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C15 Slut

Why didn't Zhao Lili, that damned bitch, get strangled to death just now?

I have a deep aversion to Zhao Lili, and I can't wait for this bitch to explode on the spot.

My heart had already been clouded by her actions earlier. Even now, my mind was still thinking about what Zhao Lili did to the female prisoner.

After this happened, I began to feel sorry for the women who had gone crazy trying to rip my pants off and do something to me. Although it wasn't right for them to do so, I felt that Zhao Lili's actions made me feel even more disgusted.

[But what can I do? I am desperate too! My identity is being suppressed by Zhao Lili, the warden, in my job right now. I hate her so much, but what can I do?] I had to bury my feelings deep within my heart.

I didn't dare to say it out loud or show this kind of emotion. I still need to take Zhao Lili's feelings into consideration. After all, my boss will be the woman I hate the most in the future where I have to work.

I knew that Zhao Lili was definitely threatening me, and there was even a hint of a smile at the corner of my mouth. I knew that this bitch would definitely use this matter to threaten me, but what could I do?

I saw her smile, but reality didn't allow me to expose her true colors. I clearly knew in my head that in the future, Zhao Lili and I would start playing cat and mouse.

"Little Li, you can't do that. You have to know that you have violated the organization's rules. If the organization blames you for it, then."

Zhao Lili could easily enlarge the word 'organization' next to my ear. It was obvious that she was trying to deceive me. How much does this have to do with the organization? It was just Zhao Lili's excuse.

I pretended to be flustered. "Sister Zhao, please don't. I just came for an internship. If I were to report this matter to the higher authorities for punishment, my future life would be ruined. Sister Zhao, you have to help me."

Zhao Lili was overjoyed after she heard what I said. She smiled, and her eyes were filled with happiness. She said, "Don't worry, Little Li, as long as you are willing to listen to Sister Zhao's words, I can guarantee that you will be safe and sound in this prison."

Sure enough, that bitch Zhao Lili revealed her true appearance so quickly. She's such a slut, and even wanted me to listen to her. Needless to say, she misses men, and wants me to listen to her and satisfy her. Now that I've given her an excuse, how can she let it go so easily?

"Sister Zhao, I'll listen to you, as long as you don't report this matter to the organization." I gritted my teeth and promised her that it was all an act, of course.

Zhao Lili smiled and nodded, looking very satisfied. It seemed that she felt that she would have another man in the prison to help her resolve her loneliness. This kind of benefit was huge for her age.

She quickly suppressed her excitement and said in a serious tone, "Little Li, I'll give you one more chance. Don't report this matter to anyone, but it depends on your own performance in the future."

"Thank you, Sister Zhao. I will definitely listen to your arrangements and the organization's arrangements."

My answer was exceptionally direct and direct. What I wanted was this kind of effect, pretending that I didn't know anything and didn't know anything. When I finished saying those words, Zhao Lili was truly overjoyed.

Originally, I was still a little worried that Zhao Lili would mess with me. Although there were other prison guards here, seeing the fear in those people's eyes towards Zhao Lili, I didn't think that if Zhao Lili really wanted to do something to me, they would come and help me.

However, I think that although Zhao Lili has a lot of authority in the prison and all the prison guards and prisoners would be afraid of her, she isn't a complete fool with a high position after all. She shouldn't choose to do anything to me in public.

"Alright, come with me. I'll take you to the infirmary. The place where you need to work in the future." Zhao Lili quickly regained her composure, turned around and walked away after she finished talking to me.

I looked at Zhao Lili's back, who was wearing a short skirt and a uniform, and cursed at her in my heart. Then, I followed in her footsteps.

Zhao Lili walked in front while I followed behind her, keeping about five steps away from her. Zhao Lili didn't speak to me, so I naturally didn't have any reason to speak to her.

After walking down the road, I realised that the security arrangements in this prison were very standard. The places where the female prison guards were on duty were all meticulously designed to monitor the movements of these female prisoners.

