The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C10 She wants to die with me
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C10 She wants to die with me
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C10 She wants to die with me

After being licked by this group of people, my entire body started to feel goosebumps. I subconsciously started to pull my neck back. I could clearly feel that the hungry woman's tongue touching my neck made her voice sound as if she was enjoying herself.

Not only that, if they were simply licking my neck, I felt that they would be able to endure it. More importantly, their hunger and thirst. While I was still concerned about the unconscious 007, the female prisoner actually stretched her hand towards my lower body.

Of course, I did my best to deal with this kind of thing. Even though there was hope for something to happen with the hungry female prisoners inside, but ever since I saw their madness just now, my emotions have been repressed quite a bit.

Moreover, to randomly touch the lower half of the body that is almost equivalent to forcefully touching one's hand is something that I want to happen. Furthermore, I am very resistant to this kind of thing. However, it is too late to say anything now.

From the moment I stole Zhao Lili's card, I had already completely sent myself into the wolf's den. The group of female prisoners in front of me probably wouldn't harm me, but based on the current situation, I don't think I'll be able to leave this cell alive.

One of them neared the mad woman. Her hand had already tightly grabbed onto my belt. I was stunned and immediately reacted, realising that I was currently in a very dangerous situation and didn't have enough time to deal with the unconscious 007.

What do you mean 'save the dying and help the injured'? F * ck off first. Right now, laozi only has one thought in mind, which is to save my Old Li's fire. I can't let these wolf-like women bring harm to me.

I reached out and tugged at my belt in an attempt to force the crazy woman to pull my pants off, but I didn't just ignore the power of her hunger.

It's laughable that I, as a man, was unable to gain even the slightest advantage even when I used all my strength.

However, what was more important was that this group of female prisoners seemed to have practiced this scene millions of times. They actually knew how to cooperate.

There were four people in one cell, and except for 007, who was lying on the floor, the remaining three women in the cell all lunged at me. When I was caught by the belt of my pants and tried to break free, the bitch who was licking my neck stopped licking my neck.

She started to join the rest of the team, and the other two started to grab my hands and pull at them with all their might. Their purpose was actually very simple, which was to let my hands leave my belt so that I could accomplish their goal.

I felt that I would fall if I continued like this. I immediately shouted, "You guys hurry up and let go of me. If you delay my rescue, you guys will be locked up for a few more years. Can you make it?"

It took almost all of my strength to shout those words out. I used such a threatening method to threaten them, hoping that my words would bring them back to their senses and prevent them from doing anything that I didn't want to happen.

However, it wasn't long before it was confirmed that the group of female prisoners had completely lost their reason when they saw the man who brought them to their mouths on his own accord.

If they still had some rationality before, then their rationality must have been devoured by desire.

I could see this from their eyes that were filled with burning emptiness. I knew that my plan had failed, and this method definitely wouldn't be able to suppress them. Thus, I had no choice but to continue to use all of my strength to protect my belt.

While they were fighting with their wits and courage, the other cells also started to riot again. The rest of them saw what was happening on our side, and immediately someone cheered, "Man, stop struggling, obediently let us see that thing of yours. It's been so many years since we last saw a living thing like that."

"F * ck, I haven't eaten meat in so many years. You guys are lucky. Hurry up and put in some effort, that man doesn't even have any strength left."

Voices like this continuously sounded in the prison.

After the cheering sounds came one after another, they seemed to get even more excited from the cheers and their hands started pulling harder on my belt. I felt as if I couldn't defend myself any longer.

At this moment, I saw Zhao Lili staring at the scene in shock. She didn't have time to react at all. I thought it was the first time I came to the prison as a man and the first time Zhao Lili encountered such a thing.

Although Zhao Lili is the Warden of this prison and might be slightly better than the other prison guards, but since this place has never been visited by a man like me before, naturally there haven't been any riots like this one.

I felt that the only person I could ask for help was Zhao Lili. I immediately shouted in her direction, "Sister Zhao, quickly suppress them. Don't just stand there. Hurry up, I can't hold on any longer."

I almost screamed out those words. Really, honestly, I felt like I couldn't hold on any longer.

Zhao Lili seemed to have come back to her senses when she heard my pleas for help. Her body trembled and she immediately put on a dignified look. She waved the baton in her hand again and shouted, "Bastards! If you don't want to be confined, then let go of me!"

If I could kneel to Zhao Lili now, I would really want to kneel to her. This bitch only knows how to f * cking act.

This must be unrealistic. They have completely lost their minds by now, and all they can think about is men. Men, all they want is me, and the reason they're hungry is because I'm a man.

For the first time, I realised that it was also wrong for me to be a man. If it wasn't for the fact that I was a man, then there definitely wouldn't be anything like this happening right now.

I swore that if I could go up and slap Zhao Lili right now, I wouldn't be the slightest bit softhearted. I would definitely go up and viciously slap her on the face.

She probably didn't understand that if she continued acting this way, I would probably be directly crushed to the ground by these women.

However, although Zhao Lili's fakery didn't cause any reaction from the women in the cell, on the contrary, it made the guards who didn't know how to react to her attack to beat her down. They also followed Zhao Lili's example and started to swing their batons to suppress the women in the cell.

They started to suppress it, always better than when they didn't. At least the cheers of encouragement I heard were much less, even though it didn't really make much difference to me, I'm still stuck in the water.

The only thing I insisted on was not to let my belt be ripped off. They were too long struggling with me to rip off my belt, so they quickly turned their attention to other areas and started to attack my upper body.

Very quickly, my clothes were already torn to shreds by them. It can be imagined how hungry these women were to be able to tear my clothes into pieces.

Now that all my fantasies about men entering the women's prison had been shattered, I was afraid that if I went on like this, I would not be able to keep my precious lower body safe, let alone enjoy the women's prison.

After her clothes were torn apart, Zhao Lili seemed to be enlightened. She finally knew that she no longer needed to use that trunk-like truncheon to show off her skills. She rushed in and threw a truncheon at those crazy female prisoners.

Looking at the truncheon hitting those female prisoners, I didn't have a shred of tender affection for them. I was very clear on the current situation. If the truncheon hadn't hit them, then my life would have been in danger.

After seeing Zhao Lili brutally beat up these female prisoners, the other guards also reacted. The first thing they needed to do was to rescue me from these hungry female prisoners. The other guards that were closer to them also rushed in and followed Zhao Lili's example of beating them up.

Zhao Lili deserved to be a whore. Even after things have progressed to this stage, she still had a whiff of anger, slapping the female prisoner. Her eyes were staring straight at my crotch, and she even let me see her angrily lick her lips.

I don't care that much right now. The most important thing to me right now is to get rid of these crazy female prisoners. The faster the guards brandish their batons, the more times they hit these female prisoners.

At the same time, I could clearly feel that those extremely strong female prisoners didn't have that much strength left. The two women who were attacking my upper body were already showing signs of being pushed back.

The remaining one was the one that didn't want to let go of my belt. The baton kept hitting her body, but her eyes were red as if they were numb. She just wanted to rip my belt off.

The two guards were forced to crouch in the corner, not daring to move. Their bodies were already covered in purple and green, but I didn't feel any sympathy for them.

However, what surprised me the most was that Zhao Lili didn't hold back at all. Every time she swung the club, she seemed to use all of her strength to strike downwards. Her body was also covered in purple and green, but she just didn't want to let go.

It was as if he wanted to die with me.

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