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C30 Complete defeat


When Tang Xiao said this sentence, my first reaction was that the bitch wasn't pretending. I had said it clearly enough, so how could she not understand? I didn't believe that she was so coquettish as to wear a uniform skirt and black stockings and purposely show me leopard print pants.

I definitely won't believe that such a sultry woman doesn't know what I meant by my words just now. Furthermore, she even showed a confused expression. Her acting ability is way too strong.

If she was really acting, then her acting skills were already above a certain someone else's.

But when I looked closely at the expression on her face, I felt as if she were really acting, as if she really didn't know anything about me. Was she really that pure?

I can't believe that a woman who knew how to seduce me with her body before doesn't understand what I mean. I think she might be giving me a smoke bomb, pretending she doesn't understand, but what good would it do to pretend she doesn't know?

I looked at Tang Xiao as if she was an alien. I didn't know if she was acting or if she really didn't understand what I was saying.

Tang Xiao might have also felt that the way I looked at her was different. She frowned before saying, "What do you mean? Don't stop, just go on. "

I don't care, it's not like she knows anything about me, at most I'll just explain it to her again. It's not a difficult matter for me, and it won't cause any damage to me, so it's obvious that it won't affect this matter.

"That rioting female prisoner. Due to her long period of imprisonment in prison, I haven't seen a man for a long time. Thus, when she saw me, she ? Some of her... Some things may have been stimulated, and then she got violent. " I tried to make things more vulgar.

When these words come out of my mouth, I don't know why I keep feeling that it's strange. Furthermore, I feel that I've already said it so bluntly, it's impossible for Tang Xiao to not understand what I mean. If she doesn't understand, then I suspect that she might not be pure, but rather that she's too stupid.

As expected, after I explained it to Tang Xiao in such a vulgar manner, she probably understood what I meant. This is because her face clearly blushed. I don't know if she felt that my words were too explicit or something.

In any case, I've already put my words here. As for how Tang Xiao understands it, that's none of my business.

"You mean the main reason for the woman's riot was because she had been a man for so many years?" Tang Xiao was even more direct.

Although Tang Xiao's face has a very obvious blush on it, she is, after all, the person who came down to investigate this matter. Therefore, she would definitely not bring these emotions of hers into her work.

So I didn't feel surprised when she said it so bluntly, but when I looked at Tang Xiao's flushed face, I could tell that her ears were already red. I thought to myself, could the bitch that seduced me with her body really be that pure?

Tang Xiao has already finished speaking. I am also in a state of speechlessness. The meaning I want to express is that after Tang Xiao's own interpretation, she should understand as well, so there is no need for me to explain it to her any further.

I nodded to her, meaning to tell her that she was right.

After Tang Xiao saw me nod, she took out a pen and began recording something in the book. Since I was unable to see anything from my angle, I did not pay much attention to what was recorded.

However, I was curious as to how she would record this matter. I believe that she would use a different method to write it down. After all, she couldn't possibly record the words that I've said so bluntly. That would be too embarrassing.

Regardless, Tang Xiao was still a woman after all. Soon, she raised her head once again and asked, "That female prisoner caused such an uproar just because she saw you. I heard that that's not the case?"

Indeed, Tang Xiao was clearly unwilling to give up. She still wanted to hear my words. Her words did not sound like much, as she just wanted to understand more about this matter. However, I was able to understand a few things.

She still wants to get information from me about the prison riots.

I was lying in the first place. People who lie should be able to speak as little as possible because I was afraid that if I said too much, I would be exposed without even saying a word. It was clear that Tang Xiao wished for me to say something more.

I hoped to find a flaw in my words, but she definitely did not expect that I had already mentally prepared everything. I knew that since she was here to deal with the riot in the prison, she would definitely not let this matter go easily.

"Comrade Tang Xiao, actually, it was like this. Back then, when I walked into the prison cell, I did not understand nor did I pay much attention to it. That's why, when I walked over, I was a little closer to the steel bars. I answered truthfully.

