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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C26 Black stocking uniform skirt
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C26 Black stocking uniform skirt


I also don't know what the organization's decision was like yesterday, whether it wouldn't give me the chance to stay in the women's prison, I started daydreaming again.

Then, she started to let her imagination run wild as she stood at the door, wondering why Zhao Lili was looking for me. She ignored the female prison guard who had called her and just left her on the side.

I want to do what I'm doing now. If that female prison guard hadn't spoken up to remind me, I'd probably be stuck in a loop of thinking.

Fortunately, after she looked at me in a daze, she immediately opened her mouth and said a few words to pull me back.

She really wasn't very cold to me. She was very cold to me. I seemed to see Wang Yan's appearance yesterday on her.

However, I could tell that she wasn't the same as Wang Yan. She didn't seem to resent me as much as Wang Yan did.

I still don't understand how I offended Wang Yan. She didn't even give me a good look yesterday.

Since they called for me so early in the morning, I couldn't just stand there and do something about it.

Then I nodded and told her I'd have to change clothes and let her wait for me.

After she nodded, I closed the door, changed my clothes, and went out to go with her.

Yesterday, I couldn't wear the deformed clothes anymore. Today, I was dressed in a casual manner. I didn't wear the same torn clothes as yesterday.

I actually wanted to ask that female prison warden, Zhao Lili, who didn't seem to be interested in me, what business did she have with me?

It was obvious from her appearance that she didn't want to pay attention to me. Yesterday at Wang Yan's place, I had already received a heavy lesson and didn't want to put my hot face on her cold butt anymore.

She really didn't intend to pay any attention to me. She just casually said that I should follow her and then just walk away. Seeing that she completely ignored me, I walked forward by myself. I didn't feel that there was anything wrong and also stepped forward.

However, this female prison guard and I were quite awkward along the way. When she was with Yang Xin, she was not the same. Yang Xin was very lively, and she could chat with me in a variety of ways, so I didn't feel bored.

As I followed behind this female prisoner, I felt a sense of oppression. My chest felt stuffy, and I didn't know why I felt this way. It was just that I didn't feel comfortable overall, it was too depressing.

When I walked out of the room, I didn't forget the painful cat meow that I heard in the room last night. I still wanted to see what that female general who charged out with a magnificent army of thousands was like, so those who came downstairs still looked at the place where they lived.

He wanted to find the location of the room next door. He wanted to see what was outside the balcony. At the very least, he could see the color of the corset on the balcony. He wanted to know how big the female general in the next room was.

It was a pity that when I looked closely, I found that there was nothing hanging on the balcony of the room next to mine. I didn't even have a chance to assess the figure of that lady general from last night.

I felt that it was a pity. Last night, when she charged forward, she brought me a pretty good feeling. I was also really interested in that female general.

If I look good, then my room next door is a huge boon, and I can continue to hear her breaking into battle at night with her thousands of men and horses, and if she looks good, then my room will probably be hell.

One step is heaven, and one step is hell. This is the easiest way. Thus, I also want to see whether I am just one step away from heaven or whether I have fallen into that terrifying hell.

The female prisoner in front didn't even look back as she led the way, feeling that she was responsible for walking back. She didn't turn around to check whether I was following her or not, but she felt that I wouldn't lose myself since I was such a big person.

But to tell the truth, I can lose them wherever I go, and I definitely don't dare to lose them in a prison. How would I know what I would be greeted with if I lost them?

I was already deeply shadowed by what happened yesterday, and I thought that this shadow would accompany me for a very, very long time. Anyway, it would be impossible for me to forget what happened yesterday in such a short period of time.

That female prison guard brought me to the place where I came to yesterday. Although I was a little crazy, I could clearly recognize that this was the place where Zhao Lili wanted me to check me out when I first came here.

After looking at the familiar door, I suddenly felt my body tighten. After the female prison guard knocked on the door, a voice came from inside. This voice is really too familiar. Isn't that Zhao Lili's voice?

I thought that Zhao Lili would not have someone bring me here today, so I really wanted to continue yesterday's inspection. I couldn't help but feel my heart tighten, that female prison guard was the first to enter, and seeing that I didn't have any reaction, she came back to my senses and called out to me.

