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C8 Faint

From this moment on, I began to worry about my future life.

This group of female prisoners, who were like wolves and tigers, had already lost their minds the first time they saw me. Even the cold steel walls of the prison had displayed such intense desire.

Today, I was still separated by a metal door. I thought that I would become a male doctor here in the future, and one day, I would have to come in closer contact with the prisoners who had gone crazy from the sight of me today.

Today, they already had such a reaction. In the future, when I'm in close contact with them, I really don't know what will happen.

I stayed far away from them. After experiencing such a terrifying incident, I didn't dare to get too close to them. It was at this moment that I truly began to understand that prison wasn't as simple as I imagined it to be.

I had thought things too simply before I came, even though I knew that these women were not satisfied and could only console themselves to get rid of their loneliness, and this repressed emotion had knocked them out of their minds.

I was quite far away from them. After I recovered my strength, I looked at their eyes again. I could clearly see from their eyes that their eyes were filled with desire. This desire had already made them completely lose their reason.

While I was gasping for air, Zhao Lili and the other guards weren't in a good condition either. They were also gasping for air like me.

But I knew that the reason they were panting was different from mine. I was frightened by the women, and they were struggling to suppress them.

Strictly speaking, the incident just now could be considered as a riot in the prison.

Although I was already very far away from them, Zhao Lili also mercilessly hit them with her baton just now. It's clear that their arms are similar to mine, black and blue.

I glanced at Zhao Lili, it seems that the reason this bitch could become the warden of this women's prison wasn't because she was a coquettish woman, but because she was a kind of woman who could harden her heart.

What happened just now was too sudden. Before the other guards could react, Zhao Lili was the first to react. Moreover, she decisively took out her baton and smashed it towards the female prisoner. It seemed that she was also a woman who had experienced the same thing.

But in my eyes, she was still the same big bitch who was flirting in front of me.

I still have to thank Zhao Lili. If she didn't react in time, I think I would not even have a bone left.

Thus, when he glanced at Zhao Lili, a large part of his expression was filled with gratitude.

However, Zhao Lili was unable to see the message in my eyes. When the breathing in her face had almost slowed down, she stood up and pointed her baton at the frenzied female prisoner behind the iron door.

She said loudly, "Sure, you guys are all itchy, aren't you? "You actually dare to disobey my orders. Very good, even using a baton on you guys wouldn't have any effect, right? Very good."

Zhao Lili started to curse at the women in the prison. When the women, whose eyes had been glowing just now, heard her words, they immediately became listless. None of them dared to look at Zhao Lili directly.

I don't know if the reason Zhao Lili changed into this uniform set was because she wet her pants in the room.

When she stood up to speak to the women, she happened to see her long white legs very clearly from my point of view. If it was in any other situation, I would have appreciated her long white legs.

But after what had just happened, I was in no mood to examine it closely.

Zhao Lili still avoided the women's gazes. I could even see a trace of their fear towards Zhao Lili in some of the women's eyes. It was as if Zhao Lili was a scary person, they didn't dare to look at Zhao Lili and could only secretly glance at her from the corner of their eyes.

Who knew what Zhao Lili did to these people before I came? Otherwise, these people wouldn't be looking at her in such a way.

However, there were still a few people who kept staring at Zhao Lili. Not only that, their gazes would occasionally land on me. I recognised these people. They were the ones who were pulling me into the cell room.

The woman who was the craziest just now, kept attacking my lower body, happened to look at me, and coincidentally, my gaze was also on her. She turned her tongue in her mouth, looking extremely alluring, and a greedy smile even appeared on her face.

The situation just now was too critical. I was only concerned with protecting my lower body so that I wouldn't pay attention to the female prisoner who attacked my lower body. I only vaguely glanced at her and didn't think that she was that beautiful then.

The instant I seriously looked at her face, I felt that this girl was the most good-looking one out of all the girls I've ever met. With her alluring actions just now, it immediately wiped away all of my worries towards what had just happened.

I started to get interested in this pretty girl who was locked up because of some crime I didn't know what.

Only then did I notice the number on her prison uniform. 007.

Her seductive actions towards me were discovered by me. Originally, it must have been done purposely to seduce me. The fact that I saw it also meant that Zhao Lili saw her actions as well.

I was already enchanted by this female prisoner. When Zhao Lili looked in my direction, my eyes were still looking at 007. I didn't know if it was due to Zhao Lili seeing me like this or something.

Zhao Lili shouted again, her tone cold, "Hehe, a bunch of bitches! There's a fucking fire going on all of a sudden, isn't there? Fine, I'll help you quell the fire."

I still didn't understand what Zhao Lili meant by that.

She directly took out a fire hose from the nearby firefighting facility, turned on the switch, and shot it towards the prison. The direction of fire hose shot is precisely towards the room of the female prisoner who did some flirtatious actions towards me.

"Ah..." "Ah ?" In an instant, the few women in the cell who were crazily pulling on me earlier let out miserable shrieks.

Especially that 007 who seduced me, I felt that Zhao Lili was the fuse of this bitch's anger, because Zhao Lili was obviously targeting her, and most of the water was sprayed onto her body.

Zhao Lili's eyes turned red as if she was killing on the battlefield. She had basically forgotten everything around her. Her eyes were red as she muttered to herself, "I'll make you coquettish. I'll make you coquettish."

It was only then that I realized that Zhao Lili was after someone else. I doubt if it was because that woman did something so seductive to me, but what's there to be excited about about about that bitch Zhao Lili?

It's my own business that people are trying to seduce me, so what does it have to do with her? Did that bitch Zhao Lili treat me as her personal property?

If that was really the case, then that bitch Zhao Lili was really not a good fucking bird.

The water from the fire hose was directly directed at the bodies of the women prisoners. None of them were prepared for it.

However, in such a fierce water, even if the prisoners inside were prepared, it wouldn't be of any help.

The other prison guards watched as Zhao Lili went crazy, but no one dared to stop her.

The other prisoners in the cell also quieted down after seeing Zhao Lili going crazy.

All I could see on their faces was fear. They were terrified of what was happening right before their eyes.

The only thing that made me think clearly was that these female prisoners, who had been starving for years, were actually so afraid of Zhao Lili.

The prison, which was still boiling just a moment ago, suddenly became abnormally silent. All that was left was the sound of splashing water, and all other sounds were gone. This was the complete opposite from when I first entered.

The water hit them. Although the women were trying their best to avoid it, the water from the pipes was too fierce. They couldn't avoid it no matter what. Soon, their hair and their thin clothes were all soaked.

The wet prison uniforms stuck tightly to their bodies, revealing their figures to the entire prison population.

I don't care about anyone else, and I'm not interested in Zhao Lili, who's crazy.

The only thing that attracted my attention was the 007 who almost attracted my soul.

When the women in the cell were running around to hide in the water, 007 was the calmest. She only carried her body on her back, letting the water wash over her like she was receiving a baptism.

I started to get more curious about this woman. What in the world did such a good-looking woman do to me?

The woman's back was now facing me, so I couldn't see what she looked like now. However, her prison uniform was still pressed tightly against her back, outlining her almost perfect figure.

The baptism lasted for a long time. It seemed like Zhao Lili was not satisfied and did not intend to stop.

At that moment, for some reason, 007, who was carrying us, collapsed with her back to me like a pile of mud.

This father wouldn't be so damn unlucky as to encounter this on my first day here, right?

I thought, something really fucking happened, that bitch Zhao Lili couldn't have killed her, right?

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