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C14 Threatening me

If I hadn't seen how she abused these women, I might have felt that Zhao Lili, in her short uniform skirt, was particularly sultry and satisfying, because she was a real woman, and that a mature woman was enough to attract me.

But when I saw how close she was to being a pervert, I couldn't bring myself to be interested in her at all, let alone have sex.

My current thoughts towards her is to try my best not to get too close with this woman. Although she is coquettish, her level is not something that a newbie like me can deal with.

I tried my best not to get involved with this kind of woman. After what happened with Zhao Lili in her office, I really wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, ever since I saw how crazy that bitch Zhao Lili was.

I was afraid that if I thought about her again, the consequences would be too severe for me to bear.

Zhao Lili didn't seem to be worried about what the people in the prison would think of her, and I didn't know what had happened. These people were so afraid of Zhao Lili, it seems like Zhao Lili had some tricks up her sleeve to become the warden.

After tidying up her stockings, Zhao Lili stood up. I didn't look at her chest where she was bowing just now because I was a little scared, but I didn't want Zhao Lili to find out that everything I didn't want to do seemed so intentional.

So, I pretended to look out of the corner of my eyes to see the beautiful scenery of Zhao Lili's chest, but in reality, I didn't look in her eyes at all, just to give Zhao Lili the illusion that I was looking at her, and not to bring any unnecessary trouble to myself.

Zhao Lili obviously noticed that I was looking at her from the corner of my eyes. When she stood up and looked in my direction, a hint of an involuntary smile appeared on her face.

This casual smile was very attentive to her. I felt like she was smiling for me to see, although it was just a smile, but when I thought about what she had done, I felt that her smile was very disgusting and unbearable.

However, I couldn't express it on my face, so I tried my best to suppress this thought. I tried my best to not let Zhao Lili discover any different thoughts from my face.

After Zhao Lili stood up, she directly walked to my side. Looking at me who was pretending to look serious, she said to me, "Xiao Li, come with me."

After saying that, Zhao Lili didn't give me any chance, nor did she give a damn about my reaction. She just directly left without giving me any chance to say no. Of course, I didn't have any reason to say no.

Those thoughts in my head before I came here, now I've basically turned them all into bubbles.

I'm not asking for anything now. I just hope that Zhao Lili won't cause me any trouble while I'm in prison. I'm already satisfied enough to let me safely live my entire prison life.

However, it was obvious how hungry Zhao Lili was. I knew that my thoughts would be hopeless, so before I could think about it properly, Zhao Lili had me follow her out immediately.

This sentence was like a nightmare to me. It was like when I was bullied by a senior and I didn't dare to tell my teacher. At that time, there was at least a teacher who could complain, but now, what made me even more frustrated was that I didn't even know who to tell my thoughts to.

I had no choice but to follow behind Zhao Lili. Although I had slowed down my pace, it was only a few steps away. I had no choice but to stall for time.

Zhao Lili walked in front, and I followed behind her. Right now, I didn't see Zhao Lili and there was no light coming from the road at all. No one knew what would happen in the road, nor did they know where this road would lead to.

Whether it was a life in prison that was safe or the fall of his desire, no one knew, as long as he reached the end, he would be able to see what was inside.

Zhao Lili walked rather fast, so I didn't dare to walk too far behind her, so I tried my best to maintain a similar speed. However, the distance between us was always maintained very well and we never closed the distance.

I was only about five steps away from Zhao Lili. If it was before, I might have tried to walk alongside her, even if she was the biggest officer in the prison.

Even if I didn't walk side by side, at least I wouldn't be too far from her to see her fat hips move, but now I didn't dare. I was afraid of being pierced.

I focused all of my attention on where Zhao Lili was heading to. I immediately noticed that Zhao Lili had stopped in her tracks. I immediately stopped in my tracks as well. I was still four to five steps away from Zhao Lili.

