The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C7 Crazy female prisoner
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C7 Crazy female prisoner
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C7 Crazy female prisoner

Zhao Lili ignored the female prison guard who she had scolded just now.

He really didn't give her a proper look the whole time. Zhao Lili was the Warden, so she had the right to be proud.

Then Zhao Lili turned around and saw that I had already followed her. She gave me a signal and walked in without looking back.

The security in the prison wasn't limited to the huge iron gate. I followed behind Zhao Lili and watched as she took out her card to continue washing. After several doors, it seemed that we still hadn't formally entered the prison.

However, the doors that Zhao Lili and I used to live through are different from the iron gates that we used to use before. These doors are not the same as the iron gate outside, there are no one standing guard there. No one is on duty, but the card in Zhao Lili's hand is her pass card.

Although the security of the prison seems very strict, I still feel that the function of the card is too great. If any guard accidentally dropped the card and got picked up by the prisoner inside, the consequences would be unimaginable and there would definitely be a huge riot.

However, this has nothing to do with my work. I'm here to be a doctor for the prisoners, and as for the security guards in their prison, I'll leave them to the security personnel.

Zhao Lili didn't walk very fast, and I didn't know if we had formally entered the prison or not, but I could feel the presence of some people as I could already see the uniformed guards walking outside.

The existence of everyone in the prison wasn't a coincidence. They all have their own reasons for existing and the necessity for existing. The female prison guard I can see with my eyes is holding a baton and walking behind me. She should be patrolling.

Obviously, when the prison guards saw Zhao Lili and I, most of them were still surprised for a moment. I think it's possible that they haven't seen a man in the women's prison for such a long time.

However, they obviously didn't react as loudly as they did when we first came in, as if they were still working according to the rules.

As I got closer, I finally saw the women in the women's prison. When Zhao Lili led me over and introduced me to the guards on duty, they didn't see me, but when I came out, they found me.

It was from that cell that he heard, "A man, a man."

"Where? "Men."

"How could there be a man here?"

"Fuck, I haven't seen a man in years, let alone a real man. Where are you? Where are you? You bitch!"

"It's really a man, a real man, hahahaha."

Suddenly, the entire prison starts to stir up. It's completely different from the previous ice-cold atmosphere. I could clearly feel the entire prison become noisy. Many female prisoners were actually leaning on the metal gates to look outside.

Some of the female prisoners seemed to have gone mad and started laughing out loud. The scene had become a little strange, leaving me at a loss.

The female prisoners were all wearing the same uniform. They were all leaning on the metal door as they stared at me, the only man in the women's prison. All of a sudden, they started to boil with excitement.

The situation didn't get out of control, but when I looked at those excited female prisoners, their eyes actually lit up. It was as though their lives had found a new hope.

"I want a man, I want a man."

"The man is mine, mine."

This group of people seemed to have gone mad ?

I did not expect a man to stir up a thousand waves, directly aroused the desire in the hearts of the women prisoners.

The women who were closer to me actually stretched their hands out of the iron door towards me. When had I ever seen such a scene before?

I knew that something bad was about to happen, but by the time I had realized what was going to happen, it was already too late. My first reaction wasn't to make it, and I had no chance to get far away from the metal door.

By the time I looked over, a pale white hand had already grabbed my clothes, and her other hand was frantically stroking my body. When the female prisoner from the same prison saw that the person from the same prison had already made a move, she naturally didn't give me any chance.

If it were a person, I might still be able to try to break free, but this group of hungry women didn't give me any chance to break free. When one hand came, two hands, three hands, five, six, and in an instant, more hands were holding onto my clothes.

The women who were pulling my clothes were using a lot of strength. I wanted to break free from them with a lot of strength, but I found that their strength was too great. I didn't have any chance to break free.

Their eyes lit up. Not only were they stroking my body through my clothes, they were obviously not satisfied with touching me through my clothes. I didn't know who started to tear my clothes, but the rest of them started to tear as well.

"Room three, you bitches, don't touch my man, he's mine."

Just as I was about to be torn apart by the group of female prisoners, someone from the other prison cells let out a roar. Along with this roar, similar shouts came from the other cells. Basically, they were insults directed towards the bitches from Room 3.

However, the women who tore at my clothes were unable to hear the curses from others. They all gulped, as if they had seen food for a long time.

Zhao Lili and the other guards reacted as well. Like her, they too took out their batons and waved it at the group of crazy prisoners, telling them to keep quiet and try to calm down.

I don't think they have ever experienced anything like this before, and it happened so suddenly that they didn't even have time to react. Or rather, they were frightened by the restless emotions of the group of women prisoners.

It was impossible for them to keep quiet right now. Saying something like that was too unnecessary. They might as well use the batons to directly hit the restless prisoners. That way, just swinging the batons wouldn't have any effect at all.

The whole prison seemed to have exploded, as the guards couldn't shake the restless women at all.

Seeing that the situation was about to get out of control, Zhao Lili reacted in time, no longer waving her baton at them, and instead mercilessly hitting the clothes that were torn off, shouting loudly: "You don't want to live anymore?!" "Hurry up and let go of me, hurry up and let go."

Zhao Lili's baton made a loud sound when it hit the hands of these crazy female prisoners. I knew that she wouldn't be able to hold back when she was on the verge of losing control of the situation. She must have hit them hard.

However, this group of female prisoners had really gone mad. Their batons made a huge sound when it hit their hands, which sounded very painful, but they didn't even know how to retreat. They were still crazily wanting to rip my clothes.

Not only that, some of them even tore at my clothes, while some even tried to reach out to attack my lower body. I discovered that someone wanted to attack my lower body, so I decided that I wouldn't let these lunatics succeed.

I immediately moved my body away from the door, trying to keep my body away from it. Based on how crazy they were, I thought that if I was caught by them in the lower part of my body, the consequences would be dire.

This is also the first time I've encountered such a situation, but I wasn't scared silly by these people. I clearly understood that if I didn't retaliate now, my clothes would really be torn apart by these crazy women.

More importantly, if I don't fight back now, I might die at any moment because of these crazy women. This is something that I absolutely cannot allow, and at the thought of it, my mind immediately cleared up, and I knew what I had to do.

Zhao Lili mercilessly swung her baton at them. At first, they did not react to Zhao Lili's slaps, but slowly they felt pain in their arms. Some of them already had bruises on their arms, so they were scared.

While I struggled desperately to break free from them, I used Zhao Lili to viciously beat them up. When they felt a slight pain from my actions, I used even more strength to struggle free from them.

Zhao Lili's method of hitting them with the baton took a little longer, but it still worked in the end. After the pain came, they also felt scared, and the hand holding my clothes became weaker due to the beating.

Finally, with great difficulty, I managed to pry away the hands of the group of women on my body. I immediately sat on the ground and retreated a few steps, but I was smarter now. I didn't dare to approach the entrance of any prison.

I sat on the floor, panting heavily as I looked at the female prisoners who were acting crazy with lingering fear in my heart. After that battle, even though I managed to get rid of them in the end, it was indeed quite tragic.

I specially bought the clothes I was wearing for my first time today. After the tearing, my clothes have already been enlarged by them.

The most miserable thing wasn't my clothes. On my body, my hands were simply too horrible to look at. The group of female prisoners were groping and pinching my body, causing my body to turn black and purple. I was in excruciating pain.

Damn it, this is the first time these female prisoners have seen me and they're already so violent. How are we going to live in the future?

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