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C33 Alone


I didn't expect that there would be someone who would speak up for me in this prison. I almost burst into tears when I heard someone speak up for me.

The female prison guard spoke roughly, but her words were clear.

No one expected that the group of female prisoners would suddenly become so violent when they saw me. I believe that many of them didn't experience that kind of time, so they didn't react in time. I also felt that it was understandable.

However, I won't speak up for them. As Zhao Lili said, suppressing riots is the responsibility of the prison guards. They will definitely come out to stop the matter from developing, but they obviously didn't do that.

The main reason is that some of them even dared to push me out, which is why I felt that the punishment Zhao Lili gave them didn't have any problems at all.

Actually, it's none of my business if they don't get punished, since Zhao Lili can't punish me. It's only my first day in the prison, and I can't even walk back from the prison. If I didn't follow Yang Xin last night, then she probably wouldn't have punished me either.

What made me feel gratified was that someone had finally come out to speak for me.

I didn't know if the voice was echoing Zhao Lili, but I still didn't dare to let down my guard. My thoughts were the same as before, when I chose to be on the same side as Zhao Lili.

I chose not to trust anyone now, but only myself, especially after hearing so many people trying to push someone else out for their own sake, and even now that I've heard someone explain it for me, I'm filled with distrust.

At the very least, I want to find someone I trust in this women's prison, but I don't have one right now. Zhao Lili, we can consider each other as our advantage; she used me to prevent her from talking about yesterday's riot, and I also used her to complete my plan of meeting 007 once again.

I originally thought that Zhao Lili would use the fact that I stole her card yesterday to criticize me in public, but I didn't expect her to actually talk to me in the end, I didn't know what kind of medicine she was selling in her gourd.

I was a little worried, because Zhao Lili's smile made my hair stand on end, unlike the female prison guards who would push others out. I felt that her smile was very hypocritical, and I had no idea what she was planning.

Zhao Lili's words made me not dare to act rashly. I didn't know if she dug a hole for me to jump into, but even if Zhao Lili spoke up for me now, I wouldn't be affected in the slightest.

"Little Li's problem wasn't too serious, but she really didn't do it right when she robbed my door card." Zhao Lili said.

As I expected, Zhao Lili was really going to say it out loud.

The others didn't say anything, but they nodded in agreement to what Zhao Lili said. But I wasn't f * cking satisfied.

Back then when I snatched Zhao Lili's door, it was also because 007 fainted on the floor inside the prison. As a doctor, I definitely chose to save him first, and I was forced to take Zhao Lili's door card due to helplessness.

I didn't want to hide it, so I directly said what was on my mind.

Obviously, after I said that, those female prison guards who were in agreement with Zhao Lili immediately shut their mouths, no longer continuing to echo Zhao Lili.

They were all the people in that prison yesterday who witnessed the entire incident. Whether what I said was true or not, they all had eyes that could see it, and they all knew what was happening in their hearts.

However, I have my own thoughts. After saying this, it is impossible for me to find other people in this group to agree to my words. However, this is my character, I just want to say it out loud.

After I said that, I stared at Zhao Lili, mainly because I wanted to see what kind of change would occur on her face. That was the most important thing.

The female prison guards were basically following Zhao Lili's lead, so they would agree to what Zhao Lili agreed to do. At least I saw the situation just now, so what Zhao Lili was thinking right now, that was the most important thing.

Zhao Lili's expression didn't change at all. I was a little disappointed. I felt that what I said should have made Zhao Lili react slightly, but she didn't give me any reaction at all. This made me feel a little disappointed.

After a long period of silence.

Zhao Lili then opened her mouth again and said, "This matter is considered turning the page. What Little Li said is right, as the doctor of our prison, he saw the patient faint and rush in, that's his responsible behavior. Although the consequences are a little serious, but ?"

She said "but, Zhao Lili wanted to play me to death" again. I thought I was fine with what she said. I didn't expect her to say it in the end, but she just left me a "suspense" and directly pulled my attention back to her.

The other female prison guards were all waiting for Zhao Lili like me, but what I wanted to say was, later on.

Actually, I know that when that group of female prison guards heard the first half of Zhao Lili's words, their hearts must have been unbalanced. They must have all been thinking that it was because of me.

However, it was the same for me. If Zhao Lili caused a riot because I was a man, I would rush to punish her in order to see what kind of condition she was in. No matter how severe the punishment was, I wouldn't be able to accept it.

"However, Little Li's behavior did cause a bad effect. Since it was Little Li's first time in prison yesterday, I don't intend to punish him with anything. Do you have any objections?" After Zhao Lili finished speaking, she directly asked the female prison guards who were a bit dissatisfied.

Although Zhao Lili's question dragged on for a long time, in the end, she didn't give me any punishment. I thought it should be the best thing that happened, and it was also a good thing for me.

Zhao Lili seemed to be asking if those people had any objections, but I knew that since Zhao Lili said so, the others definitely wouldn't have any objections. After all, Zhao Lili's status in the prison is really unique.

Very soon, I saw that although the other female prison guards had an obviously dissatisfied look on their faces, none of them dared to stand up and say that they were dissatisfied. They were all shaking their heads, as if they agreed with Zhao Lili's words.

Zhao Lili nodded in satisfaction and continued, "Very well. Since no one has any objections, then this is a new story. Also, I hope we can end the incident where there was a riot in the prison yesterday."

Suddenly, Zhao Lili became serious again, "Today, the organization sent people down to investigate. We have reported what happened yesterday as a personal act, so I hope you guys can say the same thing in the future. Just pretend that the riot never happened."

She was very serious, and I could tell from her words that she took it very seriously.

The moment Zhao Lili became serious, the female prison guards became extremely afraid. I think that after they heard Zhao Lili's stern words, all of their expressions changed.

It was really strange, what on earth happened to Zhao Lili? Every time she spoke seriously, the female prison guards were always scared, and their faces revealed expressions of extreme fear.

They looked around to see what the people around them were like, and finally looked at Zhao Lili. However, no one said anything, and I didn't know why.

Could it be that Zhao Lili had already scared them so much that they did not even dare to speak?

"Let's leave this matter at that, all of you can leave now, do what you need to do." Zhao Lili waved at him and said.

After Zhao Lili finished her sentence and waved her hand, I saw that the female prison guards had left the room one after another. They were all very orderly. From the front to the back, they walked out in an orderly manner.

When I saw this, I was shocked. I wondered if this group of people had been trained in any way, or else I wouldn't have thought that they were so uniform.

Very quickly, all the female prison guards left and the room fell into a deathly silence. More importantly, there's only Zhao Lili and me in this room right now.

When I saw that it was just me and Zhao Lili in the room, I had a very bad feeling. It felt like yesterday again. Yesterday morning, in this room, the things that happened between me and Zhao Lili, as well as that special chair.

I began to worry, thinking that now there was only Zhao Lili and me in the room. Zhao Lili, that bitch, wouldn't ask me to finish with her what we hadn't done that day.

That day, I was still interested in a young woman like Zhao Lili, but ever since yesterday's incident, I didn't know how much I disliked Zhao Lili.

When Zhao Lili patted me on the shoulder earlier, it already gave me goosebumps all over my body, making me feel especially disgusted. At that time, I already had a feeling that I was about to vomit, and if Zhao Lili really asks me to do something, I can guarantee that I won't be able to do it.

But right now, the situation seems to be developing in the direction that I imagined. I was so anxious that I was like an ant on a hot pan. I didn't know what would happen next if Zhao Lili really wanted us to finish what we didn't do yesterday.

What am I going to do?

How on earth could I refuse Zhao Lili without offending her?

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