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She actually dared to put on such a disgusted expression towards me. This bastard is way too pretentious. The woman who was staring at my crotch just now immediately changed her expression the next second. Furthermore, her tone of voice is obviously filled with anger.

I started to think back to if I had done something wrong just now to offend her. Otherwise, why would she bite me back at the very first sentence? This is completely unscientific! Could all the women in this prison be as moody as Zhao Lili?

After I didn't say anything just now, she was still looking at my crotch. The next moment, the very first words I said were already on me? [What the hell is going on? I am completely confused. I have no idea what is going on.]

If it had been before, I would have disdained talking to her.

The first time I spoke to you, you used this kind of attitude to talk to me, it doesn't matter if you are a fairy or not, I will ignore you, not to mention you are not very good-looking, compared to the women in the infirmary, there are tens of thousands of streets.

After all, I had just arrived, so I didn't want to do anything in front of them. Furthermore, I felt that those who could become female prison guards were definitely not simple people, and I didn't want to provoke them.

In short, no matter what happened before I came to the prison, I had to learn to restrain myself here. I couldn't do it on my own willfulness, in other words, I felt that these people were definitely different from the others.

You think that the women they see the most all day long are the prisoners here, they are all very big people in the eyes of the women, and naturally no blind woman would dare do anything to them, so it's normal for them to look at people with their noses and speak in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable.

"Yes, the organization has arranged for me to be here as a doctor. My name is Li Kai, it's nice to meet you." I tried to keep a smile on my face.

After I introduced myself to them, they also introduced me. Even though the attitude of the woman who was looking at my lower body was obviously very, very bad, but I was too lazy to bother with her. I remembered her name, Wang Bo.

The other one's name is Yang Xin, I don't think I'll have any interaction with them in the future anyways, I don't think that Wang Yan is that good-looking, Yang Xin is actually just that, but in comparison, she treats me better than Wang Yan.

Even if I wanted to find a random girl in the prison, I wouldn't be looking for someone like Wang Yan. Although her figure is still acceptable, her attitude towards me made me uninterested.

However, Yang Xin is still quite passionate, maybe it's because we are similar in age, but she treats me pretty well.

After chatting for a while, we started to chat. Even though Wang Yan was still looking down on me, I couldn't be bothered to reply to her and started to chat with Yang Xin.

Yang Xin asked me, "Li Kai, do you have someone up there? Otherwise, how would I arrange for you to work here in the women's prison?"

My dear mother, if I had any relationship with her, I would have been assigned to a dangerous place like the women's prison. There was already a riot on the very first day I arrived, but it wasn't safe at all.

Of course, I can't say that to Yang Xin directly, after all she works in this prison, if I say too much, it would be a bit too much.

I smiled and said, "Why? Why do you say that?"

Yang Xin is a bit more carefree, plus I'm quite close to her, she suddenly extended her hand to pat my shoulder, then smiled and said: "It's not that related, but you can enter such a good unit, heng heng you don't know how good it is here."

I wanted to use the words from Yang Xin, acting ignorant as I said, "Ah, what's good?"

"Hmph hmph, you don't know that the female prisoners here..."

"Yang Xin, don't say anything you shouldn't." Wang Yan, who had been silent all this time, suddenly interrupted Yang Xin.

After Wang Bo finished her sentence, Yang Xin self-consciously shut her mouth, pouting at me while shrugging her shoulders.

I can understand, what Yang Xin wants to say is about the same as what I think. I can guess what she wants to say behind her words, it is definitely because these women will do something special every night when it's quiet ?

As for what was special about it, I'll just leave it to myself to imagine. It isn't hard to understand the reason behind the riot before. The female prisoners in the prison were all extremely hungry, and every time they saw a man like me, they would riot to such an extent.

In the dead of night, I believe that they won't be able to obtain satisfaction from certain aspects and will definitely solve these problems for themselves. So in the dead of night, the women's prison will definitely be bustling with noise and excitement.

So even if Wang Bo stopped Yang Xin from continuing, I could still use my imagination to explain what Yang Xin wanted to say.

After Wang Yan interrupted us, my conversation with Yang Xin ended. We have a basic understanding of each other, and Yang Xin and I can be considered to have established a good relationship.

As for that Wang Yan, I'm not going to have anything to do with her in the future anyway. Since it's like this, then let's do it this way. I'm too lazy to purposely curry favor with her.

It's about time, I should be doing my business now, I need to go in and see if 007 has woken up, so I said to Yang Xin, "I want to go in and see if the woman has a fever."

After Yang Xin heard what I said, she winked at me and signaled to Wang Yan, who was beside her. It seems like she doesn't have the power to decide, and Wang Yan has the power to not let me in.

I stared straight at that Wang Yan to see how she would react.

I didn't ask for their opinion either. Although it was my first day here, I was the biggest in the infirmary.

I'm a prison doctor, and there's nothing wrong with my words. I want to go in now to see if the beautiful woman has a fever. I'm telling the truth.

As for what I want to do after seeing the fever go down, that's not something they can do anything about.

Wang Bo seemed to have some objections to me. I don't seem to have any plans to provoke her anymore. I carefully thought about it again. Just what in the world had I done to offend her?

After thinking about it carefully, it was true that there wasn't any.

This is very strange. Why is she so hostile towards me? I don't really understand. After Wang Yan heard what I said, she glared at me but didn't say anything. I thought she wouldn't let me in.

I didn't expect her to turn around and open the door. I thought Wang Yan's attitude toward me might require some effort to make her open the door for me. I didn't expect her to open the door so easily.

The heck, I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say.

When Wang Bo saw me stunned, she coldly replied, "What are you still standing there for? Didn't you want to go in and see the patient? Go in."

I couldn't even react to what had happened. Since Wang Yan had already opened the door for me, I definitely wouldn't cause any trouble for myself.

After all, my goal was to go in and see if I could get in close contact with 007. There was no need for me to waste my precious time with Wang Yan here.

However, although that Wang Yan likes to look at people with her nose, I still thanked her before I walked in. She must have heard my words, but her face was still as cold as ever. At the same time, I didn't forget to give Yang Xin a smile.

I didn't waste too much time and directly walked in.

I've already been here once, although I'm not very familiar with it, but after my previous series of observations, I can say that I understand it quite well. My goal is to see how that feverish female prisoner is doing, and I didn't waste any more time.

I've seen Zhao Lili's red-eyed disease before because I came in with her. Although I gave 007 a shot just now, they were all quite careful and didn't show much to Zhao Lili, so I didn't pay much attention to 007.

I feel that everything just now was in a hurry. Now that I'm alone here, I don't need to be so careful.

I walked over to 007's bed. I didn't notice that 007's hands were cuffed to the head of the bed, which gave me a sudden evil thought. Isn't this the legendary SM?

Especially when they got closer and saw her pale face with a trace of blood in it. Due to the fever, her face was very pale, and her lips had lost their original red hue. It was also very pale, showing that her body was very weak right now.

But her skin was good, her face was very clean, her eyes were closed as if at some point she could open them and take away a soul. Her features were very delicate, and after looking at her for a long time, I couldn't think why such a beautiful woman would be locked up in a prison.

She didn't belong in the prison. It was like the feeling of the phoenix trapped in a cage.

I always felt that prison wasn't her place, that she definitely didn't belong here.

At this moment, I suddenly felt that my blood was rapidly flowing towards my lower body.

In the jargon of our medicine, the simple thing is to produce impulses in certain areas.

This feeling of impulse happens to be the best stage of childbirth, and if something happens between couples in such a situation, then the chances of a woman having a baby are very high, which is the best stage between a man and a woman under scientific conditions.

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