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C11 Deep hatred

Zhao Lili did not show any mercy, and a loud sound was made when she hit her. As I listened to the sound of the sound of the staff hitting her, I felt my scalp go numb.

The rest of the people had basically been suppressed. The cheering sound just now had completely disappeared.

However, the woman holding onto my belt didn't react at all. She didn't show any signs of releasing her grip on me at all. Just how hungry was she to behave like this? I was really scared to the point that I peed my pants.

Now, regardless of whether she lets go of me or not, I definitely can't let go of her. My lower body can't be exposed directly, and this woman is already so hungry. Who knows if this woman will become even crazier after seeing something happen.

After all, there are still a lot of prisoners in the prison. There's no way around it if you want the allocation of the guards to be completely reasonable.

The female prison guard had entered the cell with Zhao Lili. Although she had now controlled the other two people to a certain angle, she still needed to constantly wave her baton at them to scare them away. In order to prevent them from starting another riot, she also focused her attention on those two people.

So right now, I hope that she can come and help Zhao Lili, even if it's just to help her pull this crazy woman away, at least I won't have to suffer. But it's clear that right now, she has no other choice but to rely on Zhao Lili to suppress her.

"Tong Qing, you are someone who has worked here before. You know what will happen if this continues, so I advise you to quickly release your hand. Otherwise, you might have to stay here for a few more years." Zhao Lili said fiercely to the female prisoner.

What? I am sure that I did not hear wrongly. What Zhao Lili said just now meant that she was referring to someone who worked here. I was stunned for a moment, could it be that this crazy female prisoner was previously a prison guard?

I really didn't have the strength to let my imagination run wild. Just as I thought, the group of prison guards in here have stronger desires than those damned prisoners. I have already experienced it from Zhao Lili, and now, this crazy woman is really going to be a prison guard.

Then, everything that was happening now made sense.

Zhao Lili, this bitch, isn't completely useless. After she said that, the strength I was able to pull at my belt weakened significantly. It seems that Zhao Lili's words were effective on this crazy woman who used to work in prison.

That female prisoner slowly loosened her grip on my belt. Although she had already let go of me, Zhao Lili still continued to beat her up. She didn't stop swinging her baton even though she had let go.

Although she was beaten up, Tong Qing seemed to have a natural pride. When she grabbed onto my belt and got hit, she didn't cower, and now, she didn't cower. She even lifted her head up.

She raised her head. It was the first time I saw her face, and suddenly I felt my stomach churning. Damn, before this Tong Qing pulled at my belt, she lowered her head as well. This was the first time I saw her face, but I unexpectedly had such a huge reaction.

I did not expect her to look like this, with her long hair covering her face. It was as if she had been bitten by something, and the whole side of her face had rotted away, making her look very shocking. I immediately closed my eyes, as if something had entered them.

The instant I closed my eyes, I suddenly heard the sound of a lifetime of laughter. I clearly understood that it was emitted by the Tong Qing in front of me. This sneer made my hair stand on end.

Although I found her face so shocking that I didn't dare look at her face, as a gynecologist, I had seen so many things that it made me feel even more disgusting, so my ability to adapt had increased.

The half-rotten face of Tong Qing rotted in my mind, and gradually, when I felt that I wasn't that disgusted with her, I opened my eyes once again. Of course, I still didn't have the guts to look at her directly, so looking at her face made me feel nauseous.

I saw something in her eyes. It was hatred, resentment. Her eyes were filled with resentment.

Since she thinks highly of Zhao Lili, then I believe that she has a huge grudge against her. Otherwise, why would she look at her with such a gaze?

"How dare you, you stinking bitch, stare at me? What right do you have to stare at me? You have the right to do that, you bitch. " Zhao Lili was clearly infuriated by this gaze. She started to crazily attack Tong Qing.

She stared into Zhao Lili's eyes without being servile or overbearing. Even when Zhao Lili's stick kept hitting her again and again, she still showed an expression that was neither servile nor overbearing. She directly looked Zhao Lili in the eye without even taking her arm to block it.

