home.

Of course, I didn't tell him that I came to the prison to take up my post and only told him not to wait for me. He didn't insist and kept on talking about how unlucky that place was and how sinister it was.

He couldn't understand how excited I was inside the car.

After walking over, I saw that the prison doors were tightly shut. I was still thinking about how I should knock on the door to enter. However, with such a tightly shut door, even if I knocked on the inside, I wouldn't necessarily know that someone was knocking.

I looked around and saw a booth nearby.

This guard post was made of iron bars and glass, so it could be said that it was watertight. It was the kind of guard post that even flies couldn't enter, but it was f * cking tight.

When I walked in, I realized that this booth was really not a piece of furniture. There was a guard on duty inside, and this guard was equipped with a standard 95-style automatic rifle, but it was useless for me. I was here to report on my internship, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

When I first knocked on the glass, the guard actually pointed the gun at me. This brat almost scared me to the point of peeing. I quickly took out the documents I prepared and showed them to him.

He saluted me, then picked up the phone and called someone. I couldn't hear him through the glass.

But I think it was to call someone inside to get me in.

Shortly afterwards, a woman in a uniform came out, but she didn't come out directly from the main entrance. I later learned that the prison staff didn't go through the main entrance, because they felt that the main entrance was too unlucky.

After the woman in uniform checked the documents in my hand, she slowly started to become more passionate. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with my identity, she extended her hand and smiled, "Li Kai, hello. I'm Zhao Lili. You can just call me Sister Zhao."

The first feeling Zhao Lili gave me was not bad, other than the fact that her eyes were shining brightly. I stretched out my hand and shook hands with her, politely saying, "Hello, Sister Zhao, please take care of me."

As expected, the women in this prison weren't ordinary. This Zhao Lili shook my hand for the first time when we met, I had an unprecedented feeling. Normally, when men saw that women were too beautiful to shake hands, they forgot to release their grip, but I didn't expect women to do the same.

Moreover, when Zhao Lili shook hands with me, she actually stroked my hand without batting an eyelid, and her expression seemed to be enjoying it.

This almost scared me to death. Although I had a bit of courage, even if I did some intimate things with girls in school, it was only after getting slightly familiar with them that I dared to do it. If it wasn't someone I'm unfamiliar with, then I wouldn't dare to do it that easily.

Who knows, someone might just slap you in the face.

The situation now is a little delicate. This is the first time I've ever met Zhao Lili and she dares to act like this, which really scares me a lot. Although I don't dare to say it on the surface, but after what Zhao Lili did, I was actually a little excited.

To be honest, Zhao Lili's appearance was average, but her figure was still pretty good. Although the exact size of her body couldn't be seen, her chest should be big enough to support her entire uniform. She should be around 30 years old.

Maybe it was because Zhao Lili saw that she was stroking my hand like this, but I didn't react. It seemed like I was getting stronger, or maybe she was just going to do it. Now that I didn't resist, I became even more serious, and didn't even let go of my hand.

I don't know what kind of reaction I'm going to make, but Zhao Lili also knows how to react. Even though I can tell she's hungry, like a wolf or a tiger, she still knows her limits and didn't really do anything to me.

After she sized me up, she let go of my hand and said with a smile, "Come, Little Li, follow me inside."

After entering the door, the first thing he did was to take out all of his belongings to check. He had to take out all of his cellphones, cigarettes and keys.

Do you think you can't take these things with you? Then you're wrong, those things can be brought in. Later on, I found out that some people are just talking nonsense and don't understand the rules of the prison.

You can't bring your personal belongings into the wallet because there's no place to spend money. You can't bring your phone because everyone has a walkie-talkie. Even if someone calls you, they'll notify you.

However, you can bring in your own cigarettes, but you're only allowed to bring one pack every time you're on duty, so my addiction isn't that great, but a pack of cigarettes on duty is still acceptable.

The second door was f * cking interesting. A body search was different from when you flew through an airport security check. It was much more stringent than an airport security check. At most, the airport security check would be a body search.

The woman who searched my body didn't have much energy to begin with. When she saw me walking over, her eyes looked like a big bad wolf seeing a little sheep. Her eyes were shining, and that gaze made my body tremble.

"Sis Zhao, you're new?" the woman asked Zhao Lili, who was standing behind me.

Zhao Lili nodded and smiled at her.

When I searched her body, I could clearly feel that this woman was really touching my body. She really didn't let go of every part of my body. Her hand lightly grabs towards my lower body.

However, as a hot-blooded young man, I would definitely have some reactions. I reacted in front of her, but fortunately, it wasn't too big of a reaction.

I could see a smile on her face and a meaningful glance at me.

After experiencing all of this, only then did I truly enter the prison. Although the prisons now were all modern buildings, I still felt that the yin energy was very dense. After a long time, my body still didn't feel comfortable.

Just like that, I followed Zhao Lili all the way to the front of an office. Zhao Lili suddenly stopped, she stopped, and so did I.

Zhao Lili turned around and said with a smile, "Little Li, come in."

Looking at the smile on Zhao Lili's face, I felt a little uncomfortable and even a little scared. I didn't know why I kept feeling like something was going to happen.

I followed Zhao Lili into the room. The room was very clean, and what I meant by clean didn't just mean that the room was very clean. The items in the room were also very clean.

This is where I'm going to work, I thought, but then realized something was wrong. I'm a doctor for the prison, and the infirmary shouldn't be like this.

While I was still thinking, Zhao Lili suddenly turned around and said to me seriously, "Little Li, you have one last inspection to do. This is to make sure that everyone has a full body check-up before they come in. This is to ensure absolute safety, do you understand?"

I was stunned by Zhao Lili's words. Didn't I already check it just now? Why is there still a test?

Could it be? This Zhao Lili shouldn't be.

"Little Li, take off your clothes, right?" Zhao Lili said in a serious tone.

I exclaimed. What kind of checkup was that? He even wanted to take off his clothes? Undress in front of a woman?

Zhao Lili saw my hesitation and immediately explained, "Little Li, this is how it is inside the prison. Rules and discipline are very harsh, everything is just a matter of procedure. The inspection is for your own good, for the prison's own good."

Furthermore, Zhao Lili didn't look like she was joking. I was intimidated. Although I was a little unwilling, I still slowly took off my shirt.

When I was undressing, I noticed Zhao Lili's gaze. Her eyes seemed to be looking at a treasure. From the moment I undressed, her eyes had never left my body. Her eyes were glowing.

I thought this woman must be longing for love. She said she was thirty like a wolf and forty like a tiger.

This Zhao Lili is already at this age, and her face is full of sullenness. I think she must be having a fit.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be staring at me with such an impish gaze.

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