The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C29 Tempting tang xiao
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C29 Tempting tang xiao
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C29 Tempting tang xiao


Sure enough, Tang Xiao is also a bitch. Her slut attributes are completely revealed. From her words and every action she takes, I can feel the smell of her body, the smell of a whore all over her body.

Are all the women nowadays so sultry?

Zhao Lili and the other female prison guards were the same. The other female prisoners were the same as well. Now, even Tang Xiao, who had entered the prison, was so sullen. I suspected that I had never come into contact with the real world before.

Could it be that the women in the real world all liked to be coquettish, to be as cheap as that?

I didn't feel that way about her, but she was actually flirting with me, and when she spoke, she purposely showed me the little private object under her skirt.

Even though she did it, and I knew she was trying to get something out of me, and I wasn't going to be confused by her flippancy, I chose to ignore her actions.

Ever since I saw 007's beautiful face, I seemed to have lost interest in any kind of woman. Furthermore, Tang Xiao was like a person who would take off all her clothes and stand in front of me, so I probably wouldn't have any reaction.

Frankly speaking, I don't know what Tang Xiao is thinking. Does she really want to use her body to tempt me?

Tang Xiao was not because she was particularly ugly. Her looks were actually pretty good as well. She was the same type of mature woman like Zhao Lili.

If it had been before, I would have been very interested in their type, but now I have no interest at all. All I can think about is 007, that stunning beauty, compared to them, they are nothing more than village girls.

Ever since Zhao Lili whispered 007 into my ear, it was as if my soul had left my body. I really wanted to see 007 again, since I had already changed my mind and decided to stay in the prison.

Only by being able to stay in this prison would I be able to see 007 again. This way, I would be able to understand more of what had happened to this peerless woman. I kept feeling that she wasn't as simple as she seemed.

Zhao Lili didn't need to say anything in advance. All she needed to do was say those words, and everything else would be left to me to consider. If I wanted to stay in the prison, then I would have to be on the same side as her.

If I did not want to continue staying in the women's prison, then I did not need to be controlled by her. I would directly tell Tang Xiao what happened yesterday.

Actually, the main control is still in my own hands. Zhao Lili only gave me a direction and let me, who was wandering around endlessly, make the decision quickly.

I know exactly what I want right now and what I should do to get what I want. I know very well that this is what I think Zhao Lili is very strong.

She clearly knew what it was that I needed to be on the same side as her, so she gave me the condition, which was equivalent to choosing a path for me. Coincidentally, she had given me the right path, which was the one I wanted to take.

In this way, our goal was reached, and I was now on Zhao Lili's side.

Tang Xiao is here to investigate the riot yesterday, so she is on the opposite side of us. I definitely won't tell her the truth.

I knew exactly what I was going to say next.

Previously, Zhao Lili had already drawn up the template for me. She had previously said that it was only a personal matter. Although I had never spoken with her about it before, she had such a point of view.

"Comrade Tang Xiao, like I said, what happened yesterday wasn't a prison riot. It was actually just a personal act. As for the report you received, it was definitely intentional. There was no such thing." I replied after I had sorted out my thoughts.

My current position is extremely firm. I didn't waver just because of Tang Xiao's seductive actions.

Tang Xiao was clearly unsatisfied with my second answer. She frowned once again as she reached out to wipe her glasses before looking at me without saying a word. I had no idea what she wanted to do.

She was just slowly cleaning her glasses, and I was at a loss as to what medicine she was selling in the gourd.

Tang Xiao did not speak. I quietly watched her wipe her glasses, but similarly, I did not speak.

Only when Tang Xiao seemed to have roughly cleaned her glasses did she put it on and said, "Li Kai, don't worry about anything. As long as you tell me the truth, I guarantee that you will be fine. The organization will even reward you."

Tang Xiao looked at me twice for the same answer. It was as though she had changed methods. Previously, she had used her body to tempt me, but now, she was using the sugar-coated artillery shells that were on the organization's surface to reward me.

