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C16 Taut nerve

It had to be said that these two women had really run into a wall.

They were really unlucky today. What happened just now must have made Zhao Lili extremely unhappy. Although she used the matter of opening the door to threaten me, but she was almost choked by it. She definitely wouldn't be that happy.

Following that, the two ladies seemed to have some objections about my coming to work in the prison. Zhao Lili immediately blew her top and threw out the organization. After all, the organization was the biggest, so everything was arranged by the organization.

After Zhao Lili said that, the two little girls obviously didn't dare to ask anymore questions. Zhao Lili was really good at this, she used the name of the organization when threatening me, and now she's using the same name as the organization when scolding the two little girls.

F * ck, did the organization approve of this bitch using their name? What this bitch did was simply discrediting the organization.

I was too embarrassed to continue talking about it. After all, such matters were between Zhao Lili and the other female prison guards. As an outsider, I could just stand here and enjoy the show.

After the two female prisoners in the infirmary were scolded by Zhao Lili, they immediately turned silent. Their eyes kept avoiding Zhao Lili, but it was obvious that they were rather curious about me. Their eyes were always on me.

I think they want to confirm whether I'm really a man or not. After all, from what they know, there definitely aren't any males in the female prison, let alone a male doctor.

However, according to Zhao Lili, that was something arranged by the organization. No one knew what the organization was thinking and they wanted to ask for advice. So even now, I still did not know why I was sent to the women's prison.

So far, I don't know if it's a good job for me to be a doctor in a women's prison, or if it's a sign that I'm going to hell.

No matter what, since I've already decided to enter the women's prison, we can talk about what will happen in the future. No one can predict what will happen in the future, but I hope that something good will happen.

For example, the incident with the women's prison riots today, it's better not to do it again. I already couldn't take it anymore, and if something like this were to happen again in the future, I might not be so lucky.

I was very curious about why these two female prison guards kept staring at my body. Were they as hungry as Zhao Lili? But they probably looked like me. They shouldn't have a sexual desire as strong as Zhao Lili's.

I was very curious. Suddenly, I thought of something, I had been threatened by that bitch Zhao Lili using the reporting organization, I almost forgot. When the riot just now, my clothes were a little tattered right now.

Although it hasn't reached the level of being completely torn apart, but the fact that my upper body clothes have been torn apart to such an extent is still extremely terrifying. They probably don't know about the incident that just happened inside the prison.

I suddenly felt a little awkward. After all, the clothes I was wearing right now were a little too tattered. I originally had a thick skin, so it wasn't surprising that I would feel uncomfortable with my untidy clothes.

The two little girls' eyes never left my upper body. They really didn't have the cultivation experience of Zhao Lili. As they looked at me, their faces slowly blushed. It could be seen that they had been working in the women's prison all year.

I didn't see any men throughout the day. Now that I've suddenly met a man, although he isn't that old, his heart is still very lonely and lonely. He's rather fond of men, so I don't feel that it's strange for him to have this kind of reaction.

I've already seen their changes, so I'm sure that Zhao Lili also noticed their changes. I'm actually a little worried about them, with Zhao Lili's temperamental personality, she wouldn't suddenly go berserk, right?

Fortunately, although Zhao Lili found out, she didn't lose her temper. Perhaps it was because they were all colleagues, so she didn't go on a rampage for no reason. She just humphed lightly and turned to me, "Xiao Li, this is the infirmary. I'll take you in and take a look."

I nodded. Zhao Lili strode in, not forgetting to glare at the two female prison guards as she passed by. Since both of them were focused on me, I didn't see Zhao Lili's expression, but I happened to see Zhao Lili's expression, so I saw it.

When Zhao Lili walked in, I smiled kindly at the two girls when I was with them. After all, we were colleagues in the future, and we still had to help each other. We couldn't offend them the moment we arrived.

The reason why Zhao Lili wanted to treat her like that was because Zhao Lili's identity as a warden was there. I'm just an ordinary doctor, I definitely wouldn't treat others the way she did. It's better to have more friends than enemies.

However, Zhao Lili's reaction also made me feel that she was very unhappy with the way she looked at me. Even though I didn't say anything, I still felt uncomfortable. I felt that Zhao Lili's illness was too serious.

But as for 007, that beautiful woman, I don't know what she's like right now. I just showed her that she has a fever and I don't know where she was sent to. Logically speaking, she should have been sent to the infirmary.

He wondered if she was here. Zhao Lili said that she should be sent to the infirmary. If there were no other questions, she should be there now. He wondered if he would see that beautiful woman again.

When I first saw her, I felt as if I had a special feeling for her. Her face was part of the story, and there was something else I couldn't put my finger on that made me want to get to know her.

The first thing I did after Zhao Lili brought me in was to look for the figure of that beautiful woman. However, the result made me a little disappointed. I didn't see her in this room. She wasn't here.

I was stunned. Zhao Lili clearly said that she was brought to the infirmary, and this is the infirmary. Why can't I see her?

I started to make all sorts of guesses in my head, thinking that Zhao Lili couldn't have been really done for 007.

While I was daydreaming, Zhao Lili called out to me, "Nuo, this is the office you'll be working in."

After Zhao Lili called out to me, I pulled myself back from my thoughts. I carefully looked around the infirmary. It was actually very simple. There was a simple desk, a chair, and a large glass cabinet filled with daily medicine.

But when I looked closer, there was another door.

"Sister Zhao, what's inside the door?" I asked, pointing to the door I'd found.

Zhao Lili answered directly, "That's the patient's resting room. You need to stay in that house when you treat them. They are not allowed to enter your room, because they are not allowed to touch the medicines."

I nodded to show that I understood. After all, this was a prison, a place for prisoners. Although they were all patients in the infirmary, they were still prisoners. There was no telling what they might do, so I had to strictly monitor them to prevent accidents.

She saw me nod.

He told me in a serious tone, "There are a lot of drugs that are used to calm the slumber and stimulate the excitement that needs to be registered. If any prohibited drugs are missing, you have to take responsibility. So, you have to take care of these things."

Sure enough, after Zhao Lili said that, I found out that the glass cabinet clearly showed which drugs were used to treat which diseases. There were also some drugs that were used to stimulate me, which clearly indicated that there was a high risk drug in there.

Those prisoners couldn't be touched. If they were to steal it, it would be very troublesome whether it was in the hands of suicide or some drug addicts. That was the reason why it was so obvious.

"And the medication is very strict too. Although you will be a doctor in prison, you will have to go through the approval of the higher ups every time you use psychotropic drugs before you can use them. You absolutely cannot use them privately. You will slowly understand this later."

It seems like the treatment of the patients in this prison is very strict. I originally thought that since I came here, everything here is under my control, but it's obvious that it isn't. There are still rules and restrictions.

After Zhao Lili explained the basic situation to me, I had a rough understanding of the infirmary.

In conclusion, the organization was the biggest. No one was above the organization, and everything had to be approved by the organization. The organization was our heaven, we could not do anything that violated the rules of the organization.

This was the only thought that Zhao Lili had with me for the past half hour. It was understandable, after all, prisons were dangerous places, and if one wasn't careful, unexpected things could happen.

There can be no mistakes in any of the little details. If there are any mistakes, it will be fatal, especially in our infirmary. If the illegal drugs were stolen and the woman committed suicide, then I will be responsible.

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