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C27 Move 007


With Zhao Lili's tough performance, it wasn't hard to tell that she wasn't afraid of the bespectacled woman at all. I didn't even think that the bespectacled woman would be able to suppress this bitch.

That bespectacled woman was obviously very dissatisfied with Zhao Lili's reaction. I saw her frown obviously, I felt that it was the sign of a fight between gods.

Furthermore, I can see that the ones sitting here are quite a few old faces that I have seen before. I have seen them before when there was a riot in the prison, and they are basically the prison guards who are in charge of suppressing them.

However, they were clearly in a different state compared to me. I might look like I don't understand anything now, but from their appearance, I could tell that they seemed to be the same as Zhao Lili.

I don't know what kind of person Zhao Lili is, but no matter what, I think Zhao Lili is very sulky. After all, she is the prison warden of the women's prison and it is impossible for her to reach that position without any tricks.

I don't believe that if Zhao Lili only knew how to show off, and if she could make these female prison guards so scared, I could tell that the other female prison guards were very obedient to Zhao Lili and didn't dare to have any dissatisfaction with her.

Before doing anything, they would always check the instructions Zhao Lili gave them. Only when Zhao Lili agreed to let them do it did they dare to do it.

I definitely have reason to believe that Zhao Lili did the job for them right now. That's why Zhao Lili seemed so confident and didn't even spare a glance for the bespectacled woman.

The bespectacled woman called Tang Xiao sneered and said, "Chief Zhao, the informant can personally make a call to the organization's Leader. Do you want to quibble?"

Zhao Lili also sneered before continuing to mock him, "Comrade Tang Xiao, I've already said it before. The incident that happened in the prison yesterday was just caused by someone else. If you were to rise up to a prison riot, that would be slandering the management of our prison, right?"

"Then why don't you tell us why you didn't report that to the organization in time?" Tang Xiao refused to give in.

"I say, Comrade Tang Xiao, we don't have as much time as you do. We still need to manage the prisons, so how can we have the time to report to the organization for individual trouble? If we do that every day, who else would be so free as to worry about such trivial matters?"

I could hear the gunpowder from Zhao Lili's words. I didn't know what conflict existed between her and Tang Xiao, who wore glasses, that she would be so hostile towards her.

However, from what I can tell, Tang Xiao isn't a good person. She doesn't seem to know what happened between her and Zhao Lili. The feeling she gave me was that she was going to target Zhao Lili.

I don't care what grudges they had in the past, it had nothing to do with me, and I had already decided that if I was really going to be punished, I wouldn't lose anything by not giving me any more work in the women's prison.

Moreover, I thought about it very seriously last night. This matter didn't really have much to do with me. After the female prisoner saw the man, she rebelled. It would be too unreasonable for her to punish me for that.

When the organization arranged for me to come to this women's prison, they already knew that I was a man, and their rebellion happened to be due to my relationship as a man. They couldn't all think that it was a fault for me to be a man, right?

However, the matter of me stealing the card to open the door afterwards was really my fault. If it wasn't for me stealing Zhao Lili's card to open the door, the things that happened afterwards wouldn't have happened.

"Zhao Lili, don't push yourself too far. I'm here to talk to you on behalf of the organization, not to listen to your scolding." Tang Xiao, who was wearing glasses, was clearly enraged by Zhao Lili. He pointed at her nose and cursed at her.

Zhao Lili remained unmoved by her actions. Instead, she revealed a smile on her face. It looked like Zhao Lili had done it on purpose. She had purposely provoked Tang Xiao.

"Comrade Tang Xiao, there's no need for you to be so angry. If you say that you have been reported, you can call the person who did it and confront me face to face. Won't you know who's lying then?" Zhao Lili shrugged and said.

I was a little shocked when Zhao Lili said such words. Logically speaking, if someone really did report the incident of the riot yesterday, then wouldn't Zhao Lili be defeated if the informant confronted Zhao Lili personally?

Why did Zhao Lili still dare to call out like that? Wasn't she afraid of the whistleblower?

Apart from that, I looked at Zhao Lili, who had a smile on her face. I didn't know what was going on in her head.

