The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C6 The choice of life
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C6 The choice of life
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C6 The choice of life

The scene I was facing made me want to retreat. This place was different from the bustling places outside. I had been walking with Zhao Lili for a long time, but I still hadn't seen a single person. It made me feel gloomy.

At this moment, all my desires had disappeared. Before coming here, I felt that being able to enter a woman's nest was a good thing. However, after experiencing such a sinister scene, goosebumps rose all over my body.

Furthermore, every time I thought about how long I would be working in such a cold place, my heart would be filled with lingering fear. As long as it gave me a whiff of human life, I wouldn't feel so hopeless.

Zhao Lili was still walking in front of me in a flirtatious manner. She must have been wriggling in front of me on purpose, otherwise she wouldn't have changed her uniform pants into a uniform skirt and did what she did just now.

I didn't say a word as I followed her, not because her writhing body wasn't enough to catch my eye, but because the things that were going on in my head were too depressing.

In fact, Tong Yan had already roughly introduced the buildings outside to me before, so I didn't pay much attention to it. Even though Zhao Lili explained in detail, my thoughts were also not on this, because I didn't want to listen at all.

Thus, I followed Zhao Lili to the most important floor she mentioned, which was the building where the prisoners usually lived.

The ice-cold building outside was enough to make people feel despair and depression. After entering, that would be a completely different environment.

This is my first time coming here and I feel an unprecedented sense of despair. I don't know if it was specially designed or not, but the lighting here is very dim. It's not so bad that I can't see my hands, but it's definitely enough to make you feel hopeless.

Even I, who came to work here, could feel an unprecedented sense of despair and depression, not to mention the prisoners who were locked up here. Just what kind of emotions did they feel when they came in?

With such depression and despair in my heart, I followed Zhao Lili further and further inside. I walked for a long time on this road, and the fear in my heart towards the things inside seemed to have filled my feet with lead, making me feel as if I couldn't even move a step.

I don't know how I followed Zhao Lili, but when I woke up and looked up, I found that there was a huge iron gate in front of me.

"Sister Zhao, you're here. Oh, is this the male doctor sent by the organization?" Before we could get close to the gate, there was a scream.

After the scream, a woman in a prison uniform appeared in front of my eyes. She was wearing the same clothes as Tong Yan, without a doubt, she was also a prison warden.

However, the sudden appearance of this woman gave me a fright. I didn't know whether it was because I was thinking too much that I didn't notice or what was happening, but when did this woman appear in front of me?

Furthermore, her scream was a real scream, as if she had discovered some valuable treasure. Since her scream wasn't in my ears, it didn't disturb me. Instead, it pulled me back from my daydreams.

Although the shrieking guard was wearing the same uniform as Tong Yan, his uniform had to be able to see through someone. Zhao Lili's uniform was more of a uniform, she looked way too different from Tong Yan.

Although she looks so-so and her figure isn't that great, but if I were to work here in the future, I would definitely have to interact with these people a lot, so I have to build good relations with these people as well. After all, I won't only be facing Zhao Lili and Tong Yan here in the future.

I put on a smile just in time to say hello.

Zhao Lili, who was standing beside me, scolded me first, "Shouting like that, don't you know where it is?"

I frowned. Zhao Lili was being a little too harsh to her subordinates. She seemed to be amiable when she talked to me before. Why did she always talk to others in this manner? It was really scary.

Zhao Lili actually started scolding. Furthermore, from the looks of her face, she didn't look too good. She shouldn't be faking it. She should really be very dissatisfied and angry.

What made me even more surprised was that after Zhao Lili spoke, the woman who was still alive and kicking before me immediately quietened down and lowered her head. It seemed that she was also shocked by Zhao Lili's words.

"How many times have I told you not to yell in the prison. Do you think this is your home?" Zhao Lili continued scolding.

That woman was obviously frightened by Zhao Lili's scolding. She didn't dare to say anything and lowered her head, not daring to look at Zhao Lili directly. However, hearing what Zhao Lili said, it wasn't the first time she was screaming like this, otherwise, Zhao Lili would have scolded her in front of me.

The woman, who was still alive a moment ago, suddenly trembled. Fear flashed in her eyes, but she remained motionless. She lowered her head like a student who was about to be called a parent while standing in front of a teacher.

He thought that Zhao Lili would stop trying to make things difficult for him if she lowered her head, as if she knew he had made a mistake. He didn't expect her to become even worse than before.

Zhao Lili shouted at the woman who had her head lowered, "What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and get the hell back!"

It wasn't just the woman who lowered her head, but also me who was shocked by Zhao Lili's shout.

That woman didn't dare to retort at all. After saying that, Zhao Lili lowered her head and walked away without saying a word, still not daring to raise her head.

The previous liveliness had completely disappeared and was replaced by safety. As she slowly walked back, I realized that she was actually responsible for the security of this metal door.

I feel some sympathy for this woman. Zhao Lili is indeed a bit ruthless, I feel that there is no need to scold her like that.

Zhao Lili glanced at me and a smile appeared on her face. "Sympathy for her?"

I didn't say anything, but just nodded my head. I felt that Zhao Lili didn't need to do that at all.

"Don't think that things in the prison can be treated like child's play." Zhao Lili paused for a second, then said with a smile, "She just left her job that casually. If there was a sudden riot, would she have reacted in time?"

I was stunned by Zhao Lili's words. It's that serious? She had only taken a few steps away from the huge metal door. Was it really that serious?

What happened to Zhao Lili just now made me feel like she had a grudge with this female prison guard?

I was still recalling Zhao Lili's fierce look just now. Zhao Lili had already started to walk away. Seeing that I wasn't following her, she turned around and said to me, "What are you still thinking about? Why aren't you following me?"

I was lost in my thoughts just now. I thought again about Zhao Lili's scolding earlier. I was worried that it wouldn't be good if I was scolded by her like she did earlier, so I immediately followed behind Zhao Lili.

Zhao Lili didn't say anything when she saw that I had followed her. She walked straight towards the metal door and stopped in front of it. I saw that Zhao Lili had stopped, so I stopped in my tracks as a matter of fact.

I could tell that the woman Zhao Lili scolded was still in a daze. Or perhaps, she was really afraid of Zhao Lili. Zhao Lili and I were already in front of her. She still had her head lowered, not daring to say a word.

I saw Zhao Lili glance at her. Although she was already scolding her earlier, there was still a deep dissatisfaction in her eyes, but Zhao Lili ignored her. She took out a card from her pocket and swiped to the side.

"The first time you came, you didn't have a door card. Later, I'll take you to take your fingerprints and make a door card. Now, follow me in and get to know each other." Zhao Lili's tone of voice was as gentle as usual. It was completely different from when I was cursing just now.

Zhao Lili showed me the card in her hand. That card was the one she said, the gate card. This card was very ordinary, actually it was similar to our usual bank card.

It seems that this card is very important, without it, it would be hard to move a single step. However, I immediately thought of something important, if I think about it in a different way, if this card falls into the hands of a certain prisoner, then the consequences would be very serious.

I'm a little sorry towards that female prison guard who was scolded by Zhao Lili just now. If it wasn't for my sudden arrival, she wouldn't have screamed loudly. If she didn't scream loudly, she wouldn't have been scolded by Zhao Lili.

Actually, I wanted to show her that I'm sorry, but she kept her head down. I didn't know if I could see it even if I pretended to be sorry, so I just let it go and thought I'd tell her next time.

I took the most important step into prison, and I did not expect that this small step would become a major step in my life. In short, my prison life began with this small step.

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