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C32 Criticism


Zhao Lili's words suddenly made me have a whole new level of respect for that damned bitch. I always felt that Zhao Lili's ability to become the prison's warden wasn't due to her temper alone.

There must be something about her that no one else has, or I don't think she'd be able to make a living in a big women's prison.

Furthermore, from what I've observed of the other prison wardens in the past two days, Zhao Lili really does have a lot of authority in this group, and it's not because she's the warden.

I had a feeling that they were not afraid of her because she was the Warden. I still couldn't figure out the reason, but I had a feeling that Zhao Lili must have some secret that I didn't know about.

Furthermore, Zhao Lili, that slut, still knows how to speak up for me. This really makes me feel pleasantly surprised.

"But... However, the matter of the riot in the prison ? It's definitely related to Doctor Li. " The female guard wouldn't let me go.

Although Zhao Lili scolded those female prison guards like that, it didn't mean that my opinion of Zhao Lili would change. I would have a sliver of good impression of her, as that's something that definitely wouldn't happen to me.

No matter how Zhao Lili behaved in the future, that crazy look of hers was deeply engraved in my mind. I will never forget what she looked like yesterday.

But honestly speaking, this group of female prison guards really knew how to shirk their responsibilities. When Zhao Lili scolded them, she actually pushed the responsibility to me. It seems like this is the kind of situation where I completely ignore others and push them into the fire pit.

I took a look at her face and firmly remembered her face in my mind. I was always on guard against having any deep relationship with this kind of person, this kind of person who would casually sell out others to avoid me, who knows when I would stab you in the back.

I looked at her face and wanted to punch her right now, but considering that this was still a prison, and that the bitch would be my colleague in the future, I suppressed my emotions.

I looked at Zhao Lili, waiting for her reaction.

Zhao Lili was obviously dissatisfied with this female prison guard. Her face was ashen, and I felt that the female prison guard who just spoke might be in trouble because of this incident.

"Let me tell you, the decision for Little Li to come to our prison was made by the organization. If you feel that there's a problem, you can directly contact the organization. Do you understand?" Zhao Lili looked like she was truly angry.

After she finished speaking, it was obvious that the female prison guard didn't dare to speak anymore. She even lowered her head. Everyone's expression was similar, it was as if they didn't dare to look at Zhao Lili anymore.

Zhao Lili saw that all of them had lowered their heads and suddenly let out a light laugh. She glanced at me and said, "Even if the riot yesterday was caused by Xiao Li, what about your reactions? What were your reactions back then?"

Her voice almost broke my eardrums, and I could tell that Zhao Lili was definitely having a special atmosphere. She was very dissatisfied with what happened yesterday.

However, I don't know what Zhao Lili wanted to express, but I thought she just wanted to find a chance to scold these female prison guards.

No one dared to answer Zhao Lili. They kept their heads down just like before, not daring to look at Zhao Lili.

"You guys didn't react in time, which was why the matter developed so seriously. I think you all have been living in peace for too long, there's no basic reaction. Tell me, how should I punish you?" Zhao Lili continued.

Obviously, this group of female prison guards would not have any reaction. When Zhao Lili shouted at them, they did not dare to say anything and shut their mouths. Now that they heard that she was going to punish them, how could they dare to say anything?

"You guys punish each once. Go back and write a written report for review. Hand it over before the end of the month. Do you have any objections?" Zhao Lili calmed down.

No one dared to react or stand up to argue with Zhao Lili. I think they've already accepted the punishment that Zhao Lili said.

Seeing that they did not have any reaction, Zhao Lili nodded and said, "I hope that nothing like this will happen again. You guys need to know who you are and what the organization is going to do to get you into the prison. Do you understand?"

Still no answer, Zhao Lili burst out in rage again, "Do you understand?"

I don't know if these female prison guards were numb or not. If Zhao Lili hadn't shouted, they wouldn't have spoken. I don't think these people have the tendency to be abused. Zhao Lili had already calmed down, but now she's getting angry again.