However, after Zhao Lili had asked the whistleblower to confront her, I saw that Tang Xiao's expression was not very pleasant. I felt that if she had come here to investigate the riot and had been reported, there must have been a whistleblower.

Now that Zhao Lili had already boasted to let the whistleblower confront her face to face, if Tang Xiao really wanted to investigate Zhao Lili, she would definitely call out the whistleblower and directly slap Zhao Lili's face. Why was she looking so troubled now?

Could there be some unknown secret that made Tang Xiao not dare to call out the whistleblower?

"She doesn't want others to know the identity of the whistleblower, so she can't confront you." Tang Xiao gritted her teeth.

Zhao Lili could no longer conceal her smile after hearing his words. She started laughing out loud.

She looked as though she already knew that Tang Xiao would say such words. That was why she said that earlier. She knew that Tang Xiao would not be able to call anyone out, so there was nothing she needed to be afraid of.

Tang Xiao had clearly been provoked by Zhao Lili's laughter. She said coldly, "Superintendent Zhao, don't think that just because you can't match up with the whistle-blower that you are able to cover the sky with your bare hands. I will definitely investigate this matter properly."

When Tang Xiao said this, he glared fiercely into Zhao Lili's eyes. Zhao Lili did not mind Tang Xiao's glare at all. Instead, she sat even more steadily. Furthermore, it was obvious that she was somewhat happy when Tang Xiao glared at her.

I think this must also be Zhao Lili felt that she might have succeeded in gaining the upper hand in her battle with Tang Xiao.

"Comrade Tang Xiao, I welcome your investigations. If the rebellion you mentioned really happened in my prison, then I would definitely be willing to accept the punishment of the organization. However, if the organization were to be randomly reported by some people and misled, then so many of the staff here would be disappointed with the organization." Zhao Lili suddenly turned serious.

Damn, looking at Zhao Lili's serious expression and the sudden change in expression, if it wasn't for the incident with the women prisoners yesterday, I would probably have been shocked by her.

This bitch was really shameless. She had raised this matter by more than a level. As expected of someone who could be the head of the prison. Her level of speech had completely reversed the situation.

"It doesn't matter if I slander you or not. I'll only find out after I investigate this matter properly." Tang Xiao ignored her.

However, Zhao Lili had a confident look on her face. I thought that it would definitely be difficult for Tang Xiao to investigate this matter, but the battle between the two of them had nothing to do with a small fry like me.

"We welcome Comrade Tang Xiao's investigations into this matter. Please return the innocence of our prison management." Zhao Lili said shamelessly.

Tang Xiao was dismissive as she said, "I don't need to trouble you with that. I know what I'm doing."

Then, Tang Xiao pointed at me and said to Zhao Lili, "This is the doctor who reported yesterday, Comrade Li Kai, right? I want to have a private chat with Comrade Li Kai now, do you think that Zhao Lili has any problems with it?"

Zhao Lili shrugged and replied, "Everyone in our prison will definitely cooperate with the organization's investigation."

After saying that, Zhao Lili patted my shoulders and smiled at me, "Little Li, cooperate well with Comrade Tang Xiao's investigation. Just tell Comrade Tang Xiao about what happened yesterday. Don't be afraid. After it's over, remember to give the 007 an injection."

I was dumbfounded. I did not expect Zhao Lili to push me out like this. Furthermore, I was not stupid. It was obvious that what Zhao Lili said was not on the surface. It was definitely impossible for her to get me to cooperate with Tang Xiao.

If I really had to tell Tang Xiao the truth about what happened yesterday, it would be completely opposite of what she expressed previously. I immediately understood that Zhao Lili, that bitch, had obviously told me to follow her instructions.

I didn't know what kind of confidence Zhao Lili had. She was so confident, she knew that I would definitely understand what she meant, that I would definitely agree with her words, and that she purposely brought up 007.

She must have seen that I was interested in 007, so she made a point of bringing up 007 for me.

Zhao Lili was smiling at me, but I could see a hint of cunning in her smile. We didn't talk last night, and I didn't know what to say, but after she brought 007 out.

I immediately understood what she meant. She told me that if I wanted to stay in the prison and see 007 again, I must keep my mouth shut, otherwise I would never see 007 again.

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