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C31 Angry zhao lili


However, Tang Xiao did not gain any advantage. Although I had chatted with her for a long time, it would only take half an hour for Zhao Lili to be standing outside for that long.

When Tang Xiao saw that Zhao Lili looked like she was being punished, she appeared somewhat happy. When Zhao Lili came in, she also saw Tang Xiao's chuckle, but she did not react.

I think Zhao Lili didn't pay much attention to this kind of thing and didn't care about it at all. There was a smile on Zhao Lili's face because she knew what I was talking about here.

She smiled at me when she came in, a smile that was like praise for me and the feeling of having everything in her hands, but it was also true that Zhao Lili had everything in her own hands.

At the very least, my conversation with Tang Xiao was clearly to protect Zhao Lili.

Zhao Lili did not directly walk over because Tang Xiao had stopped her. I did not know what would happen between the two of them, but I did not think that anything would happen.

I could only read the contents of the notebook that Tang Xiao had given me in earnest. After I read through it carefully, there wasn't any problem with the contents recorded.

Although I could tell that Tang Xiao was very dissatisfied with Zhao Lili, she was, after all, an organization sent by her to investigate the prison intifada incident. She could not make it up.

After confirming it over and over again, I signed my name at the spot Tang Xiao asked me to sign.

However, the conversation between Tang Xiao and Zhao Lili isn't over yet. From the looks of it, nothing will happen between the two of them.

My work has been done, and that's all I can do. The rest is none of my business.

They seemed to have finished communicating. Tang Xiao was the first to walk over. When she was in front of me, she pricked up her brows and said, "See, there shouldn't be any problems, right?"

I nodded.

Tang Xiao nodded as well. "Then why don't you sign it?"

I directly handed the notebook to Tang Xiao and said, "I've already signed it."

I didn't see how Tang Xiao's expression was like right now, but I felt that after her conversation with Zhao Lili, she had become even calmer.

I could see a hint of dissatisfaction on her face when she was talking to me before, but now I can't see any of it on her face. It must have been something Zhao Lili said to me earlier.

Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't have caused such a change in her, and what exactly did Zhao Lili say to her? This made me very curious, the person who was very dissatisfied with Zhao Lili just a moment ago actually had a heart as calm as water, could it be that Zhao Lili knew magic?

Tang Xiao received the book that I handed to her. She flipped open the book to confirm the contents before closing the book again.

Then, she turned around to face Zhao Lili and said, "Chief Zhao, I've finished investigating this matter. I feel that you've cooperated with me."

She even stretched out her hand in front of Zhao Lili. I didn't see any signs of happiness on Tang Xiao nor did I see any signs of displeasure on her face.

She smiled as she held Tang Xiao's hand and said with a hypocritical smile, "What Comrade Tang Xiao says. We will definitely follow your words and cooperate with the organization's investigations. As long as the organization isn't misled by someone, blaming the good guys will be fine."

It was clear that Zhao Lili was being cheap now and had not forgotten to stab Tang Xiao in the end. Her fake smile made me feel a little disgusted, just like how I felt disgusted when she went crazy in there yesterday.

"The organization definitely won't blame the good people, but those who are behind the organization are still doing well. If you want people to do something without their knowledge, don't you think so, Superintendent Zhao?" Tang Xiao gave a fake smile.

It seemed that although Tang Xiao's expression had been impenetrable, her words fully exposed the discontent in her heart. To be able to say such words was probably because she did not have any proof, which was why she said such words.

Zhao Lili was a little more shrewd. Ignoring Tang Xiao's words, she changed the topic, "It's getting late. If Comrade Tang Xiao isn't busy, you can eat a meal here before leaving. Our prison's food is pretty good. Tang Tonghui will never forget it."

On the surface, Zhao Lili's words seemed very normal. If it was not for the time being, Tang Xiao would be left unattended for a meal. However, if one were to carefully divide the dishes and look at the later parts, there was indeed a great deal of scheming hidden within.

The food in the prison was pretty good, so there wasn't much of a problem with that statement. It sounded very normal.

However, the last few words were abnormal. He believed that Tang Xiao would never forget them.