"Little Li, as long as you tell me the truth about what happened yesterday, I can guarantee that you'll be fine. Also, after the organization has investigated thoroughly, your internship will definitely be highly graded, which will greatly benefit your future work. What do you think?" Tang Xiao continued to tempt me.

When Tang Xiao mentioned my internship and my future work, she was indeed very good at it. No wonder the organization sent her to follow up on this matter. Clearly, she knew how to capture others' hearts.

She obviously knows what I need the most right now, so she directly told me about it. It was indeed very touching, and after hearing it, I also felt really moved.

If it wasn't me who was sitting here today and others, I think that Tang Xiao's sugar-coated artillery shell might have succeeded, but unfortunately, the person sitting in front of her today was me. The one who said those words to me would be me, so the situation would be different.

My heart was already clear as a mirror. I knew what I should do. The reason why Tang Xiao said that was because she wanted me to tell her about the prison riot yesterday, but I was not stupid. How could I say it?

Tang Xiao might not know it. If it was anyone else who might have heard of her, they would have told me everything that happened yesterday. However, I can't.

If I told the truth about this, let alone any reward, if the organization knew the reason behind it, it would be because I snatched Zhao Lili's card to open the door.

The organization is not giving me any rewards, the organization is definitely giving me a punishment, I'm not that stupid and will be joining in as well.

I spread out my hands and said, "Comrade Tang Xiao, there was indeed a riot yesterday, but it was a personal act that happened alone. It wasn't a prison riot at all. This is the truth. I can't just randomly make it up, right?"

When I spoke, my expression was one of extreme helplessness. I even intentionally spread out my hands to express my helplessness. I looked into Tang Xiao's eyes and told her that I was indeed not lying.

I don't know what Tang Xiao is thinking, but I can't tell. However, I can see that her expression isn't particularly good. The notebook she was holding on to has been recording something all this while, but now it seems that she has stopped.

I didn't know if she was affected by my answer or not, but her face was extremely unsightly right now.

Tang Xiao said with an expressionless face, "Alright, since you said that it was a personal action, what happened yesterday? Why did that woman suddenly revolt? You can tell me all about it. "

Initially, I purposely appeared to be in a difficult situation. Seeing my awkward state, Tang Xiao harrumphed and continued, "Hur hur, what's the matter? Why can't you say it?"

I shook my head and replied, "No, I'm not too sure about the cause of the women's riot yesterday."

"What's there to be embarrassed about? Just tell the truth. Don't tell me you want to fabricate a lie to deceive the organization?" Tang Xiao's voice was somewhat loud.

What I want is this kind of effect. If Tang Xiao didn't shout at me, I wouldn't know how to express what I'm about to say.

I pretended to be bashful as I stammered, "Actually, the sudden riot yesterday had something to do with me."

"Oh? What does it have to do with you? "What does it have to do with you? Continue." Tang Xiao indeed took the bait. She looked at me curiously and said.

I continued to stammer, "Wasn't it my first time here to report yesterday? Sister Zhao, oh, it's Chief Zhao Lili. She took me to the prison to familiarize with the environment."

At this point, I deliberately paused, wanting to wait for Tang Xiao to answer.

"Yes, this is the first time I've come to report, so I brought it to familiarize myself with the environment. There are no problems, it's very normal. Let's continue." Tang Xiao continued after seeing me pause.

Just as I expected, Tang Xiao took over the conversation.

I scratched my head. "That's right. Initially, it was a very normal thing for me to visit the prison. However, during that time, the female prisoner suddenly became violent."

"Tell me about the situation." Tang Xiao seemed to be unable to endure my slow words and shouted at me.

I pretended to be embarrassed. "That's normal, but as for the women's prison, they're all women. They haven't seen a man for many years, so when the woman saw that I'm a man, her accumulated emotions exploded."

At this moment, I deliberately looked at Tang Xiao's expression. Tang Xiao's expression looked somewhat confused. It was as though she had said something incomprehensible to me. When she heard that I did not continue, she raised her head and asked, "What do you mean? What sudden uprising? "

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