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C21 Shaking all over


If this was the case, perhaps something could have happened. Moreover, the atmosphere in the room was very consistent with the requirements.

Other than us and the beautiful woman in the bed, there was no one else. Looking at her face, I really had an urge. I felt that blood was starting to flow in my lower body. It was a very strange feeling.

It was like watching some country movie on my cell phone. I was so excited, and soon I was beginning to react. What was I going to do to this beautiful woman in bed?

I felt like I was really crazy. It was incredible that I could have such a thought, and I could have sworn it was the first time I had had such a strong reaction.

Of course, I had the same reaction before, but I didn't have anything as intense as this. I didn't expect that I would have such a huge reaction to a female prisoner.

I immediately shook my head, trying to stay awake and calm. The peerless beauty in front of me is a prisoner within this prison. How could I have that kind of thought?

I closed my eyes. There was a phrase called "blind, blind," and that was what I was doing, and now my mind was mostly filled with the face of this beautiful woman, with all the dirty things I had to do with her.

Restraint, restraint, I will learn to restrain myself, not so easy to fall into.

When I finally felt that the blood in my body had stopped flowing crazily and the blood that was flowing in a certain place had started to slowly disperse, I didn't dare to open my eyes again.

I didn't expect that the moment I opened my eyes, the stunning woman lying on the bed would wink at me. I was just about to exclaim in shock, but in my mind, I was wondering how she had managed to wake up.

However, I didn't do anything scary in front of her. I just closed my eyes, otherwise, it would have been too scary.

She was very quiet. When she saw me, I thought she might scream or something, but she didn't have the slightest reaction. She was so quiet that she was scary. It was so quiet that I didn't even know when she had woken up.

This woman is too quiet, I have never seen a woman like her. Although she was handcuffed to the headboard and her body was relaxed, she was as sacred as a cold goddess that no one could desecrate.

She blinked her eyes, which could take away my soul, and stared at me. I didn't know what to do, what to say, what to do, with her white face still a little sickly from the fever.

It went on for about two minutes, and I couldn't stand the way we looked at each other.

As a doctor, I was facing my patients. I felt that I shouldn't have any feelings for them, and I should have treated them all the same. So I said the first sentence, "Are you feeling better?"

When I said those words, I was actually stuttering. I really didn't understand why such a situation would happen. Normally, when I'm speaking to others, I don't stutter at all. Just what is going on?

After the beautiful female prisoner heard my words, she seemed to look at me in confusion. "What's wrong with me?" she said in a soft voice. Where am I? "

Her voice was soft and soft, and I couldn't think of an adjective that could describe how I felt when I heard it. It felt like a very sweet music, and her voice was like the soothing music that slipped into my ears and echoed in my head.

I wasn't sure if she was pretending or if she didn't know where she was, but what mattered most to me wasn't whether she was pretending or not. Her soft voice was enough for me to kneel down and sing to her.

It didn't matter. I could hear something in her voice that made me feel different. I was mesmerized by her voice.

Her voice wasn't that special, but looking at her face and hearing her voice made me not know what to say. I was actually captivated and lost in thought.

When I came back to my senses, that impeccable looking female prisoner was just like before, lying on the bed without saying a word. I suddenly felt that when I faced her, there was an additional awkwardness.

"This is the infirmary. You fainted because of a fever." When I came to, I realized what she had asked me.

Then, in order to not show that I was lost in my thoughts just now, I forced myself to smile and pretend that nothing had happened as I softly replied. I don't know whether it was due to her that my voice became soft and gentle, right?

I feel that I don't have to worry about all that for now. Since it's useless and unnecessary to try to hide anything, I'm not going to do anything to redeem my image, so I'll do what I have to do.

After hearing my words, that peerless beauty fell silent. She closed her eyes once again. I don't know what she was thinking, but it made me feel as though my heart was on fire. Her actions felt as though she was purposely teasing me.

I told myself that the person lying there was a woman, and that my identity was completely different from hers. Nothing could happen between us, nothing could happen between us.

He hoped that he could completely suppress the impulsive feeling in his heart, but sometimes, there were things he just wanted to suppress, and he just couldn't. It was obvious that this was the way things were, and he couldn't suppress it no matter how much he tried.

No matter what, I am unable to suppress those lousy thoughts in my mind. Suppressing it with all my might doesn't have any special effect. Thus, I decided not to suppress it anymore and started to let my imagination run wild.

I felt like I wasn't there. Before she woke up, the blood in my body started to flow wildly, to some place where it shouldn't flow. I just tried not to let my blood go crazy, so I wouldn't embarrass myself in front of her.

The beautiful woman had closed her eyes for so long that I wondered if she had fainted as suddenly as she had in the prison, and I had the urge to reach out and feel her fever.

It was precisely because I had these unhealthy thoughts in my head that I, who as a doctor should be involved with patients, hesitated to stretch out my hand.

It was the first time since I'd become a doctor that I'd encountered something like this, the first time I'd ever encountered a patient of my own who didn't even dare take the initiative to know about her condition.

If this got out, we would definitely be laughed at by our peers. Even I felt that I was too cowardly to do anything like this. It wasn't something that a doctor should do.

Just as I was about to extend my hand to test her body temperature, that peerless beauty suddenly opened her eyes again.

My hand, which I had just decided to extend out, hung awkwardly in the air. Initially, this wasn't a very embarrassing matter, but after she opened her eyes, I didn't dare continue my actions.

When I saw her open her eyes and look at my own hand hanging in the air, I forgot for a moment what I wanted to do. When I realized that I was going to test her body temperature, I didn't dare take another step forward.

I was probably the stupidest of doctors, and it was clear to me that I could see the suspicion she was showing me on that beautiful woman's face, and I thought that maybe she too felt that the man in front of her was a little too strange, and what he was doing.

It's really too awkward, the feeling of not coming up is the most awkward. My hand is just floating in the air like this, should I have pulled my hand back or should I continue doing what I originally wanted to do, I'm actually stuck in a dilemma.

In the end, after some internal struggle, I felt that as a doctor I should behave as a doctor should.

No matter what, I didn't choose to retract my hand that was already stretched out. Like a warrior that has already entered the battlefield, he could only desperately kill all the enemies in front of him. That was his only fate.

My destiny as a doctor is that the hand that has been held out must not be withdrawn. This is the principle that I, as a doctor, have just set myself.

I could feel that my hands were shaking violently. I felt as though I had Parkinson's disease, and my hands were completely out of my control. When I stretched them out towards the head of the peerless beauty prisoner, there was actually such a violent tremble.

To be honest, I don't know what happened either. It's not like I've never tested her body temperature with my hands before, I've also tested her body temperature with my hands. At that time, she had her eyes closed, so I didn't feel anything special about her.

But why is it that when she opens her eyes now and I want to test her body temperature again, I feel so unnatural, as if something is wrong and my hands are shaking so badly?

Furthermore, my trembling hands looked extremely suspicious. The peerless beauty prisoner's eyes could tell that she didn't seem to understand what I was doing. It wasn't just her who didn't know what was wrong with her.

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