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C5 Hell and paradise

Tong Yan's tone wasn't as friendly as before, it sounded like she was angry, but I was puzzled, until now I didn't have any way to offend her, why did she change so easily like she ate gunpowder?

Was it because I had displeased her by watching her walk behind her? However, I clearly saw the displeasure on Tong Yan's face, it definitely wasn't about me peeking at her wiggling buttocks.

However, I still felt that it was better to be careful. After all, the fact that I had watched her butt move behind her back just now was the real thing. I decided to apologize before she opened her mouth, so at least I wouldn't give her an excuse to curse me.

After all, I'm not familiar with this place, so I'm not familiar with anything. Although apologizing about this matter is a bit awkward, but I came here with big dreams in my heart. I can't let something go wrong on the first day, making me unable to continue realizing my big dreams.

But just when I was about to say something, Tong Yan turned around. I don't know if this Tong Yan has a dog face, but she sounded as if she was very unhappy, but when she turned around, I was so depressed that a smile appeared on my face, as if nothing had happened.

Tong Yan said to me with a smile: "Li Kai, Sister Zhao's duty room is in the front room, you can go in and wait. Don't run around, you know this is a prison. If you run around. You understand, I have some personal matters to attend to right now. "

I was stunned by Tong Yan's words. Looking at her beautiful figure that was wrapped in her uniform and her extremely beautiful face that was smiling, I was a little confused. Tong Yan was surprised, what exactly is going on inside the gourd?

Although I was very confused, I still nodded my head obediently. Tong Yan didn't say anything else and didn't pay any more attention to me, she just turned and walked forward.

After she walked for a long time, I still couldn't come to my senses. Tong Yan's face wasn't particularly good just now, and her tone didn't sound that friendly either. But why did her attitude towards me change after she turned around?

I didn't have time to guess what she was thinking. Looking at her twisting and turning steps, I feel that this Tong Yan definitely isn't as simple as she looks on the surface. Forget it, it's better not to think too much into it.

This is not good for my future working life in the prison. I have to cover everything up, and get rid of all the stuff that was on my mind. Tong Yan told me to go to Zhao Lili's duty room, and I also listened to her to go in and wait, what else could I do?

I knocked on the door first and called for Sister Zhao. There was no reaction from the inside, so I dared to open the door myself. I thought that Zhao Lili was still not back yet, but just as I expected, there was no one inside.

This is the second time I've come to Zhao Lili's office. I'm not in charge here, so I should be more familiar with the place. After I entered, I didn't sit down and just sit, so I can't let myself down.

Tong Yan told me to wait in Zhao Lili's duty room. I don't know how long I'll have to wait, but it's too boring for me to sit here by myself. After about 20 minutes, I still can't see Tong Yan.

He thought that Tong Yan couldn't have forgotten about him, right? Then how long would it take for me to sit here? Actually, ever since I came to the prison, my mood had always been a little depressed.

I was thinking about how to divert my attention when the door creaked open.

Originally, I was a little afraid of this ice-cold prison, but my heart wasn't prepared for it. Suddenly, the door opened, causing me to be shocked by the sudden voice.

But when I saw the person coming in the door, I was stunned.

Looking at her bulging chest that was still covered by the uniform, if one were to look at her face alone, it was indeed attractive enough. Of course, this did not mean that her face was bad, but it was still a little bit worse than Tong Yan's.

Who else could it be? The one who pushed the door open was that slut, Zhao Lili, who was almost trembling with me on the bed in the duty room.

I wasn't that afraid when I saw that she was an acquaintance. Zhao Lili was obviously the same. I wasn't too happy when I pushed open the door to see someone sitting in her office. When I saw it was me, the corner of my mouth curled up into a smile.

The speed at which they changed their faces was so fast that it made one's hair stand on end. Are all the women in this prison f * cking dog-faced? Tong Yan is like that, while Zhao Lili is the same, I suspect that other people are the same as the two of them.

When I saw the person inside was me, this slut walked towards me without any hesitation. I thought, "No way, this slut is really that hungry, she was just too preoccupied with this after being destroyed. She must eat me up?"

