The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C17 Beautiful female prisoner
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C17 Beautiful female prisoner
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C17 Beautiful female prisoner

After Zhao Lili told me so many serious things.

I felt that I had now truly become the supervisor of the infirmary in the prison.

However, my supervisor is a bit pitiful. He doesn't have a single soldier under his command and is just an commander. Although he says that he is the biggest in the infirmary, the infirmary is actually just me.

Only after Zhao Lili's serious introduction did I realize that I was the infirmary manager. Not only was I in charge of the women prisoners' illnesses, I was also in charge of the medicine management. If anything went wrong, it would all be up to me.

Judging from Zhao Lili's expression, I knew that she wasn't pretending to be serious. At least, she wasn't just making things up to scare me. As the Warden, if she allowed some illegal drugs to flow into the prison because of me, then she would also be responsible.

Even though Zhao Lili acted like a wolf and tiger to me, if something happens to me, I will be investigated directly by the authorities. When the time comes, I won't be able to hide it from them, so when Zhao Lili told me these things, she was always extremely serious.

It seems that I really need to pay attention to these things in the future. I will definitely be the first one to suffer. It seems that I won't be as happy as I am as a doctor in a women's prison.

Furthermore, today was the first day I came to the prison, and there was already an incident involving a female prisoner. This put a lot of pressure on my heart, and what I was thinking about now was not how to find a female prisoner to have a moment of joy. The only thought I had was to safely pass my time in the prison as an intern.

"Didn't 007 pass out from the fever? She's in the house right now. Go check on her." After Zhao Lili finished explaining everything to me, she suddenly opened her mouth and said.

I was stunned and couldn't recover from Zhao Lili's serious brainwashing. But when I reacted to it, the moment I heard 007, I immediately recovered. The beautiful woman was in the room.

Hearing this news, I was a little excited. I saw that Zhao Lili really did get that female prison guard to send her over just now.

Zhao Lili didn't wait for me to respond. She took the initiative to swipe her card before opening the door and entering the room.

Although I still couldn't react in time, but as soon as Zhao Lili walked in, I immediately followed her in. At this moment, I don't know how much excitement I felt in my heart.

I thought I would never see this beautiful prisoner 007 again. I didn't expect to see her again so soon.

We hadn't even pushed the door open when she was lying on the bed next to it.

There were only two beds in the room, and it was very simple. There was not only the door that led to our room, but also another door. I thought that the doors the prisoners came in through were different from ours.

007 was very quiet. She was lying on the bed, breathing evenly, her eyes closed, her long eyelashes especially attractive. To be honest, she was very pretty, no wonder she felt that way the first time she saw her.

Looking at her lying on the bed, I suddenly felt an impulse, not the impulse in the lower part of my body, but the blood in my entire body was boiling. I had never felt such a feeling before.

There are many beauties in our medical academy, and many of them are beautiful as well. However, there isn't a single girl like her who seems to have enchanted me at first glance. She really is an exception.

If it wasn't for Zhao Lili by my side, perhaps I would have already rushed in front of her to look at her.

There was a sickly beauty to her face, a sensation I didn't know how to describe, one that appealed to me.

I definitely couldn't ignore Zhao Lili's existence and mess around, but I still maintained my composure. I had already seen Zhao Lili's red-eyed illness before, I didn't dare to let Zhao Lili, that bitch, find an opportunity to show off her red-eyed disease because of some of my improper actions.

This is my responsibility to # 007. If I really ignored Zhao Lili and did something intimate to her, it would definitely bring her trouble. She still has a fever now, so I can't help but take responsibility as a doctor.

"Nuo, you should check on her. It sounds like the identity of a woman is a bit special." Zhao Lili suddenly said.

I was a little confused. Special?

I looked at Zhao Lili doubtfully. When I wanted to get some information from her, Zhao Lili stopped talking.

It seems like Zhao Lili intentionally didn't want to tell me this woman's identity. I was also curious about what kind of crime such a good-looking woman had committed to get her sent to jail.