But my goal isn't these women. My goal is the infirmary where I'm going to work.

Zhao Lili brought me there for about two minutes before she stopped. I followed her and stopped as well. When I raised my head, I clearly saw the sign for the door with three words on it. The words' infirmary 'was clearly displayed before my eyes.

The building of the infirmary was also very interesting, right at the center of the prison. It seemed that the one who designed the prison had thought of the infirmary's importance, so it didn't matter which infirmary they came from.

The infirmary could be considered a very important place in the prison, so it wouldn't be strange if there were two guards at the entrance.

When the two guards saw Zhao Lili coming over, they called out for Sister Zhao. Zhao Lili nodded slightly without saying anything, but when the two of them looked at me, I could clearly see the disbelief on their faces.

Just like when I first arrived at the dorm, the female prison guards' curiosity towards me was the same. What they found inconceivable was that there was a man in the women's prison. They had never seen a man here before.

"Sister Zhao, who is he?" A female prison guard asked doubtfully.

I didn't think that Zhao Lili wanted to say anything, so I took a step forward and said, "Hello sisters, I'm the new doctor. My name is Li Kai, from now on we are colleagues. Please take care of us, sisters."

I didn't shake hands with them the way I'd when I saw the leader. They were prison guards, but they were women, and this was the first time I'd seen them, and I didn't feel like I had to stretch out my hand. I didn't end up smacking myself in the face.

I tried my best not to show off too much. Although Zhao Lili, that bitch, wanted me to satisfy her, I also knew how important it was to be a ladder. I definitely couldn't steal away the leader's limelight on my first day, so I only dared to say that out loud after thinking about it.

After saying that, the two of them did not seem to be moved.

Although I had already revealed my identity, the two female prison guards still had doubtful expressions. They didn't seem to believe what I said at all, and their eyes kept shifting between me and Zhao Lili.

It seemed that they didn't believe my words. After all, this was definitely the first time they saw a man appear in this women's prison. They couldn't accept this, so they kept exchanging glances, hoping that Zhao Lili would confirm it.

That bitch, Zhao Lili, started to act arrogant and cold. She was threatening me just now, but now she's actually quiet in front of these two little guards.

"He's right, he's the new doctor arranged by the organization. You'll be colleagues from now on." Zhao Lili spoke up.

It was obvious that Zhao Lili's words were more convincing than mine. Zhao Lili's words were as much as mine, but even though Zhao Lili had already revealed my identity, the two women still had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

"But, Sis Zhao, this place is filled with female prisoners. It doesn't seem right for him to be a man, right?" One of the guards muttered.

Zhao Lili flew into a rage, "Why do you have to worry so much? If the organization has decided to send someone over, you can report back to the organization directly if you have any problems. Why are you blabbering so much?"

Zhao Lili's sudden outburst made me at a loss. This temperamental martial arts was really something that made me even more flabbergasted.

I was shocked, not to mention that female prison guard who was muttering to herself just now. It was obvious that she was stunned by Zhao Lili's outburst. Perhaps she didn't expect Zhao Lili to be angered by such a thing, so she didn't dare to say anything more.

"You guys just need to cooperate with Xiao Li's work in the future. It's not like you have to mind your own business." Zhao Lili once again criticized them in a serious tone.

At this moment, I felt a bit of heartache for these two prison guards. To have leaders like them, I think it's their bad luck. I think they must be feeling the same emotions as when I got beaten up earlier.

I'm sure that their dislike for Zhao Lili was even deeper than for me. This is just a scene I saw, and before I came here, Zhao Lili definitely didn't treat these little girls well either.

Zhao Lili was their boss after all, they would not dare to say anything out loud. They would hate her from the bottom of their hearts.

When Zhao Lili finished, neither of them dared to speak anymore. Obviously, Zhao Lili's criticism had played an important role. They looked like they had just eaten a fly.

I definitely wouldn't dare to provoke Zhao Lili, that bitch. As for how I cursed her in my heart, I didn't know.

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