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C2 The wet chair

Zhao Lili's eyes never left me. I could feel that her eyes weren't the same as when we were checking out the place from before. There was a trace of greed in her eyes.

"Continue?" Zhao Lili revealed a greedy smile, while her eyes were still twinkling.

At first, because I had never been looked at like this by a woman before, I didn't dare to raise my head to meet Zhao Lili's gaze. However, after she said this, I met her gaze.

I was stunned by Zhao Lili's words. "Go on, what else can we do?"

Seeing my puzzled expression, Zhao Lili immediately continued, "How are you going to check if you took off your clothes? Take off your pants and underwear."

When Zhao Lili said that, she changed back to the serious look she had when she said that she would examine me. Her expression seemed to be telling me that there was no room for doubt in her words, so I had to do as she said.

At that time, I was really scared. Although I had previously imagined what happened in the women's prison, before I came here, I knew that the women here were all full of desire.

But I didn't think that this was my first time here, and it wasn't just for work, either.

Such a thing had already happened.

I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse, but if this situation continues, I might really die here.

It seems like Zhao Lili wants to do something with me.

While I was still hesitating, Zhao Lili opened her mouth again and said, "Little Li, don't worry. This is a normal inspection and every newcomer will go through it before. This is for their own safety."

Zhao Lili was still trying to comfort me with these words, but how could I not know what this woman was thinking? Looking at her greedy eyes and hearing her words, I knew that I couldn't get away from her.

Isn't this the woman's prison life I want to experience? I will definitely be a donkey. Since Zhao Lili wants to do something earth-shattering with me, I will not disappoint her kindness.

Under her expectant gaze, I took off my pants. When I took off my pants, of course, I didn't forget to look at Zhao Lili's expression. Just as I thought, her eyes never left the most important part of my lower body.

This slut still dares to use the excuse of inspecting me. Other than that, I can't see why she would even want to drool so much.

"That's great." Zhao Lili whispered.

Although Zhao Lili's voice was very soft, there was only the two of us in this room. I kept on observing her, so I heard her say those two words.

That bitch. I smiled and pretended to be shy. "Sister Zhao, are you serious? Do you really want to take off your underwear?"

"Of course." Zhao Lili did not hesitate at all.

I knew that the woman's mind was full of desire, and she would not let go of such an opportunity.

After taking a deep breath, I slowly put my hand on my underwear, pretending to take it off for Zhao Lili to see. I did it on purpose, purposely taking my time to see how sexy and thirsty Zhao Lili was.

When I felt that I had been able to keep Zhao Lili in suspense, I realized that I had still underestimated Zhao Lili's thirst.

Without waiting for me to take off my underwear, Zhao Lili, who was staring at me intently just now, directly took a step forward and stretched out her hand towards my underwear. She looked as if she wanted to take it off for me.

However, Zhao Lili didn't really come to help me take off my underwear, but her hand was carelessly touching my body. I was not wearing any clothes or pants, and there were only underpants to cover my most important position.

Zhao Lili didn't care at all. She first touched my body, then I gently pinched my chest, causing my entire body to tremble. When had I ever experienced such a thing?

Moreover, this was out of my expectations. I had underestimated the degree of Zhao Lili's hunger and thirst. I didn't expect her to be this thirsty.

Zhao Lili was very close to me. She touched my body, and at the same time, she was breathing heavily with an expression of enjoyment on her face.

She took one of my hands and held it up from bottom to top until my hand was parallel to the one in her uniform.

"Touch me." Zhao Lili let out a breath, then closed her eyes and spat out two words.

The moment these two words came out, I knew that Zhao Lili was determined to eat me up. There was a sudden bang outside the door and someone knocked on the door?

This voice came too suddenly. I was so shocked that I nearly jumped for a long time.

I didn't expect that Zhao Lili, this bitch, would have a bigger reaction than me. This bitch actually pushed me away by half a meter.

F * ck, if it wasn't for the chair by my side, I would have definitely been pushed to the ground by this slut and fell flat on my face.

Zhao Lili pushed me away and immediately said, "Put on your clothes."