Since Zhao Lili had already spoken, there was no need for me to keep avoiding her. First of all, I was a doctor, treating patients was my duty. Now that there was a patient lying right in front of me and my leader had spoken, there was no need for me to worry.

However, I could tell that the person who was acting as a doctor here before was a girl. She arranged everything in a very orderly manner. I'm a very sensitive person. I'm very sensitive to some small details.

No matter where from the medicine cabinet to the corner, my previous one was perfect. Although I was also obsessed with these things, I admitted that I wasn't as good as her.

I think the last one was a woman because men couldn't have been so careful to arrange things so orderly and clean.

I had tested it with my hands in the prison, and it felt like I had a fever, but I went back to the house and got a thermometer and stethoscope to do a more detailed examination of her.

Zhao Lili was obviously not a professional in medicine, not just anyone.

I didn't talk to her, and she didn't bother me, and she knew I was at work, and even if she had red-eye disease, it wouldn't be good to have it now.

It was exactly as I had predicted. 007 did have a fever, but it wasn't as severe as the one before. He was already pretty weak, and Zhao Lili had washed him off with cold water today, so he fainted immediately.

"Sister Zhao, it's not a big problem. She had a fever and was soaked in cold water. She was too weak and fainted. Please help her reduce the fever and replenish her energy." I made a quick report to Zhao Lili.

I was now very much aware of it. Although I was sure that Zhao Lili didn't know anything about medicine, but she had been doing brainwashing for me for such a long time just to tell me that everything here had to be organized.

The biggest officer in the prison is her. Isn't that equivalent to letting her know everything? So the first thing I'm going to do is tell Zhao Lili what the situation is like, and then listen to her opinion.

Sure enough, Zhao Lili was very happy that I could become like this. She smiled and nodded, then said, "En, you specialize in the medical field of Xiao Li. You can do whatever you want if you want."

Apparently, Zhao Lili's tone was a lot better, it seemed like she was right about having to lower her head. I'm under Zhao Lili right now, so no matter what you do in the future, you have to consider what Zhao Lili thinks first. Otherwise, it'll be hard for me to continue to be around her in the future.

I only dared to take the next step when Zhao Lili agreed to it.

The medicine in the medicine store over there is really complete, and they are sorted well. I managed to find all the necessary medicines in an instant.

I just got these ready for 007.

Suddenly, Zhao Lili said, "Little Li, I forgot to tell you just now that you must record your medication every time. You must remember that it's on the computer, otherwise, it'll be troublesome if you lose too much of it in the future."

Indeed, I thought that only spiritual-type medicines needed to be recorded, but I didn't expect that these ordinary medicines also needed to be recorded. I have to admit that the control of the drugs here is very strict.

I nodded. "I got it, Sister Zhao. After I inject him, I'll report it to the computer."

Zhao Lili didn't say anything because one of my hands was injured. I wanted to roll over 007 who was lying on the bed, but I found that one of my hands couldn't help her and I had no choice but to seek help from Zhao Lili.

When I looked at Zhao Lili who needed her help, before I could say anything, Zhao Lili already understood what I meant, so she obediently helped me to get to the side of 007. I pulled off her pants a little bit and gave her an injection.

Zhao Lili also noticed how difficult it was for me to continue working, so she said, "Little Li, I'll give you a few days leave. First I'll take care of your hands, then I'll go to work, otherwise, it'll be useless for you to go to work like this."

I was suddenly filled with gratitude towards Zhao Lili. Even though I felt that Zhao Lili was a little sick, she was still very reasonable. When she saw my injured hand actually took the initiative to let me rest before going to work.

If I was working in the hospital and met someone like Zhao Lili, then it could be said that I met a good boss.

Of course, there was no need for me to show off. I was aware of my own situation as well. No way, no way, I would never force myself to do it, so I cast a grateful glance at Zhao Lili and nodded at her while I was at it.

"Yes, thank you, Sister Zhao. My hands should have recovered in the next few days. It's not too serious. When the time comes, I will work hard to repay the organization leader's love and care." No matter what, he had to state his position first.

Zhao Lili was obviously very satisfied with what I had said, and a hint of a smile appeared on her face.

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