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C34 I got used to it


Zhao Lili was currently facing away from me, and I didn't know what she was searching for in the table. Looking at her back and her movements, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know if I was going to be like those female prison guards.

The wardens were gone, and I thought I should leave, too. I knew what would happen if I stayed here, and I felt an unprecedented pressure.

My mind was in a mess, and I didn't know how to deal with what might happen next.

I started to look left and right. I was very anxious, trying to think of a way to prevent something from happening between me and Zhao Lili.

Zhao Lili and I were the only ones left in the room. My breathing started to quicken, but it wasn't because being alone with Zhao Lili made me feel excited. It was also because being alone with her made me feel a sense of oppression.

I felt like I had to do something now. I couldn't just sit there and wait for death.

After coming to a conclusion, I stood up and said, "Sister Zhao, if there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first."

After saying those words, I felt beads of sweat trickling down my back. I also didn't know what Zhao Lili wanted to do, whether she would let me leave this room so easily was unknown to me.

But something has to be done, and it's better than doing nothing and waiting for death, and it's because she makes me feel oppressed that I have to stand up and fight back, whether I succeed or not, at least I die standing, not lying down and accepting it.

"Little Li, wait a moment."

I had already stood up and was about to walk to the door when Zhao Lili stopped me.

After she called out to me, I thought that I was finished. It seems that the great battle between Zhao Lili and I had run away yesterday. Today, it might unavoidably happen.

There's no other way. Zhao Lili shouted for me to stop, then I would have lost the chance to escape this room.

"Sister Zhao, what's the matter?" I could feel my voice trembling.

Zhao Lili turned around and smiled at me. Originally, there was nothing wrong with Zhao Lili's smile, but the problem was that our current situation was a problem.

Her smile was in my eyes now, a charm, a smile that made me think directly of what might happen to us, and then I felt goosebumps all over my body.

I didn't expect Zhao Lili to reach out her hand towards me. I thought that Zhao Lili was reaching out her hand to touch my face, and just when I was about to close my eyes in shock, I noticed something different.

"Little Li, take it." Zhao Lili didn't touch my face, instead she said those words.

At the last moment, I didn't close my eyes. When she finished, I looked at her hand.

Zhao Lili said, "This is your door card from now on. It's been set up already this morning, so I don't need to introduce you to the usage of the card. You got it yesterday, this card is a doctor's card, so you won't be able to enter if some places aren't open to you."

Looking at the card in Zhao Lili's hand, I was stunned. The main reason was that I felt that the change happened too quickly and I couldn't react in time.

Zhao Lili seemed to realize that I was lost in my own thoughts. She called out to me twice, which brought me back to reality.

She looked at me as if I hadn't heard her. She repeated what she had said to me, then handed me the card in her hand.

I took the card from her. This card is the same as the one I took from Zhao Lili yesterday. After obtaining this card, I can be considered as the real male doctor in this women's prison.

Looking at the card in my hand, I was silent for a long time, unsure of what to say. Suddenly, a scene flashed in my mind. It was the beautiful face of 007.

"Little Li, what are you thinking about?" Zhao Lili's voice brought me back to reality.

I was so lost in the thought of 007 that I had forgotten that I was still in a place where there was a good chance something might have happened.

Zhao Lili was already so close to me at some point. She was only two steps away from me. I was a little frightened, so I immediately backed off a little. However, after backing off, I started to regret my actions.

[I don't know what Zhao Lili will think when she sees what happened, but I am truly upset.]

I don't know what I should do now. I can walk a bit forward now, but I don't feel that it's right. Since I've already retreated, isn't it a little too deliberate to move forward now?

Zhao Lili continued, "And I'll give you this walkie-talkie. This is what you'll need in the future."

I reached out my hand to pick up the walkie-talkie that Zhao Lili handed to me. At the same time, I looked at her expression very carefully. She didn't seem to react to what I just did.

I was secretly happy. If it really was like this, then I wouldn't feel awkward anymore. However, I still needed to continue observing Zhao Lili. No one knew what would happen to this extremely scary woman if she went crazy.

Zhao Lili really didn't seem to notice that I was retreating. She didn't pursue the matter. Instead, she explained to me how to use the walkie-talkie when she was giving me the walkie-talkie.

She was probably worried that I didn't understand and wouldn't use the walkie-talkie. Although I was a little absent-minded, I understood everything Zhao Lili said and the use of the walkie-talkie wasn't that difficult.

"Little Li, is there anything else you don't understand? You can ask me." Zhao Lili asked me after she finished her explanation.

I shook my head. Zhao Lili looked at me and shook her head, indicating that there was nothing she didn't understand.

Then there was silence between us again, the last thing I wanted to be, silence that made me feel like something was going to happen, and I suddenly wasn't used to it.

"Sister Zhao, if there's nothing else, then I'll..." I want to slip away right now.

However, if I wanted to leave, I would have to ask Zhao Lili for her opinion. I wanted to see if Zhao Lili would allow me to leave or not, only then would I be able to leave.

Zhao Lili interrupted, "Don't be in such a rush."

I was shocked by that sentence, especially when Zhao Lili said it in a tone that made me feel uncomfortable.

I thought, "Is it over? It seems that I might really be unable to escape Zhao Lili's clutches today. I might really have to accept my fate today. Sometimes, there are things that you have to accept your fate to do."

However, I still didn't want to give up hope, so I carefully asked Zhao Lili, "Ah? Sister Zhao, is there anything else? "

"Yes, you can take back the things you just came in to keep."

Zhao Lili handed me a vacuum bag. It contained the items that I had given to her after searching her body.

I don't understand what's going on. Didn't they not allow me to bring these things in?

Why did you return these things to me now? This made me puzzled.

I stared blankly at Zhao Lili, hoping that she would give me an explanation.

Zhao Lili also saw through my doubt. She pointed to the vacuum bag in my hand and said, "Earlier, you only reported in and haven't officially joined the women's prison so I didn't bring these things to you. Now that you've officially joined the job, your personal belongings will be returned to you."

She explained this to me, and I realized why she had given it back to me.

However, Zhao Lili immediately said in a serious tone, "But I have to warn you, Little Li. You are allowed to take the things back, but the prison definitely forbids you from taking your cellphone in, so you can only leave it in the dorm or the prison entrance administration office. If you are found out that you brought it in secretly, the consequences will be very serious.

I could tell that Zhao Lili was very serious. Ever since I entered this prison, she rarely spoke to me in such a serious manner. Very rarely did she speak to me in such a manner.

Whenever she talked to me like that, it always meant that it was very serious. That was why she used such a way to warn me. Of course, that time when I was threatened by the women's riot, its seriousness couldn't be counted.

I nodded. "Alright! Sister Zhao, I understand. I won't bring these items with me."

Zhao Lili was very satisfied with my answer. She put away her serious expression and nodded at me with a smile.

Zhao Lili's expression immediately changed. She revealed an evil smile towards me. When I saw her evil smile, my back started to turn cold. Damn, it seems that I really couldn't hide no matter how hard I tried.

"Little Li, since you understand, then we..."

Before Zhao Lili could say anything, a "peng" sound suddenly came from the room's door, attracting my gaze.

Obviously, Zhao Lili was also scared, she also looked towards the door, I saw that the one standing at the door is the huge breasts with childish faces that brought me to the dorm that day.

Tong Yan, her face was filled with anger.

Zhao Lili also saw Tong Yan and was about to curse. However, that Tong Yan rushed towards Zhao Lili. She grabbed her hair and slapped her across the face.

I was scared silly, what is this situation?

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