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C3 Female fossa

Zhao Lili left in a fit of anger with the man. Although she didn't know what was going on, she had actually ruined Zhao Lili's plans. Zhao Lili's earlier tone was filled with dissatisfaction towards her.

Based on how Zhao Lili treated her, I can only feel sorry and wish her well. I hope that she won't receive any different treatment because of what happened today.

However, I could tell that this slut Zhao Lili wanted me to strip earlier and say that the test was nonsense. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to act like a frightened rabbit the moment she knocked on the door.

Then there would be no such thing as a deep anger towards a man after his good deed had been ruined.

Looks like this bitch really thinks the same as I do. She really wants to eat me here. She's so f * cking coquettish, but I like it.

If the male nanny hadn't come just now, perhaps something would have happened between me and Zhao Lili. I suddenly felt a little regretful.

Furthermore, if a mature woman like Zhao Lili could become my teacher, I believe that she would be able to greatly increase my experience. Furthermore, based on Zhao Lili's thirst, I believe that this would be an unavoidable earth-shattering battle.

I don't know if there will be such a chance in the future. Looking at the puddle of water on the chair, I felt that according to this degree, there would definitely be such an opportunity in the future. So I suddenly didn't feel that regretful anymore.

After Zhao Lili left, I was too bored to wait here for her. To be honest, I didn't dare to walk around carelessly. Even though this was a woman's nest, I knew very well that this was a prison.

The prisoners inside the prison are all criminals. No matter if they are women or men, I definitely wouldn't dare to walk around carelessly. Thus, I could only sit inside the room and wait for Zhao Lili to return.

I picked up the books on the table and looked at them. The books on the table were all neatly arranged, but there wasn't a single one of them that was right for me to read. They were all fucking romance novels, the kind that helped women get rid of their desires.

After flipping through all these books, I finally understood why Zhao Lili was so hungry. Reading books like these all day long, I must have been the only one to comfort myself. I definitely couldn't be satisfied with anything, so I became so sulky and dissatisfied with my desires.

Naturally, it was impossible for me to read such books. I rummaged through it for a bit and finally found a prison manual. It took me nearly two hours to finish reading this manual.

Zhao Lili is still not back yet. I think her reporting is still not over, but I was too bored to be here alone. At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and I thought Zhao Lili had returned.

He thought, "That's not right. If Zhao Lili had come back, then why would she have knocked on the door? This is Zhao Lili's room, and she also knows that I am inside. She definitely won't knock on the door."

I was a little disappointed and a little happy at the same time. The reason for my disappointment was that I wanted Zhao Lili to be the one to come back. Zhao Lili refused to give up and wanted to follow me into the second round.

I walked over eagerly to open the door. Just as I thought, the person outside the door wasn't Zhao Lili. However, the person outside the door also made my heart beat rapidly.

If it wasn't for the fact that she was wearing a prison uniform and the uniform of a high school, I would have thought that the girl in front of me was a student from a high school. She was simply too tender and was as petite as a human doll.

She smiled sweetly at me when she saw me. It didn't matter if she didn't laugh, she was really going to die, her skin was very white, it wasn't the snake-like face of a beautiful woman right now. Her face was round, and when she smiled, there were two shallow dimples, making me feel like I was in love for the first time.

I was so shocked that I didn't even know how to react to the situation I was in.

"Hehe, you must be the Little Li that Sister Zhao was talking about, right?"

F * ck, isn't the voice of this doll in front of me a little too intoxicating? F * ck my ass, this is the feeling of being in love for the first time.

"Yes, yes, yes, I am Little Li. I am." "No," I said, putting away my stunned look.

The doll went on to say that it was Zhao Lili, that slut, who told me to take you to the dorm to get to know the prison. She also told me her name, Tong Yan.

I praised her for having a good name. She really was a childish face. I shamelessly stared at her from the moment she spoke. However, she didn't seem to feel any discomfort from her gaze.

Since she doesn't feel uncomfortable about it, I don't need to retract my gaze. I think that although this Tong Yan looks harmless, but since she's working in a prison, her mental state must not be as harmless as people with expressions.

I don't know if it was just my imagination or something.

Actually, when I stared at her shamelessly, I didn't know if she did it on purpose or not. Perhaps she was just showing it to me on purpose, but she secretly stuck out her chest a few times, as if showing me her figure.

It seemed like she was not only a child's beauty, but also a child's beauty.

After that, Tong Yan brought me out of Zhao Lili's lounge. Along the way, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Of course, it wasn't the prison building scenery, but it was also the prison landscape, as well as the scenery of the prison supervisors.

On the way to the prison, Tong Yan led the way while introducing the situation of the prison to me. In fact, I had already understood most of what she had to say in the manual, so my focus was still on her childish face and giant breasts.

But I have to say, the prison is a little different from what I imagined. Tong Yan showed me where the female prisoners lived, and after passing through several sports fields, I still couldn't see a single person.

Tong Yan told me that it was time for the female prisoners to work and relax, there wouldn't be anyone outside. We would have to wait until the female prisoners were allowed to come out to exercise before we would see the female prisoners' activities.

I am still very interested in everything in this prison. Although Tong Yan's huge breasts are also very attractive, I still want to know more about this place where I will have to work for a long time in the future.

Tong Yan gently introduced me to every place, turning left and right, I finally saw the aura of someone else besides the two of us.

Tong Yan introduced the place to me as the prison staff's dormitory, and I haven't seen anyone yet.

But I could already see the women's clothes hanging on the window outside, as well as all kinds of women's underwear and underwear. The underwear was of all colors, not just a lot of colors, but also a lot of kinds.

The underwear was even more outrageous, I had never seen so many undergarments before. Everyone's nutrition since childhood was different, they all had different cups. I secretly observed and silently noted down which rooms had different cups that were relatively satisfied.

It was as if I had entered a shop that specialized in all kinds of female goods. My nose turned hot, as if there was a liquid that was about to gush out, causing me to gulp. The fuck, I really fell into a woman's nest this time.

When Tong Yan saw that I stopped in my tracks, she immediately followed my gaze. She was stunned for a moment, before she burst out laughing. I was distracted by her laughter, and looking at her underwear that fluttered in the wind, I felt a little awkward. I touched my head in embarrassment.

F * ck, I was actually ridiculed by a doll-like girl. However, Tong Yan didn't get entangled with me on this matter, and took me along after saying goodbye.

After passing through all sorts of sexy and bloody items, I was finally brought to the door of a room. Tong Yan opened the door and handed me the key, telling me that this would be my dorm room from now on.

The room had its own washroom, and there was only a single bed in the room. It seemed that the living quarters were pretty good, one for one person and the living quarters for the staff here were pretty good.

Although the dorm room is very clean, maybe because no one has lived here for a long time, Tong Yan still helped me clean it up.

When it was about time, before Tong Yan could catch her breath, there was a knock on the door. Why would there be a knock?

I feel a little strange, this is my first day here and I don't know anyone else. I looked at Tong Yan with suspicion, but she wasn't as confused as me. Instead, she smiled, stood up and opened the door.

Tong Yan just opened the door a little bit before it was pushed open and several girls suddenly came in. They were all in uniform like Tong Yan, they didn't say anything after they came in, and just surrounded me as if they were looking at a monster while observing me.

"Look, look! This man is blushing!"

It was unknown who suddenly shouted, but this f * cker was simply asking for his life.

Having grown up like this, when have I ever been surrounded by a group of women for such observation? No matter how bold I am, it's too embarrassing to encounter such a thing and my face is also flushed red. Just like this, I turn red in front of a group of women.

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