The problem with these words was huge, especially when he mentioned them to the person in charge sent by the organization to investigate. Didn't Zhao Lili clearly warn Tang Xiao that he would always be on his mind?

Furthermore, when Zhao Lili said those words to Tang Xiao, her expression intentionally made fun of Tang Xiao. I definitely wanted Zhao Lili to anger Tang Xiao intentionally, as if I sensed something was going to happen between the two of them.

I felt that Zhao Lili's words were a little too excessive. Even though I was on Zhao Lili's side, Tang Xiao was doing it for work after all. Zhao Lili using such a method to do personal attacks was indeed a little too much.

After hearing that, Tang Xiao remained calm. Seeing Zhao Lili continue to maintain a fake smile, he coldly said, "Regional Chief Zhao, I might not have the chance to eat your prison meals anymore. I hope you can enjoy yourself."

Indeed, even though Tang Xiao's smile was cold, she still retorted to Zhao Lili's words. She did not give Zhao Lili any face and directly struck back at her.

As I had expected, there really seemed to be a fight going on between them, and it was starting to get a little hot.

Zhao Lili looked calm. She shrugged her shoulders and said with a smile, "Since Comrade Tang Xiao does not have the time to stay for dinner, I will not keep you any longer. I still have other matters to attend to so I will not send you out myself. I will arrange for someone to lead Comrade Tang Xiao out."

With that, Zhao Lili called a female prison guard and said, "Take Comrade Tang Xiao out. We must send him to the door."

Zhao Lili knew where the yardstick lay. Her goal was clearly to nauseous Tang Xiao. She did not want to engage in a war of words with Tang Xiao, so it was enough for her to enrage her.

Tang Xiao did not say anything. She simply snorted and picked up her bag before walking out. Without looking back, Zhao Lili gave a look to the female prison guard whom she had greeted earlier, who immediately followed her.

Zhao Lili did not forget to shout at Tang Xiao, who had already walked far away, "Comrade Tang Xiao, take care. We welcome the next time you come to our prison."

She continued to provoke Tang Xiao with her words. Only after she had crossed her arms at the entrance and watched Tang Xiao leave did she turn around with a smile on her face.

I was sure that she was smiling at me. Zhao Lili smiled at me and walked towards me. She patted my shoulder and said, "Xiao Li, you did well. You were very smart. I am very satisfied."

Although I really hate Zhao Lili's hands touching me, I still managed to force a smile, but I didn't answer her.

The female prison guard who had taken Tang Xiao out returned very quickly. This was also because the office was not too far away from the door.

When the female prison guard returned, Zhao Lili, who was still wearing a smile on her face, stopped smiling and looked at the other prison guards. She said in a serious tone, "The people here today have all experienced yesterday's riots, but I am very dissatisfied with your performance yesterday."

Zhao Lili was obviously serious. The expression on her face didn't seem like she was joking. Her tone was very serious. It was almost like she was cursing out loud. The female prison guards who were still whispering didn't dare to make a sound.

"Do you know why I'm not satisfied? None of you responded to what happened yesterday in time. If you had reacted in time, none of you would have done so later. " Zhao Lili's voice was very loud.

Because I was closer to her, her loud words made my ear hurt a little, but I could tell that Zhao Lili was really angry, otherwise she wouldn't have turned hostile so quickly.

After Zhao Lili shouted at them, they all lowered their heads. Looking at their appearances, I could feel that they were really afraid of Zhao Lili. After Zhao Lili shouted at them, they all withered in fear.

However, someone still stood up and said, "Sister Zhao, yesterday's incident happened so suddenly, and ?"

The female prison guard looked at me and hesitated.

Zhao Lili scolded her directly, "Your speech is complete. Don't stutter, are you serious?"

"Then... "Sister Zhao, yesterday's incident happened too suddenly, and it happened because of Little Li, so ?"

Fuck, this female prison guard actually pushed the blame onto me. This is simply...

Zhao Lili did not wait for the prison guard to finish and directly interrupted her, "So what? Do you think you still have any reason? "No matter what the reason is, you didn't react in time. What grievances do you have?"

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