The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C9 The prisoner reached out her hand to me
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The Male Doctor in Female Prison/C9 The prisoner reached out her hand to me
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C9 The prisoner reached out her hand to me

007 fell to the ground in front of everyone's eyes.

Previously, although she was carrying us on her back, the water still made her entire body wet. Earlier, I could only vaguely see her back. Now that she is lying on the ground, I can clearly see what was in front of her that I didn't see.

The thin prison uniform clung tightly to her body, outlining her alluring chest.

I didn't even have time to appreciate the shape of her perfect chest in my hands, and I was afraid that nothing would happen to her if she suddenly fainted.

Obviously, 007's fainting had attracted a lot of attention. When Zhao Lili had gone crazy, the rest of the people who had nothing to do with her had already quieted down. The whole prison had fallen into a deathly silence.

When they saw that 007 had fainted due to Zhao Lili's insanity, their gazes were quickly attracted by this matter. Now, hundreds of eyes were focused on me as they tried to see what was going on.

At this moment, someone suddenly spoke up, "The dead man. The Warden killed someone."

As soon as he said that, the prison that had been completely silent started to become restless again.

The prison began to hubbub again, and when I saw the women suddenly react in this way, I thought, This is bad.

The women were quickly attracted by the sound of an unknown source, and then all of their eyes were focused on us. The sight of 007 lying on the ground must have been witnessed by them as well.

I also heard someone shouting, "The Warden has killed someone, he has killed someone. We will be killed sooner or later."

I thought, This is bad. As expected, before I could react, the women started to have a huge reaction. Some of them started to beat on the iron gates desperately. Soon, the entire prison started to bang on the iron gates.

The whole prison was in an uproar because of this incident. The younger prison guards were like me, they couldn't react in time.

Perhaps they have never seen such a scene before since they came here to work. Anyway, I could tell that they were all dumbfounded by the current situation. They stood there dumbfounded, not knowing what they should do now.

The entire prison was filled with the wails of agony.

I looked at Zhao Lili, that bitch. Although she is the warden, I think that 007 suddenly fainted just now was something she did not expect. She was still wondering why 007 suddenly fainted.

Then, without giving any chance to breathe, the women in the prison started to revolt once again. I believe that Zhao Lili had never experienced such a thing before. Her hand holding the water pipe slowly drooped down, and she stared at 007 who fainted in the cell without blinking, feeling at a loss of what to do.

Although laozi has never experienced this before, laozi was still a student of medicine after all. When faced with some matters in my heart, I could still remain calm enough.

This time, it was obvious that Zhao Lili was the one who started the riot. I immediately recovered from the earlier fear of my lower body being tainted by her hands. I stood up, turned off the valve, and kicked the water pipe away from Zhao Lili.

After seeing my reaction, Zhao Lili woke up from her daze and started to look at me. However, from Zhao Lili's expression, I could no longer see the sullen look in her eyes when she told me to take off my clothes in the room for inspection.

However, the empty feeling disappeared very quickly. Zhao Lili took out her baton again and pointed it at the restless prisoners and shouted, "You bunch of stinking bitches, you want to rebel?"

However, the prisoners' voices were too loud. Zhao Lili's voice was soon covered up, as if they didn't hear what Zhao Lili said just now. It was still as restless as before, without any signs of softening.

"What are you all still standing there for? Show me who dares to rebel, beat them to death!" Zhao Lili shouted again. She knew it was useless to yell at the rioting prisoners, so she said it to the stunned guards.

It had to be said that Zhao Lili's words were very effective. After Zhao Lili's loud shout, the female prison guards who had been in a daze a moment ago had the same look in their eyes. They followed Zhao Lili to the entrance of the cell and continued to wave their batons, telling the restless women to quiet down.

Right now, my main concern isn't whether these female prisoners will be suppressed or not. As a doctor, my main concern is the unconscious 007 inside.

Of course, I had my own selfish concerns about 007. Firstly, I thought that 007 was really too beautiful, and secondly, because this was my first day here and I reported that someone had died on my first day at the hospital, I didn't want to encounter such an unlucky situation. Of course, the former accounted for the majority.