Her gaze was as though she wanted to eat Zhao Lili alive. I don't know why she would have such a huge grudge against Zhao Lili. Could it be that there's something going on between her and Zhao Lili?

Truth be told, it didn't matter how powerful one was outside, or what kind of murder or arson one had done. Normally, when one entered a prison, no matter who was in charge of the prison, they would have to be respectful because their performance would affect their ability to receive a reduction in punishment.

Furthermore, their punishment reduction was in the reports of the prison guards, so those who wanted to get their punishment reduced had to behave like a human being when they saw an early warning, while Tong Qing was completely different. She was not afraid of Zhao Lili at all.

Zhao Lili's eyes were red as she waved the baton around as if she was a freak who had just been provoked.

As the saying goes, even if a dog was anxious, it would still jump over a wall. If a person was forced into a corner, what would happen next would be even more unpredictable.

Tong Qing, who had been staring at Zhao Lili with neither haughty nor humble expression, suddenly exploded. It was as if a spring was attached to her feet. I didn't even have the time to react before a gust of wind passed by in front of my eyes.

Tong Qing already jumped onto Zhao Lili, this is something that I completely didn't expect. I didn't expect Tong Qing to jump onto Zhao Lili at all, and obviously, Zhao Lili didn't expect Tong Qing to do that as well.

Therefore, when Tong Qing pounced on her, Zhao Lili was immediately pounced on. The baton she waved just now had somehow turned into Tong Qing's hand, and Tong Qing had directly mounted on Zhao Lili's body.

I thought, something is going to happen, because Tong Qing had already raised the baton high up and was aiming it at Zhao Lili's head. I was scared silly when I saw this scene, I thought, no, if this stick was swung, Zhao Lili's brain would be destroyed.

F * ck, laozi only came to the prison for one day and there was already a riot. If the riot was suppressed and didn't get investigated by the higher-ups, that's good. But if a warden gets beaten to death right now, then I think my life in the women's prison will come to an end.

Thinking of this, I immediately reached out my hand to stop Tong Qing's pole hitting Zhao Lili's head.

As I expected, Tong Qing really wanted to hit Zhao Lili on the head.

"Whap." Tong Qing's stick hit me in the hand.

Tong Qing really gave it her all. After hitting my hand, she was immediately flung away.

"Ah ?" This is the sound coming from my throat, I really can't help it, it's too painful.

It was too fierce. I felt that my hand was broken, or else I wouldn't be unconscious. There was only pain in my head, and my mind was blank. I didn't know what to think. There was only endless pain.

I retracted my right hand that was crippled from the hit, my left hand tightly holding the one that was hit.

Perhaps Tong Qing didn't expect that I would actually reach out to help Zhao Lili block this strike. She raised her head and looked at me with a dumbstruck expression. Her mouth opened slightly as if she wanted to say something.

Seeing that she was about to say something, she stopped herself. I didn't know what this woman was trying to say, but I didn't care. The only thing I cared about was being hit on the arm.

F * ck, so many things had happened on my first day here. Before coming here, I was thinking that there would be some ambiguous matters between me and the woman here. I didn't expect that one of my hands would be crippled before the ambiguous situation developed.

It's fine if I am given a beautiful female prisoner to comfort me. Right now, I have already lost my right hand to live on in vain without enjoying anything. This is truly too pathetic.

However, Tong Qing didn't stop her gaze at me. She looked at me apologetically.

He immediately turned around to look at Zhao Lili. Now that the baton was thrown away, Tong Qing couldn't use the baton on Zhao Lili anymore. However, she immediately reached out her hands to grab Zhao Lili's neck.

It seems like there was something between Tong Qing and Zhao Lili that I didn't know about. Otherwise, how could that Tong Qing, who always felt sorry for me, try to kill Zhao Lili no matter what means he used, and I'm sure something I didn't know about had happened to them before.

Otherwise, Tong Qing wouldn't have felt the urge to kill Zhao Lili every time he attacked, and wouldn't have reacted in such a way.

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