The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C19 Return to the infirmary
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C19 Return to the infirmary
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C19 Return to the infirmary


Just like that, Zhao Lili and that female prison guard whose name I don't even know jogged over without even looking back.

I left her here by herself. She didn't tell me anything before she left, so I felt a little confused. It seemed that the call from the leader had made Zhao Lili a little flustered.

Judging from her expression just now, this thing must be very serious. Something like a riot in the prison must be very serious. Normally, if he still needed Zhao Lili to explain it to him, there would be a big problem.

Therefore, it was very clear why Zhao Lili scolded her for reporting this incident. This was a very serious matter. If it was Zhao Lili who reported this incident, the situation would be different and the method of handling it would be different.

But that's the problem. Zhao Lili was with me earlier on regarding the riot, she didn't have the chance and she didn't report it to the police because she threatened me. That's why she said it was reported by someone else.

Zhao Lili, the biggest leader of the prison, actually didn't report such an important matter to the police immediately, instead, it was someone else who reported it. Obviously, just this fact was too much for Zhao Lili.

Otherwise, Zhao Lili, who had always been calm, wouldn't have trotted away all of a sudden. I believe that she is not an idiot and knows the seriousness of this matter. Since this matter has already been reported, Zhao Lili will definitely think of a good way to resolve it.

I don't think Zhao Lili, this bitch, would ruin her own future to protect me. Although this bitch had ill intentions towards me and especially wished for something to happen to me, it's clear that if it was in her own interest, Zhao Lili would definitely stab me out.

Basically, there was no need to think too much about it. No matter what, Zhao Lili would definitely not take the blame. Although Zhao Lili might have lost the initiative to report this matter, she would definitely not be punished for not reporting it.

But I'm different. When I first came here, there was such a big thing as a riot, and most importantly, it was caused by me. If the forces in this prison couldn't beat that bitch Zhao Lili, then the one who would be in the blame would be me.

But I do hope that this will really get me out of this terrible prison. I don't really care if I can stay here or not.

These things weren't what I needed to worry about right now. Regardless of the outcome, whether or not I could continue to be a doctor in this prison didn't really mean much to me. Actually, I didn't want to stay here any longer.

What I need to consider right now is, after Zhao Lili left in a hurry, I'm totally confused. This is my first time in this prison, I don't even know where to go.

Furthermore, I didn't dare to walk around rashly. I was already drenched in cold sweat from the earlier riot. Right now, my clothes are in tatters. It would be too terrifying if I walked around rashly and attracted another ruckus.

I was already like this with Zhao Lili leading the prison guards. If Zhao Lili wasn't by my side and I encountered another riot, it would be hard to say if my pure body could be preserved, but whether my little life could be preserved.

I wouldn't dare take that risk now.

Suddenly, I thought of the beautiful woman in the infirmary. Since I didn't know how to get back now, I would go back to the infirmary and see if there was anything I could learn from her.

I've always been curious about how this beautiful fairy-like woman ended up as a prisoner, and she was particularly attractive to me. I wanted to know what was going on with her, and I wanted very much to know what was going on with this woman.

Furthermore, Zhao Lili said that this woman's identity was not simple, which made me even more interested in her. I am just like that, towards these things that are not simple, don't just try it, I am very curious about them.

The more I was told not to approach danger, the more I liked to approach it, the more I liked to explore it. Although she was a female prisoner no matter how beautiful she was, and a dangerous person, it was as if there was a force in my heart that kept pushing me to get to know her.

I always had the feeling that something might have happened between me and her, that something like this was always going on in my head, that something special had been happening inside me since the moment I saw her face.

I didn't think too much about it. Since I have nowhere else to go, then I'll go back to the infirmary to see what happened to the female prisoner. I gave her an injection just now, but her fever should have already subsided by now.

I immediately took a step back. We didn't walk for very long from the infirmary, so I could easily find the way back. Even though I'm a road nerd, I'm not as clueless as he is.

It was obvious that the two guards were completely unprepared when I went back. I saw the two of them chatting even before I came over.

In fact, it was considered normal. If the two of them didn't talk to each other in the infirmary, it would be too boring. Moreover, their bodies were very relaxed, unlike the feeling of standing guard.

That was a normal thing. When the leader came, he could pretend to be on duty. If you were still on duty when no one was around, then he'd be a retard. Who the hell would do that?

But obviously, after I left with Zhao Lili, they didn't realize that I would return, so when one of the female prison guards saw me, she immediately warned her comrades and they stood up very seriously.

When I saw them suddenly turn serious, I knew that it definitely wasn't because they saw me, and they might have thought that I had come with Zhao Lili, or what kind of existence Zhao Lili was.

The female prison guards that I came in contact with could feel the pressure and nervousness that Zhao Lili brought to them. They seemed to be extremely afraid of Zhao Lili, and I could tell what kind of existence Zhao Lili was in their hearts.

Regardless of whether or not we can still be colleagues in the future, at least we're still colleagues now, so I don't feel like I need to act like I'm scared of everyone I meet. I smile at them anyway.

After we walked over, they were very nervous. I walked towards them with a smile on my face. They had been looking behind me to see if Zhao Lili was hiding behind me.

I replied smilingly, "Sis Zhao, don't worry. Sister Zhao left in advance. I was the only one who came over."

After saying this, the two female guards' bodies started to relax and their eyes started to change from being serious.

It has to be said that whether it's a female officer or a female prisoner, both of us seem to have a hard time looking away from the only man in this women's prison. There was a female officer who looked very serious, but I knew that she was looking at my body out of the corner of her eyes.

That kind of feeling is really weird, I really don't like people looking at me from the corner of their eyes, isn't it fine to just look at me openly? However, a female prison guard went overboard, her eyes actually looking at my lower body.

Needless to say more, everyone knew what she was looking at. It seemed that there was a high requirement for this woman. Otherwise, she wouldn't be staring at my lower body like that.

Normally, a man would look at a beautiful woman and admire all aspects of her figure. He never thought that a woman would look at a man like that, so I wasn't used to this kind of situation.

However, I still know a bit of human nature. Since we are all under the same roof now, and we may meet again in the future, we definitely won't make things difficult for each other. If that's the case, we won't be able to get along in the future.

I coughed, indicating that they should stop watching.

They obviously sensed that I didn't like what they were doing, so they looked away.

"Comrade, didn't you leave with Zhao District? Why did you come back? " One of the female prison guards didn't feel awkward as I coughed and retracted my gaze. She asked me this without a change in expression.

I naively replied, "Sister Zhao, you have some matters to attend to. Isn't there still a female prisoner in the infirmary? I came to check on her condition."

What I said was the truth, I didn't lie to them at all. Zhao Lili went to busy herself, and this infirmary has a female prisoner with a fever. I just came to see how her condition is.

The female prison guard who was just talking to me nodded her head. Suddenly, another female prisoner asked, "Are you really a male doctor arranged by the organization?"

This was the female prison guard who had been staring at my lower body. I felt that she was certain that she had a strong need in that area. She frowned, as if she didn't like me at all.

Damn it, I don't know who was the one who was staring at my lower body just now, as if the person who did this wasn't her.

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