"Sister Zhao, quickly open the door to the prison." I called out to Zhao Lili, who was standing beside me and waving her baton at the women.

Zhao Lili looked at me and said confidently, "What?" You can't open the door. Do you know who those people are inside? "

CNM, was Zhao Lili an idiot? There were people who had fainted inside. If there were really people who had lost their lives, wouldn't she be afraid of trouble?

I was getting a little anxious, so I pointed at 007 who was unconscious on the floor and shouted at her, "Are you f * cking blind? Didn't you see the woman faint? Open the door and let me see what the hell is going on.

Zhao Lili just glanced at me and chuckled, as if she didn't care about what I said at all, as if she didn't care about this at all.

My voice was very loud in Zhao Lili's ears. I was really worried now. Zhao Lili glared at me and said, "So what if he's dead?"

The more she was like this, the more anxious I became. I shouted at her in her ear, "You're going to die! It won't be easy for everyone to die here! How are you going to account to them then?"

I didn't expect that I had already moved my superior out. Zhao Lili was still as fearless as ever.

"Hehe, Comrade Li Kai, do you think that the higher-ups would care about the life and death of this kind of prisoner? "These bitches are all dead, and they can even save food for the country. Who knows, maybe the higher ups will even award me a prize, and if she's so easy to die, I'll just let her die." She chuckled.

I finally understood that the reason Zhao Lili was able to remain so calm and confident was because her superior did not care.

But that's still Zhao Lili, not me. As a doctor, my ambition is to save my mother, and now there's a woman who needs me lying in front of me, and I'm very interested in this woman. I must take out my professional ethics as a doctor.

I knew Zhao Lili, that bitch, wouldn't open the door for me if she looked like that, so how the hell am I supposed to save her?

While Zhao Lili was waving her baton around, I noticed the card she used to open the door. She told me that the card could open any door in the prison.

I easily found Zhao Lili's card because Zhao Lili's card was in the pocket of her chest. Zhao Lili's chest was bulging, so I squeezed out the card's traces.

Since he couldn't communicate with her verbally, he had to be strong.

Taking advantage of Zhao Lili's demonstration with the other prisoners, I quickly reached into her chest pocket.

After taking out the card in her pocket, she rushed straight to the entrance of Prison 007 without giving Zhao Lili any chance to react.

"Li Kai, I'm warning you not to open the door. You'll be punished if you do this." Zhao Lili reacted and shouted at me.

However, it was already too late. As she said this, I placed her card on the door to sense it. Di! The door was opened by me.

"Don't go in." Zhao Lili stared at me, but the door was already open.

As soon as the door opened, I ran in and crouched down to see what the unconscious 007 was doing.

But soon I was in trouble, because I was too preoccupied with trying to see why 007 had fainted, and the previous little riot had been caused by the desire of the women for men.

Not even half a second after I squatted down, I immediately felt someone stick up behind me. Before I could see who was on my back, my feet were grabbed by someone's hands.

At that time, I was really f * cking shocked in my heart. So this was the reason why Zhao Lili told me not to go in.

Within a few seconds, my body was filled with women. My legs were being pulled by some kind of force. The woman on my back extended her tongue to lick my neck. I immediately felt disgusted.

This time, I was in big trouble. When the group of women grabbed me through the metal door earlier, they couldn't do anything about it. Now, I have brought it to their mouths, waiting for them to eat it alive.

I realized that after entering the wolf den, I immediately wanted to break free from this group of hungry women. Although they were all women, after a long period of suppression, these female prisoners couldn't be compared to normal women anymore. They were just a pack of wolves.

Knowing that he would not be able to escape, he shouted, "All of you, quickly let go of her. Let me see how she is. Do you know if she is dead?"

In this way I prayed to be awakened by this group of hungry women who seemed to have lost all reason, but I soon found that it was no use at all. My words were like a stone in the ocean, and they didn't respond at all.

The woman licking my neck was enough to make me sick. They saw that I was being held firmly by my hands and feet.

Someone directly reached his hand towards my lower body...

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