However, the facts proved that I was overthinking things. Zhao Lili didn't touch my opponent again. I think that she just found an excuse to check up on me. Right now, she doesn't have any other excuses to use.

She just walked towards me and sat on the chair opposite of me. She said with a warm smile, "How is it, Little Li? Little Ping, have you brought me to the dormitory and dining hall? Our environment isn't that bad, right?"

I hastily nodded my head. I thought that Zhao Lili would behave a little more obediently without an excuse. I didn't expect her to start flirting after sitting down. I didn't know when she changed her uniform pants to a uniform skirt.

Moreover, she was actually sitting in front of me, intentionally opening her legs wide as she continuously twisted her waist slightly in the chair.

Did she think I couldn't see that she was deliberately twisting her waist?

Zhao Lili, this slut, was really restless. She intentionally twisted her waist and even purposely opened her legs in front of me, changing into a uniform. I did not have any other thoughts, so I did not believe her at all. ))))

It seemed that she was still brooding over the fact that her good relationship with me had been interrupted, that she had purposely changed her dress, and that she had deliberately twisted her waist in front of me so that I could see the black lace belt that she was wearing inside.

However, it wasn't that she was acting coquettish in front of me, so I had to cooperate with her coquetry. I was smart this time, even though she was coquettishly flirting in front of me, I didn't pay her any attention.

But it turns out I'm still too young.

There were still some obvious changes on her face. How could Zhao Lili, a mature woman who was determined to eat me, not be able to?

Although I only glanced at it once, it was enough to reach my goal, because all I could think of right now was Zhao Lili's black lace private items. I wanted to see it again before she paid any attention.

Deliberately concealing it was the opposite. My face started to heat up. I think my face right now must be as red as a ripe apple.

Zhao Lili didn't care that I didn't look at her. She continued to play with her legs in front of me, not avoiding me at all. On the contrary, she became even more serious, and at the same time, she started to talk about the things I should pay attention to when I worked in the prison.

But to be honest, Zhao Lili tried to seduce me in such a way that I really couldn't concentrate. I didn't hear a single word she said to me, and the only thing in my mind was to use my peripheral vision to look at her open thigh when she wasn't paying attention.

"That's more or less it. Come on, Little Li, I'll take you to the office where you have to work in the future." With that, Zhao Lili stood up.

After getting up, Zhao Lili made a gesture to stretch her body. I didn't know if she did it on purpose or not, but this action of hers really showed off her good figure completely in front of me. At the same time, she was smiling at me with malicious intent.

I really can't bear it anymore. Although I have tried my best to restrain myself, Zhao Lili has seduced me time and time again, it's just too much for me. Furthermore, this bitch isn't tired of this kind of game, it's like she's trying to provoke me.

At critical moments, my self-control was still strong. I tried my best not to let my eyes fall on Zhao Lili. After standing up, I lowered my head to look at my feet. The whole situation was a little awkward.

Zhao Lili would definitely not expose me.

However, to Zhao Lili, my current performance just so happened to have achieved her goal. Her goal was actually to tempt me, so I had to first have a sexual interest in her. I had to admit that she succeeded, and everything she did today was engraved in my mind for a very long time.

Zhao Lili didn't say anything and just walked out. She said that she wanted to take me to where I worked in the future, so I followed behind her.

On the way, I didn't dare to look at her because my mind was filled with what happened in her office. However, Zhao Lili was in a good mood and she chatted with me all the way.

This is the road that Zhao Lili and I took. Tong Yan had previously introduced me to this road before, and this road leads to the place where the prisoners live. Previously, we did not take this road, but now, this is the road that Zhao Lili is leading me on.

The first impression I got was that it was still cold and devoid of any human life. It was the same as the ones I had seen from afar; not a single person was present. It was still the same, but this close proximity made me feel even more stifled.

The approach of these cold buildings not only made me feel a little repressed, but at that moment all my inner curiosity about the women's prison seemed to have disappeared, replaced by a sense of fear.

What kind of place was this, heaven or hell?

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