I'm not making this up. I was captured by the woman in the prison earlier because of this reason.

When Tang Xiao heard my words, she probably felt that there was a chance. Clearly, her eyes lit up.

"And then?" Tang Xiao's eyes were glowing as she gestured for me to continue.

Since she wants to know what's going on, it doesn't matter if I tell her what's going on.

I replied, "Then the female prisoner grabbed my shirt and pulled me with all her might. Then, Superintendent Zhao reacted and let go of me, but she still didn't react. There was no other way, so he could only take out his baton and hit her."

These are all the facts that happened before. I didn't lie at all, so when I said those words, I wasn't worried that there would be any loopholes. I only changed a few of them into one person.

Tang Xiao had been recording it in her notebook the entire time. After I had stopped for a long time, he was still writing it down in his notebook. I was in no hurry, nor did I continue to speak.

Since I was already lying, there was no need for me to say too much. If Tang Xiao had not asked, I definitely would not have continued speaking. After all, speaking too much could easily lead to a mistake, so there was no need for me to take unnecessary risks.

As I expected, after Tang Xiao finished writing on her notebook, she raised her head again and looked at me. She said, "What happened after the call?"

Tang Xiao is obviously very interested in me saying that Zhao Lili beat someone up. I can understand that Zhao Lili would definitely be punished for such unprovoked violence in the prison.

Right now, I am on the same side as Zhao Lili, so I definitely can't sell out Zhao Lili. Although I especially dislike Zhao Lili for acting like she's crazy that day, I still want to see what happens.

Facing Tang Xiao, I definitely wouldn't do anything that would harm Zhao Lili. That would be equivalent to harming myself.

I shook my head and said helplessly, "Chief Zhao originally didn't use too much strength. He kept warning that female prisoner, but that female prisoner seemed to have gone crazy and completely ignored you, so you could say that you really used strength to hit her."

Obviously, when I spoke up for Zhao Lili once again, Tang Xiao frowned once again. It could be seen that she was not particularly satisfied with my reply. This was also something I could have expected.

Tang Xiao said, "Based on what you said, that Zhao Lili is indeed beating up a prisoner, right?"

She did want to use Zhao Lili to beat people up.

However, I am not worried. Since I will say it like that, then I will not worry about her making a fuss about it. If I dare to say it out loud, then it means that I have already prepared to deal with this matter.

I purposely acted very anxious.

"Comrade Tang Xiao, although I reported in the prison yesterday, Sis Zhao is very good to me. We did not wish to see what happened yesterday, as a large part of the reason for the riots in the female prisoner was me. If it wasn't for Sis Zhao beating back that crazy female prisoner, I might have lost my life. "I am willing to accept the punishment." I purposely spoke a bit miserably.

I think very clearly, the organization will know that I am a man the moment they send me down, they definitely won't punish me for this.

"The organization won't punish others as they please. I only came here to investigate the truth of the matter, not to punish others." After Tang Xiao heard what I said, she answered coldly. She did not look good.

Tang Xiao spoke to me a few more times, but most of them were unimportant. However, most of them still wanted to get something out of me, but I kept my mouth shut.

Seeing how Tang Xiao shakes her head or frowns every time, I knew that she was in a bad mood. She was not in a good mood since she did not receive any information from me.

After about half an hour of discussion, Tang Xiao finally stood up.

She handed me the little book she'd been writing and said, "Check my notes for any problems."

I received her book and Tang Xiao ignored me. She walked over to the door and opened it. The moment Tang Xiao opened the door, I saw her chuckle before she pretentiously beckoned for people outside to enter the house.

I saw Zhao Lili and a few other female prison guards waiting outside. It seemed that during the time I was talking with Tang Xiao, they had been waiting outside. No wonder Tang Xiao chuckled.

Even though she didn't get any concrete information, but to be able to make Zhao Lili stand guard outside for half an hour, I think that was enough as a consolation prize for her hard work.

However, if the battle between her and Zhao Lili was considered a showdown, then it was clear that she had lost to Zhao Lili.

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