I was stunned. I thought that Zhao Lili would not do anything to me here anymore. I thought about it and thought, "I don't think so, because I saw that the prison guard is still standing on duty. Someone like Zhao Lili shouldn't do anything to me."

"Little Li, is your hand alright?" Zhao Lili started to worry about me.

I didn't expect Zhao Lili to be asking me for my hands when she first opened her mouth. I was stunned. I was still lost in my own thoughts. I didn't think that Zhao Lili would do anything to me.

Perhaps it was because seeing Zhao Lili go crazy scared me, so I only had one thought towards Zhao Lili in my head, and that was that she was an absolute freak, I absolutely had to stay away from her and not get too close to her. When she goes crazy, I won't be able to take it anymore.

I think she must have been different from normal people, but she was still normal. For example, when she stopped to ask me about my hand injury, she looked completely different from before.

She really wasn't pretending. She turned to look at me and then reached out to grab my hand, to see how serious it was.

I covered my almost unconscious right hand. Right now, it doesn't feel any pain anymore. Even though I hit it hard with the rod, based on my medical standards, it should be fine. It won't take long for it to recover.

Seeing that Zhao Lili's hand was about to reach out to me, I felt a strong resistance towards Zhao Lili. Her presence made me feel that she wanted to have a skin contact with me, which made me feel even more resistant, but I couldn't show it directly.

I pretended to inadvertently avoid her extended hand and quickly changed the topic. "Thank you for your concern, Sister Zhao. It was a bit painful before, but it's basically fine now. I just need to apply the medicine a few days later."

The identity of a doctor still brought me a lot of convenience. After saying this, I imagined that Zhao Lili wouldn't feel that there was anything wrong with her.

Sure enough, it was just as I thought. Zhao Lili nodded after hearing what I said, clearly not noticing that I didn't want her to touch me like she did earlier. I really wanted to feel like I was a doctor, otherwise, my actions just now would have been intentional.

"However, Little Li, do you know that you have committed a serious disciplinary offence?" Zhao Lili said seriously after nodding her head.

I exclaimed. I was caught off guard by Zhao Lili's sudden seriousness. I didn't know what that bitch Zhao Lili was up to.

Looking at Zhao Lili's serious expression, I was a little confused. Seeing my blank look, Zhao Lili didn't keep me in suspense. She straightforwardly said in a serious tone, "Xiao Li, you stole my card and opened the prison door. Do you know that this is a serious disciplinary matter?"

Zhao Lili paused and looked at me.

She looked like she wanted to say something, but from the looks of it, I could already guess what she wanted to do.

Zhao Lili thought I didn't know what she was planning.

Since she wants to act, then I will act with her. It doesn't matter to me anyway.

Therefore, I chose not to expose her and kept that dazed look on my face. I pretended that I didn't know anything and pretended that I really didn't know what Zhao Lili meant by those words. Then, I softly said, "Sister Zhao, I'm sorry. I was really worried when I saw that situation."

Of course, I understood what the bitch was trying to say. She was definitely trying to threaten me with the fact that I stole her key card to open the door, so I could give her some benefits. Other than that, I couldn't think of anything else for the bitch.

"Little Li, do you know how big of a deal it is for you to steal my card to open the door for these prisoners? "You've also seen how much of a riot you've caused. Hur Hur, if I were to report this matter, do you think that you'd be able to continue your internship?" Zhao Lili chuckled.

I knew that Zhao Lili would do this, and would definitely use this matter to threaten me. I thought to myself, if you have the ability, then report it to someone else. If they were to die first, then you, the Warden, would definitely receive a greater punishment than I did.

Zhao Lili really thought I was stupid, but I couldn't say anything about it because it was all Zhao Lili's fault if I didn't report it. If I said that, then I might have a hard time staying here in the future.

After she finished speaking, I immediately pretended to be very scared and told her, "Sister Zhao, please don't."

The corner of Zhao Lili's mouth curled into a smile. I knew this bitch was waiting for this moment, she wanted to threaten me.

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