The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C4 Those female prison guards
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C4 Those female prison guards
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C4 Those female prison guards

When have I ever seen such a scene before? A group of women, upon entering, immediately surrounded me and sized me up in all kinds of ways. They constantly made 'tsk tsk' sounds and it was unknown why such sounds were produced, causing goosebumps to appear all over my body.

Originally, I thought Tong Yan would help me out, but I didn't expect Tong Yan to be like this group of people. Not only did she not help me, she even acted like she was looking at me like she was admiring a work of art, even though I knew I wasn't a work of art.

After sizing them up for a while, the group of women started to chat amongst themselves. Their discussions were as though no one else was around, so I didn't need to listen to them, because they didn't hide what they had said. The women were actually discussing my body and face.

Although I don't have the fresh meat on TV, but compared to the fresh meat on TV, I am still a bit more masculine. My courage can be considered to be about 20%, but this is the first time I've encountered such a situation.

I don't know how to avoid talking about my body and my face so straightforwardly. Perhaps they don't even intend on doing so, but are these words purposely said in front of me?

It didn't even look like a woman, but more like a tiger, which made me at a loss of what to do. But I knew that as a man, I couldn't lose my face in front of these women, otherwise it would be hard for me to make a comeback in the future. So I immediately restrained my expression and tried my best to act like I wasn't afraid of anything.

I had thought that Tong Yan would not help me out, but just when I thought that things were about to get out of control, Tong Yan spoke up, "You girls be quiet, this is the first time Xiao Li has come to report today, don't scare him."

F * ck, I'm already scared.

After Tong Yan's words worked, the group of ladies who were talking about my figure and face just a moment ago quieted down.

Seeing that the situation had stabilized, I hastily said, "Sister Tong Yan, hurry up and introduce these beauties to me. They look really pretty." When I spoke, I was very calm. Of course, this was all an act. The reality was that my heart was already extremely frightened.

When these ladies heard that I was even a bit flirting with her, they started giggling.

Tong Yan also introduced them to me one by one. Honestly speaking, being beautiful was just flattery, these women still look a lot worse than Tong Yan. They don't have the same feeling of first love as Tong Yan just by looking at them.

When I shook hands with them one by one, they all squeezed my hand and squeezed it again and again.

After the introductions, I knew that they were all prison guards like Tong Yan.

Speaking of which, we can all be considered the same age group. After a simple introduction, we were all familiar with each other. Afterwards, they didn't treat themselves as outsiders. They just randomly found a place to sit and started chatting with me.

During the conversation, I realized that they weren't on duty today. I heard that every man felt new when they heard the noise, so I gathered around to see the only man in the women's prison.

It wasn't hard to guess who they were lying to seeing the desire on each of their faces. They definitely weren't here just for the sake of freshness, but also for other reasons. Of course, even if I saw through them, I wouldn't be able to say anything about it.

Zhao Lili almost ate me up when I met her. It seems like these women had the same thoughts now. They didn't know that the women in this prison were filled with desires like them, while I had become the treasure of this prison.

Regardless of all of this, through chatting with them, I roughly knew what was going on in this prison. The reason I was able to come here as a prison doctor was because the prison doctor was previously transferred away.

Basically, we were all talking about the matters of prison life. Everyone had their standards set. The things that should be said were the things that shouldn't be said, but they weren't actually told to me at all.

Even though I wanted to know if the women in the prison were so full of desire, and if every one of them wanted to be with a man, I knew that if I were to ask these questions, I would definitely not be so stupid as to let them go.

It wasn't their shift time yet, so they had plenty of time to talk to me, and it was just about time to eat. I don't know who called Little Li to take her to the cafeteria to eat, but the girls came to an agreement and took me to the cafeteria to eat.

On the way to the cafeteria, I felt like I was surrounded by a group of celebrities. These ladies weren't at ease at all as they surrounded me and chattered, but Tong Yan, who I knew first, was much quieter and didn't chat with them. She didn't look good, as if she had something on her mind.

I didn't know what was wrong with her, but I didn't have the time to care what she felt, because I was really separated from her by these ladies, who were chattering away around me, and I couldn't show it.

After walking for a distance, we arrived at the canteen. I originally thought that the staff of the prison shared a canteen with the prisoners, but after their introductions, I realized that the staff had a canteen exclusive to the staff.

Perhaps we came too early or perhaps it was too late. Other than the two aunts wearing the chef's hat, there was no one else.

The two aunties in the canteen also saw me coming. When they saw me, I noticed that their eyes lit up as well. I thought, "No way. These two aunties are almost a hundred years old. Don't tell me they have the same discontent as the young girl?"

The size of the canteen wasn't that big, it could probably only accommodate about twenty people. When I ate with them, I could clearly feel that the way the two aunties looked at me was different from when they were looking at me.

They didn't look at me with that kind of desire, but they were very surprised, and even a little confused. When one of the aunties served me food, she kept mumbling to herself.

Even though she was muttering softly, I could still hear what she said was, after coming to this prison for so long, she actually saw a man coming to the canteen to eat. The organization actually arranged for a man to come to the women's prison.

I'm too lazy to bother with her. This is an organization's arrangement. If she has problems, she should go and report to the organization.

After living for more than twenty years, this was the first time I experienced being surrounded by a group of women for a meal. The first time I experienced a group of women fighting over food for me.

No matter what, my first meal in the prison was finished without any bloodshed. After eating, they told me that they were going to be on duty and that they couldn't continue chatting with me. When they have time in the future, of course, I don't know how to chat anymore.

After they left, only Tong Yan was left with me first.

"Let's go. I'll take you back to the duty room of Sister Zhao." Tong Yan said to me after seeing that the ladies had all left.

Earlier, I felt that Tong Yan's face was not very pretty, and her tone of voice was obviously much colder than before, lacking the previous enthusiasm, which made me unable to understand, I didn't do anything that made her unhappy, then what happened to her?

Before I could figure out what was going on, Tong Yan had already started walking, why is this woman so temperamental, she was still fine just now, I didn't offend her, why did she suddenly have a stinky face.

Seeing that she wasn't in a good mood, I didn't bother to bother her and followed her out. Although Tong Yan didn't look too good, it didn't affect my mood. When I followed her, I was still admiring her swinging hips.

However, I felt that Tong Yan's walking posture seemed to be different from before, why did she suddenly become a little awkward when walking?

Am I in a bad mood that affects my posture? I didn't think much about it. The more she twists and turns, the happier I would be when following behind her.

This time, I noticed that not only was Tong Yan's face huge, her figure was also top tier, especially this buttocks, which was so perky.

To be honest, I've seen quite a lot of women in uniform, such as flight attendants in uniform dresses, etc., but I've never seen a woman wear a uniform like hers, mainly because her buttocks are so attractive.

Out of a man's instinct, I involuntarily looked up at her alluring buttocks.

It wasn't that I had any particular thoughts about her, I didn't dare to have any thoughts about her now. She didn't speak to me all the way, and when we happily chatted along the way, there was a sharp contrast, as if they were two different people.

"Li Kai." I was so focused on Tong Yan's twisted hips that I didn't notice she had stopped moving.

I almost bumped into her. Luckily, she caught my attention just in time, otherwise, I would have definitely bumped into her.

I'm done for, I'm sure Tong Yan found out about my dirty behavior just now.

After hearing her shout, I was even more sure that she wasn't in a good mood, because before, when she called me, she usually called me Little Li and never called me by my full name. But this time, she actually called my full name, isn't that enough to explain the situation?

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