When Zhao Lili roared at them again, only then did they realize that Zhao Lili was truly angry. Only then did they start to understand.

However, they did not raise their heads to look at Zhao Lili, as if they had done something shameful.

Then Zhao Lili turned to me and said, "Xiao Li, although it's your first day here, I still want to talk to you."

I was stunned. Was Zhao Lili going to start criticizing me now?

Ye Zichen looked at Zhao Lili with a dazed expression. He didn't know what Zhao Lili was thinking about. She had just finished criticizing the female prison guards, so it's finally my turn now?

Zhao Lili looked at me and said, "Little Li, you're the doctor sent by the organization. The first time he came to our prison yesterday to report that something like that happened, although it can't be blamed on you, you still have to take responsibility for it."

F * ck, Zhao Lili is going to have a f * cking criticism meeting.

When Zhao Lili asked my question, those female prison guards, who had lowered their heads, not daring to raise them, all slowly raised their heads. I saw several people looking at them as if they were waiting for a good show.

This group of bitches, fuck, I was just f * cking wondering what was going on, it's their turn now, it's my turn, they raised their heads, it's really them bunch of bitches, they're even more b * tchy than Zhao Lili.

Zhao Lili's slut looks was not exactly the same as the rest of them. Zhao Lili was too coquettish, and they were too cheap.

He felt that they couldn't see other people's good, so whatever punishment he received, he had to make them be punished.

I feel a little unhappy right now. This is the first time I reported in yesterday, and the first time I reported to the prison, I didn't bring it up myself. It was Zhao Lili's idea, or at least, Zhao Lili's pot, it has nothing to do with me.

But I immediately thought that Zhao Lili was a bitch. Didn't she criticize those female prison guards before? She was also there, and she was confused as well. Why didn't she punish herself first?

I think that even if Zhao Lili committed some sort of mistake, no one would dare to say anything when the other female guards were afraid of her. Therefore, Zhao Lili would definitely not take it into her head to say anything.

"Little Li, do you know what mistakes you made yesterday?" Zhao Lili continued.

I shook my head and looked at Zhao Lili, indicating that I didn't know what responsibility I had.

Actually, I know that what Zhao Lili wanted to say was the fact that I snatched her key card to open the door. Other than that, I couldn't think of any other problem that Zhao Lili could have pointed out that it was my responsibility.

"If it wasn't for you, how could those women have rebelled?" A voice suddenly rang out.

I don't know which of the female prison guards that voice came from, but I do know that it came from the mouths of the female prison guards who are here now.

Hearing this, I was slightly shocked. I originally had some hope for this group of people, after all, we were colleagues from now on. However, I didn't expect these people to be so shameless.

I didn't reply. I had already made up my mind that I wouldn't interact too deeply with these people, not even now. I didn't want these people who could sacrifice others to protect me from stabbing me in the back.

However, when Zhao Lili heard someone talking among the female prison guards, she snorted and looked towards the source of the voice. It was obvious that she glared at the female prison guards, causing them to quieten down.

There was suddenly a deathly silence on their side. I think this is the deterrence that Zhao Lili brought to them.

Zhao Lili turned her head and looked at me. "You can't blame Little Li for what happened yesterday. I was the one who took him on a tour around the prison. It's his first time here, so we must get to know each other."

Zhao Lili paused and looked at the group of female prison guards. Obviously, she was telling them that what she had said was not a problem and that no one would object to it.

Then she continued, "When I took Little Li to the women's prison, I didn't think too much about it. I overlooked the fact that those bitches had been locked up for so long that their thirst was unbearable. They would have such a huge reaction if they saw a man like Little Li."

Holy sh * t! From the looks of it, Zhao Lili still wanted to speak up for me.

"You really can't blame Little Doctor Li for this. Who knew that those bitches were so bad for CAO. They acted so arrogantly the moment they saw a man, which caused the other situations to happen." Another voice came from the female prison guard.

You are actually speaking up for me. It seems that not all female prison guards are those kind of sluts who only know how to do things for themselves.

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