The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C28 Tang xiao also had waves
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C28 Tang xiao also had waves
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C28 Tang xiao also had waves


I had already thought it through very clearly. The reason for the rebellion was indeed because of the appearance of this man. This made them want to rebel. They definitely can't blame me for this.

But what happened after that was the series of things that happened when I went to snatch Zhao Lili's card to open the door. If the higher-ups found out about this, I would definitely be punished.

So I knew very well that if I didn't want to stay in this prison, no matter what I wanted to say, Zhao Lili wouldn't be able to stop me.

I will certainly keep up with her words, and I am now mainly because of the indelible mark that 007 has left in my heart. I am particularly interested in 007, and I have the feeling that I'm possessed, so I certainly don't want to leave the prison right now.

I also wanted to stay in prison and find out more about what had happened to that devastatingly beautiful woman, especially after seeing her attitude towards men last night. She was so disgusted with men that it filled me with the excitement of understanding her.

I didn't want to leave the prison until I knew all about her. If I hadn't gone back to see her last night, I wouldn't be thinking this way, but I did see what she had done to me.

Her beautiful face stuck in my mind, urging me to find out what was going on with this woman.

Zhao Lili really caught on to me. Yesterday, when I saw 007, my whole person was in a different state from before. I thought this Zhao Lili only knew about the red eye, but I didn't think that this bitch Zhao Lili could see through my thoughts.

Furthermore, she can even use this matter to threaten me to form a team with her. I said that she definitely didn't rely on her coquettish behavior to become the head of this women's prison and that I definitely have some special methods.

She's also a leader, which one of us doesn't have their own methods to be a leader? Zhao Lili was no exception, so I didn't underestimate this woman before. I didn't expect her to be so powerful.

Before Zhao Lili stood up, she patted my shoulder and smiled at me. Tang Xiao also saw the scene and heard what Zhao Lili had said to me. However, I think that Tang Xiao definitely did not understand these things.

Afterwards, she called the female prison guards to follow her out of the room, leaving me and Tang Xiao alone in the room.

When I was in the room with Tang Xiao, it reminded me of the incident that happened between me and Zhao Lili in this room when I first came to report. What happened that day was too thrilling.

Furthermore, Tang Xiao is currently sitting in the same position as Zhao Lili did the other day. I still clearly remember the events that happened yesterday with Zhao Lili, but of course, the thing that left the deepest impression on me is the scene of Zhao Lili wetting the chair with some liquid.

"Hello, you are Comrade Li Kai, right?" After everyone left, the bespectacled woman called Tang Xiao said to me.

We weren't that far away, and she even reached out her hand to shake mine. I also understood the ways of the world, so I naturally reached out my hand to shake hers. It was a very normal kind of handshake.

"Hello, I'm Li Kai." I looked at her.

Tang Xiao had been bickering with Zhao Lili and Zhao Lili. When we entered, I didn't pay much attention to this bespectacled woman. Actually, I didn't really like bespectacled women, so naturally, I wasn't too interested in her.

However, now that there's only the two of us left in the room, I can only go see her. Her clothes are quite attractive, and she wears a black silk dress.

I didn't pay much attention to her face before, but now I can see it clearly. Although she has eyes, she looks pretty good, a little pretty, but her expression is like a widow without her husband.

Especially since she kept changing her legs, I could occasionally see a hint of light at the bottom of her thighs, but I couldn't really see the main details, which was because her movements weren't that big.

After Tang Xiao changed her legs and adjusted her sitting posture, she said, "I'm Tang Xiao, the one who came down from the provincial court to investigate the prison riots."

I nodded and didn't say anything. I already had a general idea from her conversation with Zhao Lili, but she saying that she came from the court made me curious.

But I don't know what part of the prison is governed by, so hearing her say that, I felt that since she was investigated by the court, then the prison should be under the jurisdiction of the court. I had always felt that the prison should be under the jurisdiction of the Public Security Department, so that isn't too important.

When Tang Xiao faced me, it was clearly better than facing Zhao Lili. She and Zhao Lili were at opposite ends. When she looked at me, there was still a trace of a smile on her face.

"You also heard my conversation with Chief Zhao just now, so I believe you don't need me to say anything more. I just want to hear what you said about the riot yesterday. Don't worry, just tell me what happened yesterday truthfully." Tang Xiao smiled.

I know that the reason why Tang Xiao smiled at me on the surface was to make me tell her what happened yesterday. I'm obviously not stupid, so I'm not going to be tricked by her simple routine.

And just as she finished this sentence, she swapped her legs again, then bent down and took out a small notebook from her bag.

I don't know if Tang Xiao was doing this on purpose in front of me because it was obvious that her action of switching her legs was very special. Furthermore, when she lowered her body, my eyes happened to be looking at a spot on her chest.

I thought that it was only the women in prison that were so hungry. I didn't think that Tang Xiao was so hungry that she would directly show me those things. However, I wondered if she was trying to trick me into doing so on purpose.

I could see her bottomless chasm clearly. It was obvious that she was using this method to tempt me. Moreover, her movements of changing her legs were extremely slow this time around. I didn't see the details within her before.

I took in the details of her movements. I couldn't help but want to curse at her, not because she was trying so hard to seduce me, but because she was wearing a leopard print under her skirt.

It's said that certain aspects of a woman wearing a leopard print have very strong requirements. I don't know if this is the case with Tang Xiao, but the color of her panties has already made me have no objections to the fact that she is a slut.

This reminded me of Zhao Lili, who was sitting in the same position as her that day. I thought that Tang Xiao wouldn't be able to produce some of the same liquids now, right? This made me constantly look in her direction.

It directly pulled my thoughts away. Although I didn't have a cold towards Tang Xiao, if such a thing happened to any normal man, your eyes definitely wouldn't be able to control it.

After Tang Xiao took out the notebook, she pretended that nothing had happened as she looked at me. I no longer dared to look at her position, so I could only slightly retract my gaze. At the same time, in order to prevent her from discovering what I was doing, I looked in all directions.

I tried my best to not focus my gaze on her. Later on, I realized that I had done it on purpose. Since Tang Xiao had purposely left it out for me to see, she must have guaranteed that my eyes would look that way.

If I had known back then, I wouldn't have been better off looking at her directly as a hoodlum.

"Li Kai, tell me about the riot yesterday." Tang Xiao flipped open the notebook and said to me.

Only then did I turn my gaze back to her. She was very calm, as if those seductive actions were not her doing. It was as if nothing had happened.

Seeing how much Tang Xiao and Zhao Lili compared to each other, the two of them were those kind of shameless sluts.

However, I quickly realized that Tang Xiao had specifically mentioned the word 'prison riot' twice. I quickly realized that Tang Xiao wanted to know more about these four words, which was why she pursued these four words relentlessly.

If I had answered her directly, it would have been to agree with her about the riot in the prison. I realized that the bitch had set me up from the start, and it seemed that I couldn't be careless enough to see her acting, and would have to take her conversation seriously.

Furthermore, Zhao Lili had already given me a direction during the conversation between me and Tang Xiao. The riot yesterday was just a personal act of a certain someone, much less a riot in the prison.

I shook my head to answer Tang Xiao's question. "Comrade Tang Xiao, our prison did not have any riots yesterday. Just like what Superintendent Zhao said, it was just a personal action by a certain person."

After Tang Xiao heard my answer, I saw her frown.

However, she didn't continue to do anything. She continued to smile at me and pretended to be puzzled. "Oh, it's really just a personal act. However, I think the report that we received said that the entire prison is rioting?"

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