From the looks of the situation, it seemed that the prison guard had walked in as well. I immediately felt much calmer, thinking that since someone was following me in, then Zhao Lili shouldn't force anything to happen to me in front of other people, right?

I took a deep breath and followed her inside. When I walked in, I realized that I had been thinking too much of myself. I had not only seen Zhao Lili at first glance, I had also seen several female prison guards.

I was so shocked by what I saw that I thought Zhao Lili wasn't the one who called so many people here. She wanted to come with them and do something with me, but soon I knew that I was overthinking things.

In addition to them, I saw a bespectacled woman not wearing a prison uniform sitting there.

The first impression I got was that the woman was different from the others. She looked to be in her thirties, wearing black silk stockings and a uniform skirt. She was sitting on the chair with her legs crossed, as if showing off her stockinged legs.

As soon as I entered, I saw her changing her overlapping legs. I actually saw that she was wearing leopard-print underpants.

Cao, black silk stockings, and leopard-print underpants, I thought this woman must have a strong libido.

However, the first feeling she gave me was completely different from the others'. She seemed to have a kind of pride different from the others. I stood blankly at the door. My mind was momentarily blank and I didn't know what to do.

"Little Li, come sit over here." When Zhao Lili saw me come in, she greeted me.

The female prison guard who brought me in also found a place to sit down. The seat that Zhao Lili told me to sit was already the only seat left in this room. I was a little unwilling to sit with that bitch Zhao Lili.

Thus, when she called out to me, I was a little hesitant. In a short two minutes, due to my hesitation, the gazes of the others were already directed towards me. After sensing their gazes, I felt a little awkward.

I couldn't help it. Although I didn't really want to, I forced a smile on my face and waved to the prison guards sitting inside before sitting down on the chair next to Zhao Lili.

The moment I sat down, that haughty woman with glasses said, "Alright, now everyone is here, right?"

I had no idea what was going on, but Zhao Lili said, "They're all here."

Before I could react to what was happening, the proud woman asked, "Chief Zhao and you."

That prideful lady pointed at me and I was stunned. What the heck is going on? Why am I looking so confused?

The woman with glasses looked at Zhao Lili and said, "Chief Zhao, you are the leader of the prison. Tell me, what happened yesterday that caused the whole prison to riots, and why didn't you report it in time?"

I then realized that this bespectacled woman who might be very sexy was actually here for the riot in the prison yesterday.

Logically speaking, Zhao Lili should have been in a higher position in the organization. Her position should be even bigger than Zhao Lili, the warden. No wonder I felt that she was a bit arrogant at first glance.

Although I feel that this bespectacled woman should be sent by the organization to investigate what happened yesterday, I saw that Zhao Lili had a face full of disdain for her, and I thought, "Did I get it wrong, isn't this woman sent by the organization?"

"It's not a big deal, and it's not a riot. It's just an individual prisoner causing trouble. There's no need to report such trivial matters to the organization, is there?" Zhao Lili sneered. She did not seem to care about the bespectacled woman at all.

I don't feel that Zhao Lili is afraid of her at all. This is completely different from yesterday when Zhao Lili ran away after hearing the organization's superior calling me. What the hell is going on?

It was obvious that Zhao Lili's tone made the bespectacled woman unhappy, but she didn't seem to be in a bad mood. She still said coldly, "Chief Zhao, we didn't talk about the riot, but we were informed that there was an incident yesterday?"

It was obvious that her tone of voice had changed. Although she was still as cold as ever, it was obvious that she was dissatisfied. After she finished speaking, she stared into Zhao Lili's eyes. I believe that it was because she was very dissatisfied with Zhao Lili that she was staring at her like that.

"Hehe, report? We didn't have any prisoner riots. Whose report did you get? Have you investigated the reliability of the source of the report? Comrade Tang Xiao, you must know that you must be responsible for randomly spouting rumors. " Zhao Lili continued to sneer.

I realized now that the bespectacled woman might indeed have been sent by the authorities to investigate the prison riots.

However, it was obvious that Zhao Lili didn't even give her the chance and directly choked her. It was obvious that Zhao Lili wasn't afraid of her at all.

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