Although her tone was very serious when she spoke, but her face turned red due to what happened just now had betrayed her.

It was as if the person who had been breathing heavily on my body wasn't her, but someone else.

However, I had no interest in that. Since Zhao Lili told me to put on my clothes, then I should put on my clothes. I did hear a knock on the door just now, so I believe Zhao Lili heard it as well.

Based on Zhao Lili's previous expression of hunger and thirst, I don't believe that she would have easily let go of such a good opportunity if it wasn't for the fact that she heard someone knocking on her door like me.

Zhao Lili didn't continue to pay attention to me as I picked up my own clothes. At this moment, the sound of knocking on the door came again, followed by a female voice asking, "Sister Zhao, are you inside?"

"I'm inside. What's the matter?" Zhao Lili winked at me as she walked towards the door.

I knew that she wanted me to quickly put on my clothes, so I quickly put on my clothes. Then, as if nothing had happened, I sat on the chair that I was holding just now.

When Zhao Lili saw that I was ready, she opened the door and when she turned around, I thought to myself, Aren't you going to fucking check me out?

The door opened and the person in the room said, "Sister Zhao, today you are going to do a monthly summary for the prison guards. Have you forgotten?"

The woman's short hair that came in had a coarse voice, and her figure seemed to be rather tall and sturdy. To put it bluntly, she was a man.

"How could I forget? Isn't it not time yet? in a hurry to be reborn? " Zhao Lili's tone was unpleasant and her expression did not look too good either.

I can understand why Zhao Lili would have such a tone. If it wasn't for this male nanny, maybe Zhao Lili and I would have already become good friends. Now that she suddenly broke in and ruined Zhao Lili's plans, she definitely wouldn't have had any good results.

It had nothing to do with me. I just sat there and watched.

"Didn't the authorities send a new doctor to our ward today? I was just telling him the situation. " Zhao Lili pointed at me.

The woman hurriedly entered the room and didn't raise her head at all. It was obvious that she didn't see me either. When Zhao Lili pointed to my position, she followed Zhao Lili's hand and looked towards me.

Although I was a little annoyed that the male nanny had ruined my plans for Zhao Lili, I still couldn't directly show it on my face. Thus, when she looked in my direction, I forced a smile on my face.

I didn't expect her to charge straight at me the moment she saw me.

It can't be, this f * cking showed how hungry she was right in front of Zhao Lili? Zhao Lili knew how to restrain herself a little. Was this woman even hungrier than Zhao Lili?

The facts proved that I was overthinking it. After the male granny charged over, she didn't make a move on me. Instead, she squatted beside me and carefully sized up my face as if she had seen a ghost.

I felt that it was a bit incomprehensible. The first sentence that came out of my mouth made me at a loss whether to laugh or to cry.

Before I could reply, the man said to himself, "Wah! He's really a man. I didn't expect it to be true."

"Sister Zhao, is he really the doctor assigned to our prison?" The woman stood up and asked Zhao Lili, who was standing behind her.

It was unknown when Zhao Lili had already sat on the chair opposite me.

"I've already told you about the people that were sent down from above. How could they be fake?" It was obvious that she was very unhappy with the sudden arrival of the man's wife. She didn't look happy at all, and her tone was harsh. It was obvious that she was very unhappy.

Then, Zhao Lili ignored the male granny, turned around and said to me, "Little Li, from now on, we'll leave the medical treatment in charge of our ward to you. Then, Zhao Lili ignored the male granny, turned back and said to me," Little Li, from now on, we'll leave the medical treatment for our ward to you.

I scratched my head.

After saying so, she stood up and shouted at the woman, "What are you still standing there for? Why aren't you coming with me?"

The male nanny was stunned by Zhao Lili's outburst. Her face was at a loss. She definitely didn't expect that she would ruin Zhao Lili's good fortune. Zhao Lili definitely wouldn't let her have it.

Zhao Lili took the woman out just like that, and I didn't even know her name before she left.

I accidentally saw the chair that Zhao Lili was sitting on earlier.

The chair was wet.

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